Fighting Off Archon Possession

Fighting Off Archon Possession

Ya’ll need to watch this:

Ya’ll need to watch this to understand what I am dealing with and why I don’t fuck with “god” the demiurge, call on archangels or any other “gods” of the matrix….

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

Just now…. as I wrote that up above these messages of “my sim card not being in” tho it was and “my phone getting too hot” tho it was NOT in the sun popped up:

….This why I say what I say about the wetbucks…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

Here a great example:

STRAIGHT Demon Seed L.A. County Beaches and Parks ILLEGAL Employee Inserts Evil Entity Into My Sacral Chakra After Staring

….And I am not alone……

Archonic oppression is REAL and that gangstalking attacks that usually happen to you is spiritual, esp. at the hands of wetbacks as explained in the article above…..

That said I had to do MAJOR spiritual surgery and remove portals to hell, etc. but I would notice the entities would keep coming back…. there were two main entities (who were both EXTREMELY elusive) that were hard to get rid of (cause they would evade my third eye everytime I tried to see em).

One was a skeletal entity which I explained that I saw via astral projection which, while flying with a reptilian that posed as a Vietnamese past life uncle – it was shown giving folks great wealth etc and trying to clench a deal with me!

I spoke of it’s use of wetback organic portals to fuck with me here:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

When I finally – by accident (after a drinking bout caused by the drinking urges it would induce in me – saw it via my third eye (guess it let it’s guard down) it kept shapeshifting into first Baron Samedi then la Catrina Calavera something – a Mexican folklore skeleton:

It’s main form as seen in the astral (where it would taunt me that I can’t get rid of it) was a basic skeleton whose behavior was similar to Spinal in Killer Instinct (interestingly he was my brother’s favourite character and I have seen Baron Samedi try to “recruit” him in the astral numerous times):

The second one was a creature that looked like Emperor Palpatine or the djinn from the film, Wishmaster:

They are what is known as hooded beings!

A friend of mines told me they are necromancer magician demons. Though they look a lil different than the one the lady saw above they are still in the class of hooded beings who are archons who act as matrix agents designed to keep Soulled ones “in line” and from coming into our powers.

I explain what they are here:

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

And what their purpose is and how they do it here:

I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are

Another matrix agent I have come across is the wetback who, due to being organic portals created by the human eating demon reptilian named Quetzalcoatl:

Are designed to act as “human” infiltrators designed to keep humanity in a low vibratory state as I and others have experienced which I break down here:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

Wetbacks Following Me Around For Energy After Reptilian Tells Me It Wants To Suck My Lifeforce

This is why collectively they have a tendency to rape, overindulge in alcohol and pedophilia, woman beating and bashing (just like the archon reptilians their DESIGN os to be against the Divine Feminine principle to shut down any attempt at connecting with the Divine Higher Self!

Here are three examples (peep the three) of wetbacks attempting to psychic attack me and bring me into a low vibratory state, including a sexual attack and a sacral chakra attack here:

They also try to brand you. PEEP the two hairs on my right breast – the one they like to control and possess – while no hairs can be found on the left breast:

I notice that when I start to ascend, such as when my crown chakra opened this morning, I could overhear them saying nasty things about me to get my attention off the healing process and the opening of my crown chakra and focus on them.

To ward them off, play 6000 and esp. 4000 hz frequency and, just like their reptilian creators, it runs them:

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

Running Wetback Biker Gang Up The Skreet With 6000hz Frequency

This video shows evidence that it works great for warding off their reptilian daddies, hence why it works on them ??????

While writing this the archons tried to create a Soul wound utilizing my disdain for unfair unequal treatment and rejection by making me feel animosity towards the wetback by making me ruminate emotionally of how the wetback males would not beat on a white female yet attack black females by trying to emotionally ponder on a memory recently where the dude who rides the scooter who a “white supremacist” who is funny ass fuck who I just saw today:

– Bet them demon seeds are fucking with him?

After he told me of how wetback males ran over him yet wetback females beat a white female.

This is designed to trigger a deep emotion that bores a hole into my Soul and so thus let entity attachments back in. The key is is to OVERSTAND what is going on without letting it into your Soul body via deep emotional feelings of loss (which creates soul loss) cause then it creates the scenario for re-possession and then creates a burning inner hatred that will fester until you violently blow up or, if you are the peaceful type like me, can’t deal with said hate and then proceed to “break down” and want to “reconcile” with them which sets the stage for letting those demon seeds in to feed and then infiltrate.

OVERSTAND and don’t let them into your Soul body via emotions so you can’t be compromised just as you would do with vampires.

That’s why it is important to know WHEN to react based on what you know they are INTUITIVELY looking for.

Hate puts you in a compromised position in which you want to understand your enemy so it won’t fester.

Understand and OVERSTAND em then move on…..

That said here are the series of vids I did on this topic. They are long but worth it!





I believe that they control and maybe are “hungry ghosts” or intranquil spirits as
pointed in the first Youtube video posted here cause when I cut the hooded being out it started to say, “I’m hungry” and – lol – my family need to feed! They recreate my dead brother’s voice to make me think he is trapped as well and needs to be fed (but my third eye will show different)!

This why I ward away from low level spirituality and low level spiritual aka “kitchen witch” petty thinking cause in a session with Queen Tarot Jamila she said that my “brother” needs to be fed and now I know it was those archon entities posing as my “ancestors” who came to her hence why I say spiritual discernment is key here:

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Have A Kitchen Witch Mentality When Approaching The Spirit Realm

Another thing: peep how powerfull my energy is here ????

Been noticing alot of blacks here….

I had an astral vision recently where a lil demonic black baby jumped from one womban’s chest to mine then bounced back saying, “She is here to kill my daddy, the boogeyman.”

Yep, I sure am!

A Cuban shaman once taught me that when he saw into the astral our Souls were TALLER than the Earth!

And I got 222 as my word count!

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