Racist Incident At Vons And The War Between Soulled People And Organic Portals

Racist Incident At Vons And The War Between Soulled People And Organic Portals

This THE MAIN mofo who be sending mofos to stalk me, park behind me etc. as one time when she came and parked on my side, a car showed up in less than 10 mins and parked behind…..

Earlier today I had to deal with one. Been seeing him coming around and around.

I remember that put put vehicle: he drove CLOSE to my vehicle one day, many months ago, to cover it in dust……

Bald headed gangstalking bitch…..

Fuck is a Lawa Rue Project…..

I want you all to know how real this shit is……

I’m referring to this incident right here by the way……

Vons Kicks Me Out Cause Fake Khazar Jew Wetback And White Supremacist Has Problem With My Red Mesh Shirt

This is how real this shit is: using my third eye, I removed two entity attachments – one that created an inbuilt “envy” of wealthy folks and a “self destructive” desire to keep myself from having what they got, which I know is not truly within my Soul and I installed an innerstanding to inner-see that organic portals, ESP. ones with reptilian spirits, are not on the same consciousness level as me and thus their fake emotions, actions are not worthy of my acknowledgement and……

Next thing you know – I know – a white dude parked across the street and yelled, “Raven, we want you back!”

I told ya other SOULLED people this shit is real!

They wanna get close to us Soulled people and use all sorts of manipulative tactics to keep us in the matrix by pressing our emotional buttons (they don’t have an inner emotional life or feelings) so as to feed off our LIGHT aka SOUL (Sol = Soul = Sun 🌞)!

In the vid above I give advice on how to ascend and separate from them, energetically, by getting beyond their matrix while physically being here.

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