My Third Eye Reveals This Guy IS IN FACT A PEDOPHILE

My Third Eye Reveals This Guy IS IN FACT A PEDOPHILE

Thru my third eye I saw him I believe holding a lil kid’s backpack (it was circular and white on the outside with a black proportionate circle in the inside) playing with a lil boy by “pinching” him ALL OVER HIS BODY “playfully”……

I also asked my third eye again today if he is doing this and I got presented to a view of a darkened energied man with a bunch of kids – they were all small figured – locked in a jail cell which makes me wonder if he is part of some deep state pizzagate shit or if it is symbolic, esp. given all them illuminati mofos living up there? A lady low key who is a local tried to tell me one time a billionaire was taking kids from Africa and sacrificing them…..

Based on what I heard in the ether he living with someone and I heard that old guy tell him he gotta go and a young man ask him if he did the shit I said in my blog not too long after I had dropped this…..

Gangstalker Looks Startled While Taking Notes When I Note He Is Neighborhood Watch

– I talk about ole chomo at the end…..

He just did that turn around shit again but this time far away and during rush hour so I can’t chase his ass…..

Imma start taking pics and keeping a photo album blog of when he does this…..

This is after I done confronted the mofo, thrown rocks….


Imma say this right now: when he FIRST started doing this – the FIRST thing that came to my mind was that he is not doing this cause he lust after me or there being any type of attraction but to sexually harass so as to run me off and that he was with some neighborhood watch shit…..

I also felt, sensed that he is into lil boys. I mean in real life aesthetically he is actually a VERY handsome man – very symmetrically well put together.

However cellphones have a way of capturing your energy, your true spirit and when you look at his energy, his visage in this pic and the vid above something about his energy ain’t quite right!

I get the sense he fucks that dog. Me and another friend who is also intuitive felt he fucks that lil dog. It’s too docile and not as noisey as a regular playful ornergy chihuahua.

Something ain’t right about this dude! Ya’ll may not like me but keep your babies away from this motherfucker. I remember when I retaliated for him doing his dumb shit he gave me this cold glare of a killer, a glare that can cut thru steel!

Imma tell you what I read about him then wrap this up. He got power issues. He has power and control issues. He won’t really fuck with a grown ass woman like me and esp. a man – but he’ll try to dominate lil kids to get a sense of power over them and feed that energy of domination into him.

He targets boys I sense. He a homo which is why he is aesthetically handsome (most gay men, even “ugly” ones in their looks range, are) but got that pedo look in the picture. Ray Charles can see he ain’t right upstairs. He missing the marbles, the whole happy meal and everything in between.

He a punk but he dangerous around kids so watch him….. wouldn’t be surprised if he killed the kids of migrants who won’t be traced and won’t be missed…..

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