Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body


This is the nugga I spoke about a while back whom a – I’m guessing – reptilian spirit guide who took the form of a Vietnamese man dressed in a very slouchy manner (I feel he was an uncle in the most recent past life where I was Vietnamese) showed when we slowed down and went into these beautiful, opulent homes with baroque furniture which all had pictures of them shaking hands with said skeleton in exchange for wealth. Here is their afterlife:

I am guessing this is what you call the crossroads man or the crossroads demon!

That said, on Monday night or was it Sunday or Saturday – I HAD NY FIRST FULL BLOWN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE WHICH I HADN’T HAD IN A WHILE (The archonic “deity” – one of em – while I was under the program of “satanism” cause I needed stole my burgeoning abilities I was honing before falling PREY = PRAY to it as a result of reptilians fucking with my money cause they didn’t like my exposing they ass, more which you can read up on here: )

I recall leaving through the left side of my body, thereby causing my head not to fully turn (No wonder people with physical ailments here can still for awhile take that to the other side). Before that, I felt the “pulsating and lively pressure in my crown chakra, then I jumped from there.

I wanna say, BEFORE THAT I felt a woman – I sensed she was a light skinned ancestor – place her hand on my knees and I felt the vibrations in my leg (I was still a lil uncomfortable having anything touch me tho.). So, while out of body, I saw a HUGE amount of light which dwindled (coulda been from me) and a small light (which I feel was a fairy). I went outside THROUGH the door and when I tried to go to certain places, my astral “head” fell on the concrete. Needless to say, I said, “Fuck it”, and jumped back INTO my body! I KNOW I was outta body cause when I tried to open my eyes initially a couple of times they wouldn’t open!

That said, last night or shall I say… early this morning, I felt a strong urge to leave! I LEFT!! As soon as I did, I saw a black shadow shaped like an animal about maybe 1 feet than I saw what looked to be a hologram of a skeleton which started to fill itself with color. While out of body – and before I saw HIS UGLY SKINNY ASS – I heard this 1920s piano GOOFY ass music playing, than I heard an “eeeeeeeeee” sound which you make to say wrong like “Eeeee, wrong!” THAN IN AN INSTANT, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I WAS BACK IN MY BODY!

I wonder what caused it? On the day I was to show up in court, I heard the tearing of fabric as in tear the fabric of reality – familiar sou nds to me – meaning something was coming through a portal! So I knew something was coming through to do some shit, be it for good or bad (turned out to be good!). I just had deja vu while writing this. Speaking of deja vu, I had a deja vu moment while seeing the skeleton (cause the ethetic planes and astral are in “timeless” states, EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED without time and space to act as “barriers”). I also can’t help but note the AWESOME expansiveness of consciousness that can be found in the astral. So I don’t know WHAT the fuck blocked me and why? Imma see what my tarot cards say!

– On a positive note regarding my burgeoning powers, I had a vision while part of my consciousness was in my Spirit in which I was shown two alligators walking side by side with something tell me one devoured the other crocodile/ or alligator. It was black coloured and I have seen many in dreams. That said, I THEN felt claws on my knees (same place wbere my ancestor placed her hand – I don’t know what is it about that knee that attracts entities) and I felt this immense feeling of love as it rubbed its back against me. It was a beautiful moment, one I’ll never forget…

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