It Is Better To Stand On Your Own Then To Have Backstabbers As Friends

It Is Better To Stand On Your Own Then To Have Backstabbers As Friends

When I was crying out to him over something that just happened, peep his response…..

Deadpan, dismissive, fucking sociopath faggot!

This is what tries to FORCE itself on me as a “friend”

Watch mofos…… They let you know thru their words what they all about…..

Read between that last sentence.

He letting me know how he TRULY feels about me.

Looka the change, the obsessiveness with my energy and how violent he gets when I cut him off. I can’t get over how deadpan his voice is:


Trying to lie on his ex…..

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He is psychotic. He STILL sending me shit!

I mean this motherfucker gay and he chasing me like I’m a man…..

Fucking swimfan.

I am happy I ain’t one of these overly sensitive people who gotta have people to throw their emotional baggage on. Like a womban I can carry that shit within and cast it via a curse lol!

That said, I’m better by myself. That’s why I don’t like where I’m at – it’s nice but I need my independence. I need a minivan. A person like me don’t belong around people.

As I said I’ve had to conquer mofos just to get basic rudimental respect. People aren’t nice to me.

That said, I am my own best friend. I don’t need nor want to be anyone’s fucking friend. Hell I talk to myself, answer myself cause I enjoy my company very much. I will go as far to say that my strenght lies in being alone. When you are a loner, like me, you learn (and this is what I first learned while in hermit mode during the beginning of my spiritual journey circa 2014) to trust your intuition. It will provide you the answers. Nothing knows better than you. So thus no need to vent cause you know what you need to do.

That dude drained me and took my abilities (in the astral one time I saw he wanted to steal my “dubious” gift of getting money via sex worker).

I just wanna be left alone but it seems deceivers who wanna force themselves into my personal space and enemies who HATE that I can see them for what they are just are attracted to me…. like flying roaches to a light bulb.

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