Gangstalker Looks Startled While Taking Notes When I Note He Is Neighborhood Watch

Gangstalker Looks Startled While Taking Notes When I Note He Is Neighborhood Watch

And here another skirting off…..

At one point while filming about someone informing me how my “rot your dick off ‘woke” actually worked on someone and caused them to CONSTANTLY ITCH THEIR DICK TILL IT BLED (you can get it on Etsy), I saw him writing observations (it’s not clear on this bonk ass cell camera) and when I said, “You’re neighborhood watch” he looked up STARTLED!

Here the abridged version…..

I sense this neighborhood watch – fucking losers – hire mofos who can’t be hired elsewhere if they are just regular people or rich assholes who like to satanically fuck with other people to “monitor” mofos they just don’t like whl are minding their business and living their life.

In non jest it is usually starseeds, Soulled people (unlike their organic portal Soulless ass) and others who can serve the path to helping others ascend and increase the vibration of the planet as well as mk ultra victims of which there are many amongst the unconventionally housed community here in Malibu. Like this guy – he ain’t the type to have this vehicle organically.

They work out of fusion centres and triangulate with the Department of Homeland Security which you can learn more about here:

Let me post this here before they remove it……

That said I didn’t get cop energy of this guy. I could hear his conversation and he strike me as a vato, a cholo I sense who is trying to go straight (was in the pen) so he harasses ie “monitors” people like myself with Souls and mk ultra victims, plenty of whom live amongst the “homeless” aka unconventionally housed in Malibu!

I heard him at one point talk like a thug and said – which all these wetbacks say about and to black women – “I wanna hit this bitch.”

Well, wetback, to get out of your $2 an hour job, you gonna have to hold back, wetback 🤜🏽

That said, I think this weirdo here is a part of it……

They hire people like this pedophile here who can’t get hired anywhere else. I sense he into lil boys. I sense this mofo on some sex offender registry. You can’t tell me this mofo ain’t on no sex offender registry. I covered him here…..


– I heard some fellow neighborhood watch mofos in black truck (yes I was watching and hearing and dick ‘wokeing) talking about how I called him a pedophile like they’re offended.

Bitch ya’ll ones too and let me catch them trucks and license plates…..

He came down here today and QUICKLY u-turned back into those canyons….

Like today, Imma be looking for your ass tomorrow breh and end this!

– SAY: UPDATE: HE IS A PEDOPHILE! I saw him thru my third eye carrying a boy’s backsack that was black in the middle and light on the outside for him while feeling on him, like pinching the lil boy.


THAT PERFECTLY EXPLAINS why tho I done thrown a rock at his vehicle, threw another rock at him and his vehicle and threatened to chop his dick off and even put dick ‘woke on him, he still fucks with me!

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