Gangstalker States That He Is Looking To Get Me Put On Criminal Charges And Placed In Jail Forever

Gangstalker States That He Is Looking To Get Me Put On Criminal Charges And Placed In Jail Forever

A black man told me that when he talked to a CHP cop, he told him to tell me to watch out cause some racist mofos on both sheriffs and CHP want me OUT!

He was right!

This gangstalker here was looking to set me on charges. I KNEW something wasn’t right about him when I first saw him….

When I saw this pos I felt that low vibrational sexual energy attachment/vampiric/archon energy which got confirmed when he blinked his lights on when this pos saw I noticed him.

As a former copwatcher who watched for the young ladies who did survival sex on the figueroa and western strolls, this means a trick looking for a survival sex worker (meaning prostitute).

I’m not gonna let a sick motherfucker mar my new beginning. I am better than that, I will do better!

Insulted – cause these pos think that because I am black and do shirtless activism that that gives them the right to hypersexualise me and my activism – I felt a strong inclination to put this motherfucker in his place and let him know I am not the one you will be attacking with that energy – which is what it is!

What you see ensuing is me running this motherfucker out!

At one point he approaches ANOTHER gangstalker who I commonly see who he saddled right next to, confirming what I intuitively, psychically knew to be true all along…….

Here that pos’s license plate…..

He comes his nasty ass talking shit. I put ‘woke on him – which has an initial calming effect (but much worse ensues later on) then he gets the fuck out!

RIGHT AFTER HE LEAVES another bitch shows up. Why would you be eating Chinese food in this desolate dark area? Most folks eat while journeying home. She a gangstalker.

Here her license plate:

I always said these motherfuckers out here are satanic. This place is marred with the energies of sacrificed women, grrls, children, men. People who been kidnapped by these illuminati billion, millionaires for what? A few fucking Earthly trinkets, coins? Smdh!

Right around the corner, further down the PCH – there is a labratory a very lucid young man told me where homeless people are snatched up (a social worker who was once homeless told him this) and have illegal medical procedures done on them. It is a blue building.

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

I once spoke about how these demons wanted to use me in a Goddess rites ritual but I rebuke these demons, really archon war-shippers of the demiurge…..

They Gangstalk Me To Recruit Me Into Some Goddess Cult Ritual

That’s why I be running these mofos up the street, letting them know I am not accessible to them.

As I ascend, as I get better, I know the shit that I MYSELF am breaking free from are using these organic portals and compromised Soulled people to further attack me as sychophants for their bodiless voices and keep me stuck in a suspended state of darkness: dark activities, low vibrational behaviours and ways of making money, where I’ve been for a long time……

A Gallery View of My Artwork

As I wrote that blog article above, I could hear a ghostly, demonic voice attached to a vehicle driving by say, “You will not go anywhere with this,” seeking to keep me stuck in a pernicious cycle of darkness, a place I been in for far too long.

This is very real.

That said, these things aren’t gonna succeed. I went thru what I went thru so I can become spiritually stronger, learn more powers. Just like Peggy Kane said the forcefield net the demiurge and archons used for far too long to keep all of us in a state of negative energetic slumber is coming to an end.

Soulled people like me, lightworkers (those of the light) are breaking free. I’m becoming free. As I break thru more and more of their deviant control systems – which I will talk on later – these things attack. It means I am doing the right thing, and going in the right place and that is all that matters to me 👍🏻

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