Cookie Tookie aka Samantha James Needs Spiritual Healing

Cookie Tookie aka Samantha James Needs Spiritual Healing

She don’t need this shit…..

– Look I ain’t the most politically correct mofo. You get at me I cut your jugular – philosophies go out the window.

This a fake account btw as shown by her response up above ??

– This bisch asking for money, lying in Cookie’s name…..

And these are the nicer ones……

This will get updated…..

Cookie needs prayer. Look at her eyes shapeshifting here….

That is a reptilian attached to her, connecting to her two lowest chakras, the sacral and root chakras – hence her alkie-hole and drug urges (reptilians FEED off of dat – it is called loosh). I know cause it happened to me…..

When they cause those urges, it is next to impossible to fight em off. I tried once and my mouth was dry and, even when I slept, it would not only go away but I would have a headache, dry mouth even worse.

It doesn’t help that they would send a burst of energy aka a zap up my neck where my kundalini is to my brain. It is not cookie’s imagination that she is being zapped but it is reptilians zapping her and they are using said interdimensional zaps to think it is other people and to fight them….

That said she needs help. Here she is crying for help while folks laugh at her pain (sick mofos)…..

…..She sounds just like me in the aftermath of giving in to those urges…..

I see so much of myself in her.

I will say, she need to get out of L.A.

L.A. has THE HIGHEST concentration of reptilian spirits and reptilian hybrids and reptilian shapeshifters roving around.

This dude IS a reptilian.

– Looka this demon…. seed SEXUALLY harassing this girl and threatening to fight her cause she didn’t want to fuck him:

Boy these demon seeds and THE WAY they are willing to attack black women…..

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

At 38:23 You can hear a demon seed call her a “man” and then you hear some later publicly sexually humiliating her as she passes by and she says they grabbed her rear….. cause she black……

Fuck at the beginning you can hear either a crakkka or wetback call her “chocolate strawberry” (sound a lil more like a demon seed tho.).

There is a reason why during my shirtless activism I used black magic (?? hissss hissss) and called they asses wetbacks (it elevates you to a white person in their eyes, whom they war-ship and wannabe cause their Creator, Quetzalcoatl, shapeshifted into one) to keep a tight lid of control on that beach:

They called me MAGA also lol……

Cause these mofos think in terms of stereotypes, not nuances like other races and since their wetbuck asses already had me pegged as a “hoe, a nigger and sexually available” – cause I am black (wouldn’t carry on like animals the way they did when I early on set out in Malibu) – child, it woulda been hell.

My melanated magick kept mofos in line (thanks Bobby Hemmitt #chaosmagick).

White People Are The Devil And How To Use The Satanic Energy Against Them

I had one who tried to call itself fucking me say that he would put hands cause of my “masculine” aka black energy. Wouldn’t do that if I were a white girl.

That’s why I stay hard on em and they don’t like to see their own faults…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

Like I say people hate me cause I never tell a lie ??…..

Why People Truly Hate Me

Like HEY-Zeus said “I am the truth and thus the way” to acknowledging your bullshit, the harsh truth!

I don’t care if folks don’t like me. I am a loner anyways. The truth is what matters to me.

After all, I am a black woman and I’ve had to fight for shit, esp. respect, my entire life on my own so they can kiss my black ass if they don’t like my truths:

It don’t help that, as one spiritualist told me, it is colored by the root chakra on the astral map, the lowest chakra that controls and drives primal needs, urges……

Confluence that all together and you see why it is easy for someone to get stuck in addiction here!

That said, Cookie is in a veritable spiritual war. This is how true possession for the majority of folks go down. It manifests as this…..

This live was. Scary here. They really had her.

She needs empathy, not assholes throwing shit at her cause they say she stole something etc. LOOK AT HER – SHE IS FUCKING POSSESSED!

Same shit can be said of Aarona…..

The sun god Ra I think is fucking with her….. that is his eye (the eye of Ra) on her leg……

– That is the Eye of Horus (it goes left) but you get the point. I see two eyes as well.

These demons got assholes laughing about her damn near getting raped…..

Looka the live comments. These some sick reptilian archon demiurge possessed mofos I swear…..

And like with Cookie they accuse her of stealing, the same shit.

They both are under attack from archons.

In Aarona’s case I explained how in an astral vision I saw that her friends paid $8,000 to spiritually fuck her up…..

Hence why after her stint on Wildin’ Out she died out and her “friends” – like Tiffany Haddish – blew up.

That is why I stay to my motherfucking self and keep mofos away – like a crocodile ? chomp!

Just thinking about it makes me wanna ‘woke them mofos…..

Man, that is fucked up!

That said both these ladies need spiritual intervention. Medication ain’t gonna do shit (like my brother it may make it worse). They need a shaman (fuck a child molesting priest they don’t know shit), a buddhist monk – anyone TRULY spiritual (not religious) who can pull them out this spiritual quagmire.

I’ll do my part (but I got shit – tho. not as bad anymore – of my own to fight).

The best I can say is – and I can help with this – visual a giant upside down triangle (preferably that is sky blue light on the outer rim with white light in the middle) enveloping your underworld (use your third eye to see) as described here):

And enveloping, fuck in their case, encasing them, just as my brother taught me as a form of protection……

The Ultimate Symbol To Defeat The Reptilians and Other Archons

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