Reptilians Send Me Another Threatening Message In The Astral

Not sure to make of it but I talk about it here:

– Also, to note, I saw a CHP car pulling a BUS over (wonder what was going on with at?).

That said, I had this dream/vision yesterday where I was in my old backyard and I saw three alligators and most notably one had it’s mouth unhinged like someone slit it (“loose mouth” as in talking too much?) and so I recall going inside the door and distinctly thinking I needed to protect my little brother, who is now dead (I’ll explain the significance of later). That said, when my brother came inside with me, I started searching for the right key to use to keep it closed but couldn’t – and then I woke up! I’ll explain the significance of this!

See, I’ve been told (and may have seen this myself) that my brother’s being held captive in the astral plane by these executioner hat wearing entities that are blacker than black (they figure into alot of ufo lore). That said, the significance of the school bus pulled over by the CHP officer (when you look at the tape above I didn’t see him OR the driver outside) correlates to a vision I had of a school bus which I saw in the astral in which arrived after my little brother – who is dead – played with me and my brother, Kristen. THEN this black robed executioner hat entity came along and took him on a school bus occupied with a bunch of other kids to the underworld. A friend saw something similar AND he saw a vision of them trying to sabotage my protective measures so I KNOW he was real!

I feel the alligator with the loose mouth could quite represent me as I feel I might be a reptilian hybrid of a specific bloodline (hence the powers and why my eyes shapeshift):

– AND why things are trying to shut me down hence why they like to go after “nephilim” descendants since we can help humans break free of this matrix prison. That’s also the REAL reason why they wiped the nephilim out cause they don’t want that bloodline spreading to other humans and thus increasing our abikities and helping us grow maybe even “above our ‘gods'”.

Whatever the case may be, I dunno. I want to really find out what’s going on! Whatever it may be I stepped on a few toes – or maybe webbed feet in this case. Thus hence why I’m getting ALL this push back which includes demonically possessed mofos like here (THIS ain’t normal harassment):

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