Medical Malefeasance and Abuse At The National Healthcare Foundation On Pico Blvd

Medical Malefeasance and Abuse At The National Healthcare Foundation On Pico Blvd

There is a reason why I carry a camera with me everywhere…..

The first sign of trouble was when I could hear some of the staff joking about the hat man – an entity I commonly talk about on my site – and then I noticed that when I woke up in the middle of the night the bathroom was shut as you can see in the video above!

This asshole here (Imma keep banging on him and blasting him out) made it worse by calling those people and telling them about my blog:

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

Because I am in a mental health facility, they will be quick to gaslight me – with their words affirmed by the public who don’t know any better and seen as telling the truth – but there is your proof that I am not crazy.



Those mofos poisoned ice cream they gave me last night with the corona virus vaccine (since I talk about not getting it) and another drug, a pharmakeia drug, further designed to suppress my abilities……

– They waited till the director was gone to do it.

This is why I have been very vigilant about my food:

When I first touched it there was a metallic, peppery taste on the roof of the lips of my mouth and when I touched it further (I didn’t eat it) I could taste a lil of the pharmakeia and there was a warm part of the ice cream. I could hear them giggling how they were about to get to me via ice cream.

That’s evil and fucked up. Esp. given that that corona virus vax has been killing people and making folks seriously ill:

Don’t Take That Covid Shot: Man DIES After Taking Covid 19 Flu Shot

Fool Colton Wood’s Pro Vaccine Video ONLY CONFIRMS The Covid 19 Vaccine Produces Corona Virus Symptoms IN PEOPLE

….And They Just Keeping Lining Up For That Death Shot

North Carolina Revokes Covid 19 Vaccine Shots Due To Folks Getting Seriously Ill

Woman Gets Covid 3 After Getting Covid Vaccine

Colton Wood Is Losing His Mind After Getting Covid Vaccine

I already feel a strain on my consciousness and I got diahrrea, common symptoms of getting that shot:

And here you can hear them talking shit – in one instance conspiring to figure out how to list me such as listing me as passive psychotic – to get me committed again:

My mother, a nurse, used to talk about how terrible places like this are to people due to people being given free reign to treat folks who are labeled by society as “crazy” and thus seen as “ripe” aka worthy of being dehumanised:

They hate my ass in part due to my rep (reputation), site (yeah I say controversial shit and will continue) and the fact that I am not malleable like the made zombies walking around here, who drink that “filtered” water that got them walking around like zombies like this young man here no older than me (maybe even younger)…..

Folks still doing drugs like ole girl here:

All sorts of fucked up shit. I ain’t paranoid; I am highly intuitive and aware and they know that…..

It was mad odd for him to come in there at the same time I did. But I am “crazy” for noting this…..

I heard one girl they use to get me to “calm down” call me el diablo after they correctly felt I recorded that instance.

I hate when people think they can play me.

I’ve gotten divine justice via ‘wokeing tho.:

I have heard the term “hoe”, the n word at one time, “crazy” (I peep when folks say I am crazy it is not cause I am really crazy but because they know I am smart and can’t handle it so they gotta put me down to make themselves feel better). It don’t help that when talking with one male staff worker at night he had his hands on his penis and it don’t help that the doors can’t be locked on the inside for my self protection.

That’s why I gotta get my own shit, a new and working minivan to be safe!

Honest I don’t feel safe and there is nowhere to buy food either.

It ain’t safe being in places like this honest. The mental hospitals were THE WORST and got shut down by Reagan for a reason.

They expect ya to be a loose cannon and lose control (I only did that yesterday and I was very in control and restrained) but, no, I fight using ninja stars. I listen, document….. we all know the rest!

I calculate. I play chess. I never played checkers. I have always been calm cool and collective (I am not a naturally angry and violent person) but when I am on the warpath – I win cause I bide my time and pop up when it is the right time.

Even when I lose a battle, I always win THE WAR! My enemies know this. Even if I seem batshit – I know what I’m doing.


They wanna be pissed I’ll give them something to be pissed about.

That is why it is dangerous to stay at places like this. Freedom of speech, your rights go out the window cause you are labeled “crazy” and thus are treated as such. I know they follow this blog. Well, they can read – and see – this!

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