How Connecting To The Source Can Automatically Dispel Organic Portals Away From You

How Connecting To The Source Can Automatically Dispel Organic Portals Away From You

While investigating a traffic collision, which seems to be a common occurrence here, note how the organic portals react as I walk through shirtless……

As an aside, I peep the firefighters whose truck is 69 (they are on a low vibratory sex ressonance), pass by rather frequently, doing those crazy u-turns with one – a female – even staring at me across the street……

With that being said…. this got me thinking about how just past weekend how as my white aura literally SHINED (even Ray Charles can see it in the picture):

…..And how alot of negative shit happened at the hands of organic portals and those with alien grey or reptilian spirits attached to em.

I started thinking of a Youtube video I was watching in which a brother said how these organic portals literally envy your light, regardless of your material station in life and I have heard this from ALOT of Soulled people, this very line…..

That said – and this is why it is important NOT to drink alkie-hole or do other self destructive things to your body…… See, as I have said before, these archons wanna keep you down. The more you TRY to connect to The Source, as a Native American brother taught me, the more they make your life hell trying to get there which is why you never compromise yourself with things that can take you out of your power = self control = crown chakra = Higher Self and put you in a position where these things can vicariously use their organic portals to attack or else they can spiritually attack direct due to the holes in your aura that occurs due to self sabotaging behaviours.

That said, when you connect to The Source from whence your Soul came, it acts as a shield, a forcefield against organic portals. You are no longer apart of the “social contract” for which there is an energetic blueprint for. You return to your God Self instead of being under the energetic manipulation and control of the organic portals, the archons, the demiurge and their matrix system.

You energetically stand out of it, which is the way to escape their system while physically being in it.

As the bible says of Yashuah Ben Pendira popularly falsely known as HEY-Zeus (Jesus), “I am in the world but not of it.”

That is why highly evolved spiritual people’s energies INSTANTLY detours low vibratory organic portals, people from interacting with you.

They’ll tell ya that they are “intimidated” by you, that you are “arrogant”, that your energy is “too strong” (for them to invade and break down). One possessed by reptilian spirits even told me, “Everybody hate ya (me)!” I said good, it means I am on the right track.

That is why it is important to OVERSTAND what is going on and not focus on being liked by these low vibrational entities, organic portals of the matrix who only wanna get close to you to steal your energy…..

That includes other Soulled but damaged people as well.

The ways to dispel organic portals is – due to their being tuned in to the reptilian/archon/demiurge matrix, they get sent psychic signals indicating that you are riped for getting reaped for your energy.

That includes those who are heavily damaged who have not healed. These people typically have energy – as I did – SPILLING from out their aura and their chakras…. and so thus these low vibratory beings are ready to jump at the trough to lap it up.

If you haven’t healed yet, work on it. But there is a trick that I notice that works to dispel organic portals.

I use to get “paranoid” cause I could sense these organic portals honing in, wanting to lap up my energy. I WOULD LITERALLY FEEL a piece of energy, usually from the sacral chakra, being extricated when I would worry. I witnessed this once with a gay man who was complaining of folks sexually stealing his energy and others psychically taking from the sacral chakra. He was the victim of rape and had never healed. He was parked where I’m at – in a white truck – and, this was so strange and you can watch here – while he was where he was at, an organic portal couple in an RV who were in front of him moved RIGHT. BEHIND. HIM.

I never forgot that because of how blatantly straight weird it was…..

Once – and now – when I stopped and controlled it, the people mysteriously vanished, went away as if on cue.

I did not acknowledge them so thus they left cause there was no energy to take.

I saw this happen one time when a hungry I’m guessing Messy-can was staring at me, and when I felt a piece of my energy nearly leave, when I literally psychically controlled it and kept it from leaving, he instantly turned his head away from me!

Don’t let your energy leave your chakras or your aura. Protect it.

Now I wanna say….. I don’t my crown chakra is fully open. I heard you don’t want it fully open as powerful entities that will be next to impossible to get rid of can attach there, causing you to go crazy. A Cuban shaman said that ALL your higher chakras must be open before opening that.

I believe once it was half way open (not partially open as I believe now) in conjunction with my third eye and throat chakras – I was able to see very clearly unto the other side.

While trying to open it further (I feel a heavy tightening on it), I started to feel “woobly” and “out of it” which I have heard is another symptom of opening it (I believe that happens when I drink but that act invites foul spirits).

Another thing: don’t talk to organic portals. They have a way of lowering your vibration just via their presence along. When you try to talk to them about deep, spiritual, metaphysical, they have a way of making you feel crazy cause their energetic signature is designed to reintegrate you into the matrix and it’s limited, demiurge consciousness so you will be left feeling falsely like a fool – and foolishly thinking you look and are crazy – cause you are talking to what is literally no more than an empty organic robot – hence the term organic portal – who lacked the higher chakras and Soul necessary to understand.

Most of all and worst of all avoid the reptilian spirited organic portals cause they tend to be violent and wanna steal from the sacral chakra.

I had such an experience with this kneegrow online one time who I could tell used acerbic words to would strike my heart chakra as a Soulled person so he can create a connection via which to steal from the sacral chakra which houses your sexual and more passionate energies – the favourite chakra them things love to steal from:

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

Another, watch out for low vibratory behaviours and the cyclic synchronicities that archons set to keep you there. I talked on this early this morning here:

Archon Attacks And Could My Brother Have Been Turned Into A Reptilian

That said, I’m gonna wrap this up by saying protect your energy from these harmful things that surround us Soulled folk.

I believe that 2022 – which resonates with the master builder number 22 in numerology – will be a strong for manifestation. Reptilians, archons, demiurge are gonna try to crush ANY potential to rise above their matrix system.

Get ready!

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