The Difficulties of Being An INFJ Personality In A Mental Health Facility

The Difficulties of Being An INFJ Personality In A Mental Health Facility

….or anywhere really!

It is a repeated cycle that comes up constantly anytime I gotta be around other people.

I severely rue dumb ass people who say in any shape or form or try to encourage me to be around other people.

Imma own this: I am smarter than most people. I can’t be around these dumb fucks – people in general period – esp. not drunk – since I see past assholes’ bullshit and I call em out.

Here is my story:

Here are the assholes who put me on front street and got my shit fucked up:

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

Fuck it. I ain’t conforming.

Conforming means the death of truth. It means turning myself into a doormat to let folks walk allll over me and not speak my peace.

What is happening here is a repeat of shit that constantly happens cause of my energy.

I ain’t fucking crazy: the world is sick and folks who are dumb compared to me try to cover up their fuckery they do to me by calling me “crazy”.

When you deal in the level of consciousness – not intelligence – I deal in you get called “crazy” by dumb fucks who don’t expect you to pronounce what you see in em, see them doing cause they are intimidated by your consciousness, not intelligence and stunt you, finesse you, gaslight you!

At one place I was called “crazy” though I told a lady accurately how her dad looked to a T and predicted other things.

I have a great spiritual abilities. I ain’t crazy.

It just so happens in a sick society I am called sick cause I am not down with the sickness:

I loved this song from back in the day!

They my favourite band from back in my day. I loved them along with Chevelle and Stone Temple Pilots:

That being said – I am surrounded by idiots. Always. Just from being in this world.

The problem ain’t me, it is people.

I get hit with dumbasses all the time who think cause they can’t see shit I can’t see them coming a mile away. I can’t call em out. My narcissistic mother who never really loved me (except out of obligation) and my siblings born of my dad – kinda set the stage out of jealousy for me not to love me and to sorta not defend myself and to feel people had a right to psychologically finesse me, get one over on me, cause I am “different”.

Part of my healing is working thru this: speaking up and not feeling like I am deserving of maltreatment cause of who I am and not feeling like I gotta suppress complaining about shit when shit needs to be said just to conform to the status quo.

She told me I’ll always need her and can never be on my own cause I don’t know how to perm and conform my hair.

This why I use my blog for therapeutic purposes.

This blog is my therapy.

I can make sense of shit on my own.

Satanism did something where I don’t need to use folks as a crying shoulder to make sense of shit.

I don’t need a friend. I really don’t have friends. I am my own friend.

This is why I wanna kill any idiot who feels I should be around other people in a setting where I can choose not to be around em. I won’t go into detail but one lady says and been trying to push the idea of me being holed up with others at some Santa Monica, saying “You’ll be at the beach.”

Motherfucker I want my freedom:

Beautiful artwork here:

I want the freedom to travel, go where I want, control where I live, have my energy permeate my own living space without having judgemental, intimidated assholes around to tell me intuitively, even without saying it to “lessen.”

It is why mofos wanna knock my shirtless activism (in part cause I am a black womban doing this)…..

Like one sist⭐r – a white womban with a black boyfriend – said they hate my energy cause they fear it.

I don’t even have to do shit and folks turn against me like here. It’s like mofos get so intimidated by my energy they feel they gotta finesse me and get pissed when I don’t let em when I call em out. ?? That is exactly what is going on.

I speak my peace, I speak my Soul. Fuck if these Soulless organic portal mofos don’t get it:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

They Soulless anyways.

One thing I learned here and on my spiritual journey is not to apologise for being me! People don’t know how hard that is.

I have had assholes try to make me feel dumb cause they knew I’m smart by playing me for a clown. It’s like mugs intuitively know I am smarter than them consciousness – not intelligence – wise and seek to sully it.

There is a difference between hyper consciousness vs intelligence. Any monkey, as the Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt, can repeat what you do and regurgitate what you tell em. That is intelligence. But I have a consciousness that allows me to traverse between the worlds, the spiritual and the physical planes.

I am a natural shaman. We are known as brujas (I got called that recently by someone who didn’t know me), witches, People instinctively fear us cause of what we can do (‘woke ✊?) so I can not be around people at least for a long period of time and esp. to thrive – not just survive – in society for my own sake.

And fuck the “j” in INFJ (it means judgemental). People judge me. They sense I can see past they ass so they get pissed:

Why People Truly Hate Me

Factor in I don’t conform (I used to hear from even so called allies – not friends – how they hated I “got away” with shit I fought hard for):

– Judgemental assholes already think I got a superiority complex – and that is why my life is hard.

I always got told I am misunderstood. Folks look for a reason to hate my ass cause they fear my energy signature.

Dude on reddit broke it down:

See how people try to steal my glory? That is what I been having to deal with!

That lady, man she like me. I wish I wouldn’t of gotten off on the wrong foot.

That said, that comment along from reddit shows you what I have had to deal with my entire life from everybody – niggers (they the worse due to their tribal “you muh dick sister based on skin color” bull witch ??‍♀️ is why I keep it real with them):

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

Crakkkas, wetbacks…. fucking everybody. “Oh there’s something wrong with you.” No, bitch, you fucked up cause you lack the IN-SIGHTFULL capacity to see shit is fucked up. Your rules are fucked up and not based in true law and order (I kinda like DA Gascon’s stance ??). Your moral codes ? Don’t get me started. My rule is never do anything that doesn’t necessarily offend people but goes against their consent, like rape.

But most of you dumbasses can’t discern the difference between a woman minding her biz being naked vs a nasty ass predatory asshole who will rape a nun cause it is just in them (and they need their dicks cut off!).

This why I would never wanna conform to society: ya’ll some dumb mofos!

BTW it is folks like me who get called “crazy” in my day and then millenia you dumbasses come around (then stick a whyte face on it) #jealousy

I Will Amend the Federal Lawsuit Against The LAPD For Violation of My Topless Rights

Black Woman Starts Topless Movement in L.A. And White Woman Gets Credit

Crakkkas always try…..

Hence why I cussed these two crakkkas OUT:

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