The Whole New Age Hippie Spiel To Be Peace And Love And Light Is A Trick By The Reptilians To Suppress Humanity’s Spiritual Potential


What I Like About Being A Dark Satanic Witch

I had a crush on this depiction of Lucifer from Paradise Lost. I thought he was cutee ??

That being said, that whole thing of being “peace and love and light” is wide peepole schadenfraude (my new favourite wurd ??). We live in a fawking unity-verse ? of duality, as broke down by this BRILLIANT (with a fine ass devil btw) fairytale film by Ridley Scott called “Legend”:

Devil fineeee ass a motherfawker here:

I’m going to hell for this shit…. ya’ll would too ????❤❤❤

My eyes do the same shit his do:

That being said (that says ALOT) you gotta be fawking realistic. Too many white people after adopting people of colour spiritual traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism like to remove the “dark” parts out that gives it duality, just as depicted in the Ying and Yang:

and insert catholicism in it with the whole good/evil and sin (anti vice) attitude just as can be seen in the mass cultural appropriation otherwise known as “wicca” and make it all white bread and peace and love and deny the human element of darkness out cause they some stupid mofos who think they know everything but don’t know shit, dumb crakkkas….

That’s why I be wanting to smoke a crakkka with ‘woke when they call themselves trying to teach spirituality (then always come with that dumb shit).

Stupid crakkka!

Say, you ever watch wide folks videos on youtube and notice they overthink shit and gotta do shit “perfect”? They sum of the stupidest, corniest ass dumb mofos…. esp. when it comes down to this.

Naw heaux: first off, you walking on Planet Earth with that attitude of being a la dee dah new age cloud rider IS GONNA GET YOU KILT, ESP. in the spirit world. First off, you are in a fucking human body. Fuck all that spirit shit. You gotta take care of your human body. YES, I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE YOU CAN USE ENERGY TO CONTROL PEOPLE (it takes learning your energy body to do this) but if you go around just being nice and shit (Imma blast that bull in a coupla secs.) you gonna get smoked or worse yet, ‘woked (by me) cause you make yourself a target by denying your human right to defend yourself, to fight and so you end up with all these suppressed human emotions cause, even if you are like me and can still see the overall picture, you are still in a human body and can hurt, feel pain. Did you know many peace and love and hippie ass new (c)age witches run to dark spiritualists to get work done? We all need a dark side to embrace when shit gets rough. It’s what makes us human. You got a right to it as a human. Shamans go thru the darkside to become whole, like me. It’s called the shadow self. It’s you!

You come here to live the human experience. It’s your right. If you wanted to be spiritual alll the time you shoulda just stayed your ass in the spirit world instead of incarnating here!

That being said, you also got Divine life contracts we make with the demiurge and his minions otherwise known as the reptilians and other assorted entities and spirits to come here and, participate in a play, hence why it is said, “The world is a stage.”

Some people incarnate to rape and murder. Think about it like this: when folks say they got their karma cause someone else got the “bad” guy back, well, what should happen to THAT person exacting that so called karmic revenge? Should they die? Have bad shit happen to them for inadvertently exacting karmic revenge? Karma is really just the consequence of any fucking action. The idea of “good and bad” is a human notion and is relative to each of us. Morals change: not too long ago it was bad to be gay or trans. Now it’s bad to hate it ??✊??️‍? (just wish they’d accept #transracial) ?? The spirit world is dual, too. Now, THERE ARE rules to abide by in the spirit world hence why folks place salt on doors to keep evil spirits out, etc. but it all goes back to your divine life contract when it comes to what you do. BTW spirituality just means interacting with the spirit world, nothing bad or good. Could be either or and like us, spirits, demons, gods even (which our Souls which comes from The Source are [Soul = Sol = Sun ?]) got feelings, too. Just cause they got more dimensions then us don’t make them greater than us, which is what they are: hyperdimensional beings who can go in and out of our reality cause they got more dimensions then us. Watch Flatland which breaks this concept down:

I laugh when folks think aliens are better than us cause they are more technologically advanced (look at the reptilians to see what I mean). I mean, we more advanced then cows but we LIT eat their asses, right ??

We come here with different purposes (and this is why I get disgusted with stupid organic portal mofos who shouldn’t even be talking to me who think I am “poor” and snub their noses down on me cause my life doesn’t follow the same trajectory as theirs). Some people incarnate in this Earthrealm (now I’m sounding like Mortal Kombat) to experience life as a human (only soulled humans and not organic portals will get this) while I’m – and others – are here to teach…. and more.

For those on the spiritual path, there are 3 ways for a soul to become powerfull: 1) By getting others to war-ship you which is what many (smart) yogis in India do then you got the route of 2) Stealing souls like Shang Tseung:

– Hearing the cries of his victims bothers me and causes me to shudder cause it happens in real life esp. in voodoo etc. with folks in jars, etc.

The 3) and this is the path I have taken – is to go thru adversity. The more adversity your soul goes through the more powerfull your soul becomes. I can tell you from experience like when I got my neck stabbed or when I got raped (by a wetback) in NY, a surge of energy went thru me and I became…. strong!

I can even joke about it now cause I understand in the grand scheme of things, as per my divine soul contract, it was designed to make me strong ??

Now, let’s talk about the schadenfraude the reptilians pull by telling us to pull the wool over our eyes and be “peace and luurve”. See, we have a full range, a full gamut of emotions to pick from: we can be happy or sad or hateful or helpful. It all depends on our mood. Emotions are the spice of life. They give us challenges to give us something to look forward to, a reason to live.

Now, as explained by Alex Collier:

Many alien species, from Andromedans to the reptilians (of course) have hit their zenith of development. See, individuality breeds innovation (which is why you don’t see much of that in Africa, Southeast Asia, Mexico and South America cause they are tribal) and in those alien societies – with everyone having telepathy, telekinesis, no one can do shit. No mistakes can be made, discord really, no challenges to breed innovation. It’s cause of all them having those abilities they gotta have a hivemind since, with everyone having telekinesis, everyone can fuck everyone up and, with everyone telepathy, like Minority Report, everyone will know when you will rob a bank and you just can’t fuck up!

That said, those societies, civilizations are boring hence why they incarnate here, on Planet Earth.

Now, the reptilians – being jealous ass bitch mofos (who lost the war as Atlanteans against us – we were the Lemurians) who rule this 3D matrix under the rulership of the demiurge aka “god” the aborted fetus thrown into this chaotic unity-verse of duality:

OUT OF JEALOUSY FOR HAVING OUR FULL RANGE OF EMOTIONS and having souls, they attack us soulled beings with the potential of coming into our TRUE INDIVIDUAL DIVINITY VIA OUR HUMANITY by punishing us by increasing our desires for vices that ordinary people can partake in without guilt. For instance like in my case increasing my desire for alcohol to an unusual degree, another person I know who has their desire for sex increased, etc. Thru the guilt of giving into our human urges while entrapped in human bodies ensures we feel guilty enough to fall into the reincarnation matrix trap (cause our emotion and thoughts colour where we go in the afterlife since higher dimensions are less dense and can thus be manipulated by that) in which our souls will be recycled for food by the demiurge and it’s minions, as seen in The Matrix:

This goes for those who “break” their bullshit ass soul contracts and opt to act out of human emotions such as my brother being condemned to hell after being bullied into committing suicide by one of the demiurge’s minions, folks like myself who are told our “divine mission” is to FORGIVE IN IMPOSSIBLE CIRCUMSTANCES (fuck THAT ??) and so on…..

That is why it is important for us soulled beings to learn our True Divinity: no contract can enslave me. I am more powerfull than the demiurge. I am God and an aspect of the TRUE Creator and so are all of us soulled beings. It is like a lesser country taking to town a more powerfull and wealthier nation. That is why it is important to know our worth and not confine ourselves to the stupid bullshit rules this demiurge hell kingdom will try to force us to be servile to.

I personally believe in doing what you want but, since I have a conscience, I DON’T BELIEVE in doing shit against people’s wills. BTW Fuck that wiccan bullshit of “do shit as long as it harms none” cause if you cheat – which is a very human thing – YOU ARE HARMING SOMEONE’S FEELINGS or if you beat someone in a contest, you hurting their feelings. Just like catholicism wicca induces a major guilt complex in folks.

I will also say this: people get “low vibratory” and “high vibratory” fucked up!

Low vibratory is when you are caught up in your lower chakras which leads to addictions such as vices like alcohol, coffee (caffeine a POWERFUL fucking drug that may not alter your consciousness but it gets you hyped up like coke or meth and stains your teeth…. like meth), drugs, etc. High vibratory is when your consciousness as I call it is in your higher chakras like the crown chakra, third eye, neck (pineal chakra) etc. I have fucked up people while my consciousness was in the crown (which made it easier to do). It is not about being happy all the time (which would make you a maniac = mania) or being nice (that assertion is just stupid). It is important to have balance – like with everything. You really want inner contentment which is inner knowing beyond the machinations of society and societal labels and others folks shit they throw on you.

GG Allin reached that:

This song funny (and catchay ??) ass fuck:

I’m close to reaching it, walking around naked and shit:

– That shit was straight liberating that day!

Lord I’m GG Allin chile, lol!

Diogenes the Greek philosopher would masturbate in public. Hindu Yogi Trailanga walked around buck naked (just like I do – sometimes):

– Fucking expression on his face lol!

Anyways, as the illuminati says, out of chaos comes order. You need folks to get people to think in new ways by bringing upheavel to the old order so another can be birthed.

It is how the BIG BANG (chaos) started our unity-verse.

That being said, diss why I be wanting to slap the SHIT out of people who want shit tailor made, straight laced. Change don’t come that way. It’s always mofos who we find out contradict themselves later….

I can see in his face the motherfuckimg deception!

He is very pretty, like a female:

Look like a regular ole reggae dude here:

….It reminds me of how this lil white girl tried to call her schooling me on how to react to folks after following MY lead to go topless one day. She essentially told me to stop ‘wokeing, not realising my life isn’t like hers and, honest, it wasn’t until I started doing black magic that folks started respecting me. She talked about how hard she is. That is, until some young men tried to talk to her and she ran under her boyfriend’s dick and ran tail (lol). Meanwhile, I’ve been raped, stabbed, but I still stand strong.

Now one can tell you how to live your life unless they are destined to walk down your life path. No one. That said, the realest ones are those who walk their truth. We may same chaotic, “crazy” but we are sincere. Beware of folks who wrap themselves in nice packages. They are the wolves!

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