Proof of My Reptilian Possession And What I’m Doing To Fight It Off

Proof of My Reptilian Possession And What I’m Doing To Fight It Off

Here is a compilation taken a while back of my eyes shapeshifting, esp. when I give in to the alkie-hole urges…..

Here is THE BEST example of said reptilian taking me over…. you can see on the right side – where the attacks usually take place – my face getting darker with the vertical slit reptilian eye……

And here you can see something “coming in” to possess me as a drink alkie-hole…..

I now realEYES that what had been going on was a toxic Soul – reptilian spirit merge OF THE WORST kind…..

This is why those alkie-hole urges were hard to fight and while under the influence I’d do dumb self destructive things…..

The other day, during the onset of yet another alkie-hole urge attack, I had come to the realisation that the cause of this shit IS A REPTILIAN ENTITY LIVING IN ME!

It has taken up residence on the right side of my body.

That said, AS SOON AS I CAME TO THIS REALIZATION, in the same way I experience this when drinking alkie-hole – I felt my temperature rise up, flare, I started getting the shakes but all over my body, an increased energy shot thru me.

Another thing I notice too is the left underarm wouldn’t stink but my right one would NO MATTER what I would do to it….

It’s cause of the reptilian possession over there…..

I was not feeling like myself. My thoughts were getting commandered by something else and I felt these inclinations to engage in inhibitions I otherwise would not partake. I kept having the emotion of “Fuck everybody else and society” pop in my mind and a logical take on “why should I follow societal rules” kept popping up!

Now, I don’t mind doing stupid shit while sober but, when you are enslaved to a consciousness that is controlling you, getting you to drink and do stupid shit, basically commandering your intuition – the guidepost for your life – that shit is not only insulting to my dignity, my Soul, but fucking depressing. It’s fucking depressing to know you are controlled, with something using YOUR OWN BODY to do shit and you’re at it’s mercy and folks will think it’s all you after all is said and done.

Just now I took two of those entities and put them in an astral cage, I binded them and I felt a difference right away (It’s not a permanent solution tho). I felt an energy on the right side go down after I did that, meaning something certifiably was commandering control over my body and mind during those alkie-hole urges. Hopefully this will abate it is as these mofos are PERSISTENT about coming back!

I think this entity has been in me before my most recent satanic era as going back to 2014 I would get hit with those alkie-hole urges, which was unsurprisingly around the start of my spiritual journey, which got intercepted by these evil archon forces.

This pic was taken in 2015, RIGHT BEFORE I was forced into making a deal with many archon energy vampire avatars (satan is one) after a reptilian archon put a stranglehold on my money, forcing me to do this for the sake of survival…..

As of right now I am trying to get rid of this shit bit by bit! It seems like there are a bunch of things tied to this mofo. I’m not even sure if it is fully on out. I have been binding these things tho in the meantime until I can fully get rid of them.

When this shit is in me it would induce feelings of fear – and physically affect my body, making me too “scared” to do kicks and shit in a fight, make me nervous or overly anxious when that is not what my Soul wants, influencing folks to want to attack me when I am under it’s influence – it seems bent on undermining me!

As I type this – thru white noise I keep hearing this, I think skeletal archon I have spoken on before saying, “Quan Chi”. I just looked up who Quan Chi is and he is a powerful demon sorcerer in Mortal Kombat.

– Crazy, I recall hearing in the ether a Mexican dude refer to me as “the demon queen.”

When I asked to see the entity who keeps repeatedly saying, “Quan Chi” I saw what might be my little brother who I think got turned into a demon, perhaps a skeletal archon which I talk about here.

Seems like this Quan Chi he is talking about devours Souls. He is also now just saying that, “He wants me (him).”

I gotta do some deep shadow work and keep these attacks from happening again.

I will say it’s getting better.

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