I Found The Wetbacks Who Ran Over My Foot


CA license plate #6APL755

After that incident….

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

This incident kept popping into my head….

This Is Why I Hate Wetbacks: Bitch Yells At Me Weirdo But Get Indignant When I Fight Back

I hate jealous people…. and wetbacks…. with a passion.

Based on what I saw, what others saw, the vehicle fits: it’s a green Ford Explorer I was told and it fits:

– I rem. the grill, everything….

Here a lighter version….

I recall this incident: straight up fucking jealousy and bullying in that she yelled “Come out crazy” and when I fought she got pissed!


I ain’t seen that vehicle since. Based on my cards, I THINK BOTH they asses – the wetback who ran me over and she who instigated it – are 6 feet under and in hell ???

Wish I woulda caught that license plate.

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