I Now Know Why I Have Been Attracting Hating Ass Deceitful People My Entire Life

I Now Know Why I Have Been Attracting Hating Ass Deceitful People My Entire Life

Note how happy I look to the left while to the right – conformed, I look unhappy.

Addiction is often a sign of what you gotta work on within.

I didn’t love my true self:

I’m wild! My true nature is wild! I didn’t love myself. Instead I tried to embrace a fake restrained version of myself that was created by fake familial and societal bullshit systemhead ass expectations.

The minute this ephiphany hit me, I felt two knots in my sacral finally get free.

Cause I am now me and am giving myself permission to finally be me.

Hopefully I will start to attract the right people into my life.

Makes sense why I have always been attracted to lgbtq people ✊??️‍⚧️?️‍?

It makes sense why I attracted assholes who tried to make me feel guilty when my wild true self comes out – they were an extension of the inner hate I had for me in me.

I truly had self hate.

Makes sense why I used to just apologise for my existence.

All those people were low key telling me to own me!

I was scared subliminally to own that wild self cause it is so unrestrained and if I let myself go….. wow, I can’t believe I fear me.

It all makes sense.

I used to think it was demons but that IS me, myself I was taught to shun! The unbridled untamed true me!

Since I love myself, enemies no longer have power over me.

It pays not to give a fuck. As the old saying goes, freedom is never having to say your sorry! ??

And I’m tired of apologising for being me.

This also explains why when I drink people are nicer and blessings come in – it’s cause I am being me:

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

…So I thought!

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