Colton Wood Is Losing His Mind After Getting Covid Vaccine

Colton Wood Is Losing His Mind After Getting Covid Vaccine

His eyes look psycho in that thumbnail shit huh…..

They letting ya’ll know years earlier….

I told his stupidass……

Here he is, thinking a fucking honking horn is harassing him (sounds very much like the gangstalking he likes to deny) and then – he ain’t ever done this – steals from the fucking store.

Here he is thinking a hard working person gardening is harassing him…..

All these are the results of him getting that covid shot, which right here even the doctor administering it admits it ain’t good for ya!

Dumb fuck.

Don’t Take That Covid Shot: Man DIES After Taking Covid 19 Flu Shot

North Carolina Revokes Covid 19 Vaccine Shots Due To Folks Getting Seriously Ill

Woman Gets Covid 3 After Getting Covid Vaccine

That shit a death sentence that eats at your brain.

My friend just told me that it kills a person in 2 to 3 years. It is part of the depopulation agenda to rid our planet (finally) of the mindless organic portals that scar our planet.

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

I say about time.

But it kills me that someone who has a Soul who is as brilliant as Colton is willing to commit suicide to ostensibly spite his parents.

As the old saying goes he is really only hurting himself.

Honest they are protecting us from the racial genocidal mass world war that will happen in the future over overpopulation and few resources (so us blacks and asians can exist) as mentioned in the Paul Dienach diary…..

They call it in the future the overpopulation event “the nightmare of the number.”

I been saying the Great Reset is a good idea:

The Paul Dienach Diary Predicted The Great Reset AND That It’s A GREAT Idea

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