Latins Look Your Ass IS NOT WHITE

Latins Look Your Ass IS NOT WHITE

Addition: Ya’ll got THE BEST hair! Ain’t gotta wash it “to keep it separated” like crakkkas or get it tangled like us niggers. Facts!

Unless you come from a so called untainted bloodline like these inbred fockers here…..

Your ass AIN’T WHITE!

And why would you wanna be purebred crakkka?

I came across this ephiphany last night after coming across a mestizo who was nice but who lookec black ass fuck – like my uncles. I had to correct his wed-buck, naggar ass!

Let me tell you a story from New Orleans:

Latina Tells Her People To Stop Thinking That They Are White

– Read this article here ??

That said I went to nigger ass Xavier Prep (now St. Katherine Drexel) for high school:

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

– I hated that fucking high school for reasons I list thurr ??

That said, in the 60s and beyond they did what many “creoles” back in the day and administer what was called the “paper brown bag test”:

This test was used to determine the worthiness of a black person based on skin color.

– My brother was light. My mother is light!

That being said there is a book about how a slave master named Willie Lynch set out to divide black folks against black folks using skin color as one aspect……

That being said the same applies to ya’ll…….

The same folks who colonized us – yes, they were the Spanish, in addition to the French (as a matter of fact the Spanish rebuilt the French Quarter after the fire of 1794) – created the term “crillo” aka creole and all throughout the South we were known as mullattos and were deemed “better” that regular black folk:

J. Edgar Hoover was black himself but hated black folks and hunted lil white bois ✊??️‍? if you get my drift…..

Warren G. Harding was a badass name for a first president:

That said when the 60s rolled around more “creoles” owned their black identity after seeing via intergration how wide folks ??⬜ hated their asses and don’t like em. Yet latins will never learn…..

That said, ya’ll mofos are not white. Ya’ll – like us – are the products of mixed race rape by nasty ass half black crakkkas…..

Just in case Youtube take it down…..

– Spanish ain’t exactly daygo wops but same thing…..

Yes, the Spanish got raped by the Moors……

So all ya’ll wed-bucks thinking ya’ll wide ??⬜ cause ya’ll got Español ancestors, go and sit down cause that Spanish blood still makes you a nigger!


I called it out and many of ya’ll hate it……

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Tho I still show ya’ll how ya’ll can change it…..

The Mexicans South Americans and Central Americans Are Under A Reptilian Curse

That said, I peep ya’ll mofos – when confronted about who you truly are racially – hate to hear from my black ass ✊??? that you are not white or even close. I have been assaulted cause I spoke the truth…..

– Did someone tell him he black?

That said Mexicans, latins got a SERIOUS problem with their identity. Even in their own lands they hate their indigenious selves and hate for a nigger to tell them the truth – like me. I been assaulted, threatened, had voices raised cause I speak the truth and like one hispanic friend said last night folks hate it, Mexicans hate it when I let them know they ain’t white in my book!

From my MAGA hat….. I wear this shit to troll ya’ll…..

To not wearing shit…..

– See, everybody wanna take pictures with me…..

To telling mugs – honest – that I am attracted to crakkka males….. whose lil half basturd seeds I abort ???

– I now use my third eye to abort ???

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

I peep it puts them in a certain mental place where they feel inferior like this chomo looking ass mofo who got dour after treating me like I ain’t shit (cause I’m black) cause I was chilling with a JEWISH (I am part Jewish and love Jewish men ✊???) man who was white and looked like HEY-Zeus!

Fruit Vendor On Landside of PCH Takes Pics Videos of Me And Young Girls And Shows To Male Clients

That said ya’ll saving grace low key is your bloodline ? hissssss

Ya’ll got reptilian dna. Ya’ll can use that shit to your advantage. Out of any other race hispanics are the most spiritually aware. Trust. I know. Hence why I STAY having crazy articles on how ya’ll – even the most organic portal of you all – are sensitive and psychic.

Cause of bloodline evil shit comes and keep you down, like me:

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

An Ankh Found In Mexico Proves That There Is A Link Between Ancient Egyptians And Certain Mexicans

That said, some of ya’ll are ancient Khemetian aka Egyptian…..

– Looka the eyez ??? Am I lying…..

The Difference Between Hebrew, Moor and Egyptian Black Americans

That said, as we black folks have had to learn – be proud of who you are – and know your power.

Honest many of ya’ll envy blacks cause we stand in our power and ya’ll don’t witch ??‍♀️ is why Imma continue to call ya’ll OUT!

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