The Ultimate Symbol To Defeat The Reptilians and Other Archons

The Ultimate Symbol To Defeat The Reptilians and Other Archons

It is no secret I am related to Egyptian royalty……

That being said it is no secret I hate reptilians and other archon groups…..

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And it is no secret they hate my ass.

All last night I tried to ponder how to stave them, ward em off and keep them from fucking with me, esp. materially.

A brother in the astralscape gave me the answer……

As a preface, as was shown to me astrally…..

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

The Egyptians were from Mars. We fled on a spaceship named Astuarte from the reptilians who had invaded Mars to get to us. This was shown at a government symposium helmed by Colin Powell.

Now, for the astral vision I saw last night.

I saw alot – including a rift I am having with a person right now and what actually be going on (hope for they sake it is the case – their higher self and another young lady came to me astrally). Things then “changed” to a scene in which I saw Khemet aka Ancient Egypt, how civilization was.

The Khemetians were black, dressed in robes as Yashua Ben Pendira (“Jesus”) wore of various colors. They were very spiritual, practised astral projection, etc. I then saw a young man – perhaps my transitioned baby brother – wearing a sky blue robe and holding an inverted triangle in his hand as I noted black folks walking up the side of the pyramid (I sensed it was for literal interplanetary/interdimensional travel without a spacecraft as well a spiritual point of worship). It was sky blue on the sides and white in the middle featuring the real hierarchy it should project, with people at the top and everything else at the bottom.

Thank you Bryan (?) ?

That said, this is the pyramid scheme (they are not used to rep. ponzi schemes for nothing) that rules our world……

This is how it should be…..

Fucked up ha. But that is what rules our world and, unfortunately, this 3D realm dimension…..

John Ellizz’s All Seeing Eye Book Confirms That Christians and Muslims War-ship A Reptilian So Called God

That said, the proper pointed triangle is a reptilian symbol…..

When I was a satanist, saturnian I was shown symbols, signs to use it to fullfill my material wishes after the reptilians spiritually strangled my money supply.

That is the symbol that rules our world and I would never guessed that inverting it, as the Nazis did the swastika, originally a Hindu peace sign, was the key to defeating them…..

I already feel more spiritual, much better. I am no longer eaten by the various I guess archons launched onto me designed to cause me obsessive self destructive behaviours like overeating, drinking etc.

I used to have a heaviness in my sacral chakra causing these addictions. Now they are no more.

As I did at the beginning of my spiritual journey I feel “purified”, enlightened again. I feel cleansed. I truly feel protected and at peace (I kept seeing 422 last night and it meant protection):

This popped up when I typed in “422 numerology”…..

That was my baby brother.

Man he has grown wise on the other side. I paid a shaman to go rescue him as the reptilians kept fucking with him due to his bloodline and the important shit he will share with the world thru me – like this article!


Imma say this: the upside down triangle represents the Divine Feminine. The reptilians operate on a strictly masculine predatory frequency. They are all about dominance and war so it would make sense to wear the inverted triangle to ward them off, esp. materially.

That is why the rapist Pyramid Head in the Silent Hill series is portrayed as having a pyramid aka dick head…..

Man I feel blessed that my baby brother came back to protect me and all of us!

When I wore that correctly pointed triangle spiritually it was like being sucked into a morass of hell complete with demons tearing at you and forcing you to feed em (that is why those alkie-hole urges and other urges were impossible to fight off)…..

Just now I had to use a beam of white light to ward off the skeletal entity I spoke of last night (he smelled like shit and that is why possessed folks be smelling like crap) who had a hell dimensional portal opened next to him (same one I saw in my old apartment, twice)…..

Wear the divine feminine upside down triangle to ward em off and…..

I am so emotional after my baby brother came to me (I love you Bryan ?)…..

Now that I know that’s him, he is an activist – like his big sis ?? on the other side…..

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