How To Get Rid of Archon Entity Attachments

How To Get Rid of Archon Entity Attachments

Looka this shapeshifting entity I saw on my window last night….


Also looka this sigil I found on the ground:


That said these things are THE TOUGHEST to get rid of in terms of entity attachments and they mainly afflict SOULLED people by removing bits of our Souls or, esp. via dark rituals, extract the entire Soul and often replace it with an archon agent/implant (hence why some folks hear demonic entities) to keep you from ascending and teaching other Soulled folk to do the same:







Another thing I wanted to share is, as this article explains:

– entities can cause physical ailments such as cancer. I’ll never forget as a kid the day my sight just inexplicably grew dim at the age of 5.

That was an entity causing that.

Funny too, after readjoining my original Soul – a young white woman as expounded here and here – I had an astral vision of my old high school, Xavier Prep (now St. Katherine Drexel) of envisioning the school as fun, where we had Mardi Gras celebrations, I saw cops I knew in real life – it seemed it was a happy and bouyant, light hearted school contrary to what I experienced in real life (a week ago I had a teacher apologise for what she did to me and lament about where I am in life).

Seems like I made peace with it!

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