They Gangstalk Me To Recruit Me Into Some Goddess Cult Ritual

They Gangstalk Me To Recruit Me Into Some Goddess Cult Ritual

JUST NOW I had a mofo pull up RIGHT BEHIND ME as I was taking a shit in my bucket…..

I didn’t catch up to you this time but I remember how your vehicle looks…. I see it ALL the time out here….. next time πŸͺ¨

I am happy that I got the spiritual talents that I do, that my third eye is open….. there is a reason why this fake azz khazar jeWISH wrote this spiteful long ass diaTRIPE…..

That said I saw thru my third eye that they want to use me in some goddess ritual as I saw them bowing down to a giant sacrificial head and I saw myself in the middle of a circling growing and growing bigger till I towered over them, with evil entities spilling into me…..

They wanna use my powers for evil. As of now I use it to fight them off, which they call “evil”…..

It’s deep, huh?

It gets even deeper…..

Everyday I notice THE SAME cars….. a black maserati, a blue one as can be seen here……

I don’t like this tow truck operator this was like the second time he came around that day to satellite as I call it around my energy, fucking wetback…..

He more of what I call the sexual energy vampire stalker and I’m gonna talk about why they are so dangerous in a few…..

They get the homeless involved as I have experienced a few times…..

Homeless Gangstalkers Get ‘Woked

I think this mofo was in the bear mace rapist procession…..

I’ve seen this school bus before pulling this bull and I can tell it’s not innocuous. I may file a complaint!

School Bus Operator Masturbating In Back of School Bus?

Now Imma tell you about the sexual energy vampire stalkers like this hick ass crakkka couple from Florida who were on some nasty ass swinger type energy bullshit…..

I wanted to clock their asses so bad with my crystal quartz wand, knock their crakkka ass teeth out and bust up that smile……

That said, see, every area has an astral energy grid around it! I’ve seen them in my old neighborhood and I’ve seen them here.

I am in the forest area for self cleansing and healing. As a native american man taught me, you gotta find your sacred spot and this is my sacred spot.

When these nasty ass sexual energy vampires show up, they are marring MY space with their dirty ass low vibrational energy, which I can feel amd get affected by (rather, afflicted).

Let me break it down…..

The Occult Symbolisms In Jenny 69’s Video “La 69”

Sexual energy or as I call it sacral chakra energy is a very powerful energy that can be used for spiritual awakenings. It is often used in tantric sex between partners who are actually attracted to each other (you can’t pull it off in prostitution as their must be an exchange of true romantic energy, real love and not just some pathetic ass mofo looking to get a quick climax off a random heaux). There must be respect, an intimate connection that goes beyond the animalistic, open in and out door that prostitution exchanges conduct.

That said, the energy I feel from these “people” is a “take” energy. “I want you to do for me which serves my animalistic ‘needs.'” “I want you to be an object.” “I want you to be a bimbo.” These people from what I feel empathetically are very very 1 dimensional brained.

These people are beneath me!

They can not see the nuances that I can feel, sense, know. They are not capable of complexed thought patterns – at least in their perception, approach towards me so I throw it back, violently, their energy they direct towards me.

They intrusively mar my sacred space with their low vibratory energy as well as stain, energetically, perceptions of me.

I don’t want those people around, not around me, which is why I fight back against their psychic attacks the way I do.

Also, if you notice don’t even talk WITH them but TO them to run them off as conversing with them creates INSTANT etheric chords between you and these “people” for them to feed off of…..

Now, let me talk about the regular gangstalkers I see circling me in Malibu and the reason behind why they do it (with examples) here…….

They are gangstalkers not motivated by low vibrational animistically sexual and empty sex, but a higher spiritual purpose which I can respect, which is why I almost don’t see em as a threat!

These people from what I have discerned thru my third eye have albeit a fucked up agenda to use me in a spiritual ritual. It is one that acknowledges my power and shows tacit respect, which I do not divine with the sexual energy vampires, who don’t see my worth, with some actively wanting to fit me into that “bimbo” box because my intelligence, consciousness is above theirs, is intimidating to their racist asses (it’s typically crakkkas with that bullshit), and denies their entitled feelings to only see me in the objectified sexual light they wish to see me in so they can feed off my energy…..

Here is but one example:

– His eyes were black and demonic…..

I notice as I get more powerful by protecting my energy by healing my energy alone INSTANTLY repels/dispels these abominable low life creatures……

That said, I see, and watch these people. They’ll be on their cellphones, usually parking in the same spot everyday, some parking there for a minute or driving up and doing the u turn.

Difference betwixt them and other vehicles is….. they do this EVERY. DAY and yes I notice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I’ll notice when one leaves, another one shows up and other folks who have been around me notice THE SAME THING even when I am not shirtless.

It’s because those gangstalkers knkw that I am special and know that I know this as well.

They triangulate to see if there are any weak holes in my self protection, to see my vulnerabilities, what changes with me so they can figure out how to engage abd ingratiate themselves with me so they can use me for whatever they want…..

Pimping Up The Street A Wetback Human Trafficker

This was an attempt to “recruit” me to be a human sacrifice…..

There’s another one that was directed towards kidnapping me where a couple planned to stab me with a syringe, put me to sleep, bring me to my abode and rape me…..

I saw a “man” wearing a suit whose bony fingers hit the glass of my window once – indicating protector – who stopped them from doing shit.

Musta been him……

– That’s Baron Samedi, the Voodoo Loa of death.

I think I saw them again and their headlight was fucked up and everything.

See, what protects me in a way is my personality.

I have a strong sense of self and a very ornery, antisocial nature towards people who are not on my level of consciousness nor are on the same journey as me. I also have a spiritual knack for sensing bullshit and calling it out.

I’m effectively the spiritual version of the terminator! You can’t guilt or peer pressure me cause I don’t have emotional ties to ya and don’t give a fuck about what you say and look down on ya anyways, as I do towards folks who are not on my level of consciousness. You wanna call me an asshole? Okay! But you’re not getting in my space. I’m not gonna have that!

I’m like my brother Kerry; I don’t explain shit, I just attack!

My parents, my family are the same fucking way. That’s why I laughed at that kike’s letter at the beginning of this article; he was trying to get under my skin, find my achilles heel so he can have “power” over me by getting me to care about his words (spellcasting). I know wassup and that shit went left for him, fucking clown, fucking idiot.

Stay in your lane.

The people I let around me are good people, who I have a deep connection with, who care about me and got my best interests at heart. Never been concerned about winning popularity contest. That was brother Kristen. He brought home the friends. I was called the “people repellent” lol πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

That said, all of my characteristics are in alignment with my destiny.

While in jail, a few days ago, I saw my fate had I attended De La Salle high school: I woulda been a senator’s wife, as I have seen in astral visions, I woulda had money. I saw dark entities crowded ALL around my alternate husband’s podium – reptilian, shadow people – and these same spirits following him.

I saw in this timeline LIGHT beings keeping me from making that what woulda been an ill fated decision. My dad woulda died young cause I woulda sold his Soul for wealth and fame.

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

As one spiritualist – Jamila Briscoe – said, this timeline may not seem to be the right one, but it tis!

I am not a materially wealthy woman (as I have archons holding on to it till I make a deal with them) but I am spiritually wealthy in know-ledge and in power.

I’m aware I got satellites for these things surveilling me, watching me, waiting…..

You’ll be waiting for nothing cause I don’t join shit and I ESP. don’t let mofos feed off my power.

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