I Finally Found The Surefire Way To Defeat The Reptilians Using The Third Eye

I Finally Found The Surefire Way To Defeat The Reptilians Using The Third Eye

It’s so nice not to feel manipulated at certain points again.

You take out their Soul and lifeforce, it’s a wrap for them!

As explained here:

You tell your third eye like you would a person but inwardly that you wanna see the cocksucker (reptilian/archon) that is harassing you THEN….. TELL IT TO OPEN IT’S CROWN CHAKRA OR TOP OF HEAD AND THEN REMOVE IT’S SOUL AND LIFEFORCE!

I did that to one who tried to merge with my Soul after I cut of all of it’s other avenues of supply (alcohol and toxic people) and DAMN did I feel the difference right away!

It disconnected from me and it had black shit spewing from out of it’s head and face and was wobbling it’s mouth like a mindless ass fish…..

It was nice to get rid of this bitch!

I can hear him now in that snake hissing ass voice, “Why did you hurt me?”

Fuck you bitch for trying to geg my Soul!

That said right after I did it earlier in the day – only took 2 seconds – I had a dream early this morning: I saw what appeared to be their “mothership” that was decked out in these gold round earring things with their all seeing REPTILIAN eye on about 2 of them (22 is master builder in numerology) that looked EXACTLY like this:

The backdrop this thing appeared in initially looked like a neighborhood in NYC – where I used to live – and then into a classroom consisting of people I see in real life, including someone who did some horrible horrible shit to me recently.

That said, I took one of it’s golden earring things with the all seeing eye on it – which seemed to be connected to a string (symbolizing that they are losing control over me) and swinging it around and the “kid” who did some fucked up shit said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

People use crystals, symbols – alot of shit created by the demiurge in HIS real to defeat HIS army otherwise known as archons and you can’t do that: it won’t work cause they don’t create shit to defeat them in their realm!

You have to connect to Source energy oe opening your chakras – which is why mass mind controlled re-ligions created by the demiurge tell you that shit is “bad” and call it witchcraft, as if it is something bad.

Connecting to and using Source energy is the only way to defeat them and their organic portals 👍🏻

BTW NOTE youtube won’t let the tag “reptilians” show tho. I clearly put it in there…..

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