Proof That These Fake Khazar Jews Are NOT The True Jews

Proof That These Fake Khazar Jews Are NOT The True Jews

True jews are black.

These are khazarians…..

Read this:

Look at what I highlighted…..

Here’s the significance of that…..

Now, everyone knows that the Hebrew Israelites, the true black jews came from Egypt, which is of course in North Africa.

Now, KHAZARIA – where the fake jeWISH are really from – was established in Russia and Central Asia, FAR FROM ANCIENT KHEMET (EGYPT):

Here is a map of Africa vis a vis Southern and Central Europe so you can see how laughable it is that these fake jews call themselves US:

That said, how the fuck you go from being from the Levant which is the middle east (Canaan to be specific) to now being said to being derived from Central and Southern Europe 🤣😂

As the late great Libyan LEADER Omar Qaddafi once said to the fake KHAZAR jeWISH, “How you leave black then come back white?”

He was a great man who tried to protect Alkebulan’s (Afrika’s) resources against the crakkkas and fake Khazar jeWISH looking to rape Her of her resources by creating an Afrikan currency that would monetarily unite all Alkebulanian countries (Alkebulan is the TRUE name of Afrika – Afrika came from a conquering Italian European general) and they assassinated him for it.

You can read more on what his plans were here:

Even the fake jeWISH are low key admitting they aren’t jews here:

Again, Egypt in Africa. Again, how you leave AFRIKA, ALKEBULAN BLACK THEN COME BACK WHITE……

Another thing…. much of the world was black……

The oldest man in Northern Europe…..

Whitehawk Woman, another black skull found in Northern Europe:

Luzia, the oldest skull found in South America:

Here’s ancient Greece:

In Russia even well into now exists the Abkhazians who were black and had the hairstyles that influenced the modern British guard (they always imitate us):

– Mofos even straigthened it so they can steal own OUR shit, even OUR hair!

Now, in modern North Alkebulan you got the Berbers who are THE oldest Arabs….

They are also derivative of the original hebrew tribes from that area……

As shown here, it states Egyptian jews (really, hebrews) are THE OLDEST jews…..

– How the FUCK they both the oldest AND the youngest gtfo with that jeWISH WHITEWASHING…..

As the late great Omar Qaddafi said: “How you leave Afrika black then come back white?”

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