Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

This is how that bastard looks…..

I used my third eye along with breathing exercises to try to do a Soul rescue of my baby brother as I felt in my heart chakra he wasn’t in a good place as described here:

Archon Attacks And Could My Brother Have Been Turned Into A Reptilian

I saw this place as drawn in the first image above in which I saw that entity pictured there on a throne wearing a glass mask on it’s head surrounded by flames.

This literally reminds me of the drawing of the “demon” that Aleister Crowley summoned named Lam:

NOTE the similarities in the head design AND the outfit.

That said I was taken to meet a dark haired woman in the astral who is known for Soul rescues.

She had someone else before me.

She picked me up on a ship after meeting at her office and then we set sail, with our first attack coming from a goulish looking dinosaur very similar to the one in Revenge of Shinobi:

I meet some folks I already know in waking 3D life and I kept getting sent back to my body but I fought hard to maintain the link.

I won’t say where he is but it is not that bad of a place.

As talked about here……

Proof of My Reptilian Possession And What I’m Doing To Fight It Off

I could not for the longest see him clearly and direct thru my third eye as having that reptilian in me – which I am finally free of – kept deceiving me by operating within, also blocking my spiritual powers.

Glad to have it back tho.

From what the lady told me she said that this being fucking with him was due to me talking shit on it.

I believe that this is the “satanic” aspect of the demiurge which many gods have, including myself.

It is the evil part that keeps Souls in hell so the demiurge can continue it’s game and have Souls to feed on – just as all fake “gods” do.

This transcript from a man who met the demiurge direct breaks how his evil ass down perfect:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Here is another brilliant eye opening read…..

You know, something else I just realEYESD – I think it was mentioned that this bitch is pissed cause I would not work with it and thus let it use my power.

See, that’s the thing in us Soulled people WE HAVE THE POWER and these things deliberately will cause problems so as to force us to work with it, and like the North Korean concentration camps throw ALLL your relatives, family, past present and future peoples, into a hellish realm till you make a pact with this shit.

That is how the demiurge and the archons work.

That’s why folks who do be working with this shit look dark as fuck and got addictions OUT THE ASS cause they let that shit drain and feed off of em.

I keep hearing this one entity that I think is this motherfucker here saying, “Quan Chi.”

Quan Chi is a Mortal Kombat figure who is a demon sorcerer:

– I remember hearing an etheric Mexican man’s voice call me “the demon queen.”

That’s what’s this mofo is trying to get me to do and be – hence why they fucked up my money going back to 2015 while I was in the throes of my spiritual journey and hence why they are fucking with me and in the worst form fucking with my brother to get to me now…..

I realEYES that having that reptilian in me was the reason behind why I would not only have the alkie-hole URGES but felt guilty after succumbing to em along with the actions I partook in after.

Cussing Out The Cops ASS NAKED And More Drama

This was my shadow Self and as John Elliizz explained in his book they do something with your energy body to cause a schism in key parts of it to make you feel a certaing way and fuck you up just as they did when they were inside me…..

I’ve always drunk and never felt guilty plus I always liked doing shit that throws and even tees people off 🖕🏻

That shit makes total fucking sense!

Another thing…..

….On the Aleister Crowley shit….

He died addicted to heroin, adrenochromefrom kidnapped children…. but I don’t wanna talk about him.

I wanna talk about the creature he summoned, Lam:

NOTE it says it’s name is Lam which makes you think of Lamb, the way, the path. Resd the inscription below it…..

Who else does Lam remind you of…

For years people had been saying that aliens, esp. reptilians are “demons.”

These are archons. They are the more demonic devilish aspect of the demiurge’s henchcreatures.

Just as we talk about good cop vs bad cop bullshit playthroughs……

The demiurge who rules the material realm like to play with our minds and keep us enslaved in this prison fake holographic 3D matrix (reincarnation matrix recycle trap) by playing on our emotions with this DUALISTIC (note duality playing a part here) light vs dark, “evil vs good” duality shit to confuse you and throw you off and keep Soulled folks from knowing that they ARE the true God as their Soul is an aspect of The Source (Soul = Sol = Sun 🌞).

So you get told that as long as you war-ship and thus give energy to the demiurge you will be “saved” by being reintroduced back into the reincarnation matrix trap thru the false white light (light of Lucifer?) so that your Soul’s energy will be redevoured by the demiurge, otherwise the giant sacrificial heads I see thru my third eye and thus reintroduced into the wheel of Samsara…..

Look at that demonic shit devouring Earth = THAT is your demiurge

NOW, if you don’t war-ship this mofo it sends Souls to hell (so you CAN’T get out) and can never awaken to your spiritual powers – hence why the mass mind control re-ligions condemn witchcraft, sorcery aka shit that deals with awakening to your spiritual powers…

Either way, the demiurge feeds off of you.

That is why it is important to awaken to your power so you can defeat this mofo at it’s sick game and escape the fake archonic matrix trap and it’s bullshit white false reincarnation matrix trap white light overall…..

You can learn more about the false white light reincarnation matrix trap right here:

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