Archon Attacks And Could My Brother Have Been Turned Into A Reptilian

That looks like a tornado below my brother, indicating a curse…..

Before I begin, I gotta get something off my chest….. This mofo here who I have had dealings with before…..

He posting right here now:

I have spoken on him here:

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

That said, just this weekend, after getting drunk at the urging of an older man with alcoholic tendencies who has reptilian spirits attached to him, this mofo in that RV above……

Here he is STEALING from this dude while he in a mental home……

Threw rocks at me while I was HOTLY inebriated and not in my right state of mind (and coordinated) at the lil rock beach outcrop further down the pch at the beginning of Malibu.

Next day, while a lil more sober (it takes 3 days for me to energetically heal from that and compose myself and become better coordinated), when I aporoached him about what he did, this demonic mofo body slams, sicks dogs on me, and chokes me to ground – I am able to pull him off – he at one point says, “He wants my hair” and tries to get it but that ain’t the worst of it. This bully then proceeds to say, “At least I got to touch your titties.”

You wetback degenerate rapist mofo. And they wonder why I say the shit I say…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

That shit there is some straight rapist shit. If he didn’t have his dogs and I didn’t have my phone and keys on me, I woulda rocked him (did defend myself by spraying his ass with RAID at one point and threw some rocks at him as he did me).

The indignation of him thinking he can do to me and I can’t do shit – and putting hands on a black woman – is way too much.

His name is Mike. I have heard from others and through the ether that he is mad jealous of me. He is also a bully. For instance he got me thrown in a mental home here.

When I wrote about him on my blog he got pissed and wanted to fight me here:

Mad jealous and I hate jealous people (one time I heard him say “I am jealous of her” and I heard him refer to me as a nigger), esp. ones who feel they got a right to hurt you cause they envy you, my free spirit and the attention that I get as well as strong will.

Via here at one point you can hear him plotting with his racist ass to run me out, which ain’t gonna happen when he FIRST came around here (I’m going thru a hermit mode period so I can cleanse myself and resolve some long lingering inner issues that need resolution as well as saving my baby brother which is the crux of this blogpost)……

I heard one night and saw spiritually he sacrificed one of them chihuahuas he got to do it……

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

For a man to envy a woman and put hands on a woman on top of that is fucked up, esp. for sexual purposes.

It felt like rape what he said.

I am for shirtless rights but when a mofo has a sexual intent towards ANY part of your body, that is predatory. That is a predator and that is mad fucked up!

I heard from one gentleman who said that the police was telling him that a serial rapist who lives in an rv has been going around, parking on the pch, snatching women off the beach, raping them, then letting them back out.

That makes me wonder 🤔🧠 + =

That said, this is why I can’t be drinking……

This weekend I took a picture which showed my aura with white around and the crown chakra energy shooting into the sky…..

– That’s why I get attacked cause my shit shining too bright and that’s GOOD for an alkie-hole addiction and this is proof…..

When I looked at it the next, my third eye showed black all around (representing perhaps what was going on with my Soul the next day) wedged into the white, making it grey with a white outline.

I even saw a red string extended from my crown chakra sideways meaning something was controlling me like a puppet on a string.

See, they don’t call – as I call – alkie-hole “spirits” for nothing. You ingest that shit and you end up ingesting shit that pushes practically your Soul, your spirit out and allow these literal spirits of alkie-hole to come in and take you over.

That is why I begun cutting people who are connected to these archons and a false Soul contract I have been a slave two off.

It started with these two…..

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

Those tricks were an extension of an archon contract I was forced to enter into back in the days when I lived in my old apartment after something in there – I believe this hissing spirit whom I have spoken of here……

Confrontation With the Shushing Hissing Reptilian Entity and Other Psychic Experiences

This hissing spirit, a hooded reptilian, put a stranglehood on my money so that I will be forced to make a deal….

What I Like About Being A Dark Satanic Witch

This was done when I was JUST starting my spiritual journey – way before the curses, the ‘wokes, dark demonic shit…..

After, before I was astral projecting. This deal put “something” in me that forced me to lose all spiritual focus and focus on, in a false, hyper enchanced way, the material world, the carnla physical 3D world.

I started getting the drinking urges (it seems to derive from an energy that is wound very tightly to the right side of my face, brain and neck, basically the crown and throat chakras). I couldn’t get enough. Everytime I tried to focus on spirituality again, this “force” within would make me have ADHD and counter my focus. I couldn’t concentrate; an energy on the right side of my face would block my access to the right side of my mind until I feed it alke-hole.

It had to be Jack Daniels. I could go thru three bottles and still be lucid but…. I wasn’t in control. It was like I was being guided……

I ended up getting compromised, being lead to do dumb shit I would regret the morning after, so forth and so forth.

Then comes a controlling spirit that hurts me the most as I am wondering “What this truly is”……

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Fighting Off Archon Possession

Manipulation and Harassment by Agents of the Archons

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

I recall one night when I astral projected, this skeletal entity knocked me back into my body. I saw cobwebs, dark energies that looked like spiders, crawling in that mustang.

The worst is what I hear from this thing.

I hear from it, “Help me”, “help me daddy”, and other shit to make me gain sympathy.

Recently I saw what was going on with my baby brother thru a third eye remote view: he was a skeleton, broken off from the torso down with nothing there. He didn’t have his lower arms, no legs, etc. I saw him hovering over my brother Kristen. Just this morning I heard the skeletal figure say, “Kerry”.

Jamila the High Priestess said that, “My brother needed to be fed” in a reading.

I am sensing that he got turned by these mofos into an overseeing demonic spirit who will haunt me and my bloodline…..

I just heard crying in the ether…..

I think this entity is him!

After the shaman lead him from out thw underworld….

You can hear the clip of what happened to him here…..

…..during one of those archon induced urges, I lead this dark hooded entity that looks like Emperor Palpatine while in an unconscious drunken stupor to the location of where my brother was at in the astral.

I then once saw him being torn apart by some evil beings, whimpering. It was the most fucked up thing!

I understand those cries of help was coming from him. When I ask my third eye to show me him, I am often shown a reptilian with a goofy look that is wearing a spacesuit.

It looks like this:

Sometimes I can clearly see a skeleton when I ask to see him.

I am not sure if it is something throwing me off from using my third eye to help the real him as this skeletal archon IS a shapeshifter as talked about here……

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Everytime I succumb to the alkie-hole archon induced urges, everytime I take a drink, he suffers….

A long time ago a woman told me that he is in peril on the other side…..


Revelations About Why My Brother Is In Hell And Me Being Involved In Some Major Astral War Between Good And Evil

From what I understand they are attacking him to get to me.

Very recently, a coupla nights ago, after breaking away from another toxic bond that was creating synchronicities leading me to suffer (as of late – cause I been breaking away from this – it seems nothing but bad comes from succumbing to these alkie-hole urges such as getting banned from Vons, suspended from Reddit, the confrontation with the guy I spoke about above), I awoke to hear a female voice, professional but a lil smarmy, say, “Sure.” It was then followed up with another voice, a robotic demonic one saying, “Raven’s eyes” and then I felt something touch the back of my head, a soft, “plastic” like hand.

I then felt something merge into the back of me.

I saw that it was a reptilian, the way my brother gets represented thru my third eye, merge into me.

This was after I removed something that felt like a suction cup being removed from my heart chakra.

– NOTE the claw mark on my heart chakra……

This is why that appeared…..

I never made a deal for them to fuck with my family. I was forced into making the deal in which I offered MY energy, nobody elses……

That said, let me talk on the synchronicities…..

Getting back on the tricks…. the day I dropped them – the other one even OUT THE BLUE just “arbitrarily” sent me $120 right after dropping the other one – another duo – it is always in 2’s (22 is master builder in numerology), with severre alcohol addictions (the guy drinks like a fish) – were sent to befriend me to at least keep me on a low vibratory wavelenght.

See, I figured out that these guys – who would just suddenly “pop up” in times I needed money were being used as the “blessings”, the extensions of that false archon contract I was forced to make back in that old apartment.

See, after making that contract, a stranglehold was put on how I can make my money, making it to where I was confined to dirty ass, nasty ass, low vibratory prostitution or as I call it, “survival sex” so I can make money.

That old apartment had a portal to hell which I talked about here created from a murder-rape that happened in apartment number 5 of Hauser Blvd in which thru a straight vision I saw a frizzy haired possibly jeWISH woman get raped by three Mexican or hispanic or Spanish males while the husband was forced to watch.

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

I used to hear that woman’s SCREAMS and that shit was depressing to hear: the helplessness, trauma all entangled in her screams.

That created an negative energetic blueprint. Where deaths occur, portals get made…..

That’s why it is important to disclose whether a death occurred in the place.

I had a bad feeling about that place before moving there but I had no choice as I had given the old place in MacArthur Park – where I was more successful and lucky – a 2 week notice and a racist ass place ran by fake Russian jeWISH in West Hollywood – where I REALLY wanted to be – would not take me!

When I left that old apartment – and commenced the process of removing those entities off of me and thus that false contract – these guys who I know got possessed by these spirits, were used as an extension to act as the “blessings” for that false contract, thereby keeping me tied to it.

I noticed that when I would try to manifest money ON MY TERMS – without the use of filthy ass, low vibratory survival sex, these two tricks would be the ones to pop up, with one popping up on a weekend which he never does.

In conjunction, synchronicities would be created where I would lose a huge chunk of money and be put into situations where I would need them such as an out of the blue vehicle repair, forcing me to stay with them and so thus causing me to get reinfected and fall into the cycle of alkie-hole abuse.

These usually happened following a major cleansing/removal I would do of these things.

Seeing this, recently, I cut them off where I burned that bridge. That way those spirits can no longer use them in their game to keep control over me.

Then an alcoholic couple was sent…..

The lady is a felon who drinks excessively, got into a fight with her boyfriend and cut him with a butter knife. She lost her job, license as a nurse, fell into survival sex and then into homelessness. She stays in a run down van with a guy who he himself is an alkie-holic, who has reptilian spirits around him (the lady herself has dark spirits – a crowd of them – on her).

I recall the guy who has lascivious desires towards me, one time telling his brother that he hangs around me saying “I want to get into the nappy (black woman’s vagina)” saying to me on that fateful weekend, “I wanna get you drunk.”

When I was telling the lady about my desires to seek employment – this woman, who doesn’t want to do anything for herself – would say shit at every turn that was meant to discourage me cause she feels stuck amd admitted once that tho she is miserable in her circumstance, she don’t want to escape it…..

By connecting with them even as friends (the guy is very funny and she very smart) it was allowing those entities to manipulate me using them and keeping me bound within a toxic cycle, hence why the situation in the introduction happened.

This, along with getting kicked out of Vons here in Pacific Palisades, and being suspended from reddit for three days.

That said, the very night I cut them off was when that entity – I don’t know if it is my brother in a fucked up state – attached to me to keep me bound. Earlier in the day, I believe the day before, I had removed an entity attachment that been cored into my heart chakra and now it’s back and the sonofabitch is too tight to take off.

That said, I am noticing that as I build a path for myself that is fulfilling….

A Gallery View of My Artwork

People with trickster spirits are being sent, violent archon spirits like this energy vampire here…..

Gangstalker States That He Is Looking To Get Me Put On Criminal Charges And Placed In Jail Forever

Energy nibblers looking to defile and degrade and DESPERATELY pull me into a low vibratory but it’s not happening.

I feel myself ascending as I did back in 2014 RIGHT BEFORE those things intercelted my spiritual journey. I don’t attract low vibratory. They will fuck with me to get their negativity into my energy body but they can’t do much harm cause I recognize it – and them – for what they are.

I spoke and predicted here that I and others will be breaking free of archon manipulation and control:

These tarot cards came spilling out…..

As I rise in ascension I do not speak to those who are not on my level of consciousness because just by doing that, you put yourself on their vibratory level. In my inner Self when in the past conversing with these low level entities, organic portals with alien grey or reptilian Souls, I will feel “crazy” as they – through their energy signature alone – are casting that energy – and so thus pulled down to a vibrational level where I subconsciously will question what I know.

I notice that as I ascend they don’t even come up to me.

It is only the ones with trickster spirits – hence why their bolder like the dude in CVS the other day – who will talk straight low vibrational, usually sex chakra shit designed to mar the sacral (sex) chakra energy.

I have seen thru my third eye the demiurge playing me, us, like pawns, chess pieces in a literal video game:

There is an interview called “Tricked By The Light” that talks on this…..

I recognize the patterns via which they pull me down…..

By recognizing it and having that know-ledge I am being given the power, the key 🔑 to break free, which I am doing.

My lil brother seems to be getting better (seems he got a white Soul too) tho. I gotta keep an eye on him!

I will say this and than I will be done: they get us with ego. They attack us with fear, hatred, temptations for self destructive acts and behaviour patterns.

Case in point: when I would get hit with the alkie-hole urges I would argue inside of my mind: “Well, they can’t control me and make me stop drinking alcohol by testing me with these urges” yet they were. They will transfer thoughts into your head via the ego making you think you a coward if you don’t stand up to this person, or making you be concerned how others see you cause you didn’t feed into an ego urge.

When I would run naked I would “hear”: “Fuck society. Why are you letting these people control what I do” when it was them controlling me all alone.

Those are my experiences and I hope they provide you with clarification if you are going through the same thing.


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