A Curse Has Finally Been Lifted

A Curse Has Finally Been Lifted

You have no idea how it feels to have full control of your own thoughts, intuition.

Not to have something insert intrusive, obsessive thoughts, self destructive urges that goes against the will of your Soul.

That is EXACTLY the dark place I had been bound to for 8 something years. Looking back on it, even more, with one entity attachment going back to childhood.

Going back the other night, when I finally had a conversation with one of the entities that was attached to my crown chakra, the right side of my body, that had my finances blocked and made it so that the only way I could get my money up was via prostitution, I had a nightmare.

I was in what seemed to be my “home” which was decked in red and black colors, with silky pillows with Chinese lettering decking the place – I used to own such a pillow back at my old apartment, I saw an asian woman. I was told by a red dragon that I would have to sacrifice her.

Now, to give you some perspective…. and build up to the main point – Satan is a red dragon as mentioned in the book of Revelations of the bible:

Back in my old apartment – 637 Hauser Blvd #5 which I happened upon the other day:

I was forced into satanism to get my money up due to a force – I see what I call a giant sacrificial head that seems to have ALOT of people sacrificed to it thru my third eye – putting a total halt on my money flow and right during when I was in the throes of my spiritual journey.

What ensued for years was pure hell.

This entity had attached itself to my crown chakra. When something is attached to your crown chakra they can make you display signs of “schizophrenia” by controlling your brain and thus your intuition, causing you to hear voices – as what happened to my brother when he took psychotropic drugs – and act in ways that are not consistent with your personality makeup and Soul.

This article, written by a mental health professional, really breaks it down:


What ensued was losing my spiritual desire for meditation, astral projection and instead going down this dark, dark road where I could feel a presence in me that was conflicting with my desire for spiritual enlightenment and would infect and inflict me emotionally with desires to overindulge in self destructive activities such as at one time drugs – mainly meth – and then ending with alcohol. This thing would attack my central nervous system to induce that. That is what it was overwhelmingly hard to fight these urges even though I knew what was happening. I could literally gear at times a second voice telling me to do things and conveying things to me as my “second intuition.” It was the start of my excessive troubles with the law, constantly landing in fucking jail. It was the start of my attracting low vibrational, non spiritual people who wanted me to stay in that low vibrational.

This guy for instance, who drinks excessively and has a penchant for beating on and abusing women, who has from what I see thru my third eye a sacrificial head that has him trapped, imprisoned with 3 heads on a stake, in a very dark dark place……

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

He at one point became obsessed with my energy when he had reptilians on him, bad…..

That said, me and him got into it the other day. I awoke in the middle of the night and noticed the upper half of my torso was exposed. I usually have that covered up. I am not sure if I did this myself (my hands were under my head) but my intuition – and when I asked to hear in the ether if he did it I heard him admit to it – confirmed it. There was a confrontation and this ensued:

I look fucking possessed.

In another instance this asshole here was throwing oranges at me one day for walking near where he at:

Putting A Virgin Raping Sand Nigger Fruit Seller Who Called Me A Slut In His Place

Here he is admitting to driving that truck drunk:

That said, ever since having that negative entity attachment, my relations with people went to hell.

When I was deep in the throes of this possession, I literally had people coming to me who would, seeing my crippling financial situation, would still demand my time and energy for free to help them with their predicaments while they would not help me with me. Extremely selfish, entitled assholes who would lit ask me to help them while they spat on me! Having bonds with folks who did not mean me well due to, again, entities placed into my central nervous system that would create urges for me to wanna be around these people, making me obsessed with their energy and have some type of sick familiarity with these people who don’t respect me. There were times where I literally saw their eyes change to black.

These were all the things I suffered while fighting this spiritual battle alone.

Most folks, organic portals who lack a connection to the divine and thus no understanding of these affairs, will be quick to dismiss me off as crazy. I am not crazy, but what I faced and am still facing – though not as severe as before – is a direct consequence of when something evil is hellbent and determined to have a hold on your life with the intent to bring you, and others around you, down to ruin.

This was a curse that I was afflicted. A severe curse that would drive most folks not as strong as I to suicide if I wasn’t aware of what was going on.

As per the curse anybody who I became attached to emotionally would then have the same entities fucking with me going over to them, making it hard for me to establish relationships with people on my level where we could help each other out. Even worse, I’d absorb their energy due to having these things on me making it hard for me to give anything but money or food, non permanent things, to folks and visa versa.

I talked about it here:

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

To go to show you how real this is, just this past weekend after a spiritually induced alcohol urge, I started doing work on myself to stave off any future attacks (the alcohol cravings were a form of psychic attack). That said, at one point, I literally felt something jump off my head and, in that second of pure bliss and harmony, I felt at peace, at oneness with my Higher Self. I no longer felt the heavy dark energy I bee. feeling on my head. Than that sonofabitch came back. The heavy dark energy that is thick as a brick had returned.

That’s why I know I am not suffering from a mental disorder but a spiritual affliction. I can literally at times feel squirming on the crown chakra which usually points to a parsitic entity occupying space there, and thus controlling you.

It all started with that cursed apartment at 637 Hauser Blvd (maybe even before). Let me put things in perspective:

When I lived in MacArthur Park, which is supposed to be physically dirty (but is spiritually clean) I always had money in the back. I was able to command $300 per hour for clients (I was a prostitute at the time). I had a new car – a 2008 Pontiac G5. I looked like this:

I move to 637 Hauser – a supposedly “good” neighborhood that is built on really bad leylines and shit went to hell real quick:

She’s gonna get better…

Within a 2 months span of time of having moved in, I went from being able to command $300 an hour – having fought to get there, looking as I did above, to now having to do crazy, insane $200 for 2 hour specials, getting terrible clients, including one who enjoyed choking me (and who I suspect was the same asshole who falsely called LAPD – saying I had a gun – as I was driving down Figueroa cause I didn’t want to talk to him and cursed him out), all within 2 months of moving there.

Another thing that corroborates what I am saying here: unlike my apartment in McArthur Park there were flies all over the windows. No my place was not dirty. It was relatively well maintained.

Stalked And Raped By A “Shushing” Entity That Hangs Outside My Window

There you can see evidence that place was plagued by spirits.

Here is one pic taken from there:

You can also hear what I now know to be a hissing entity, hissing like a serpent, that was in that old apartment. I still hear it now and I believe it to be this shapeshifter skeletal entity, they call these things “crossroads demons” – they are trickster spirits – in voodoo:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Don’t Be Fooled By Evil Entities…..

Fighting Off Archon Possession

– I had ALOT of shit follow me from that old apartment for quite some time. That’s why I been in hermit mode, and am isolating myself for the time being in the forest, so I can get all this spiritual tripe out of my energy space. It was alot that followed me from that old apartment. I believe there was a rape and murder there.

One time, when high, I could hear a woman’s blood curdling screams as I took a shower thru the white noise created by said shower.

I would have visions of a couple – I believe Jewish with the lady being in her late 40s, early 50s with red orangish hair and a husband who looked
like Gene Wilder, being tortured by 3 invaders. They were hispanic. The man was tied up and held down while he was forced to watch his wife get raped. Those blood curdling screams do not leave you.

When there is a traumatic death it creates a portal. A portal to hell.

Because I have a Soul – and major spiritual abilities AND fucked around with satanism as a child – that is why I was targeted.

My heart was set on a $900 a month apartment in West Hollywood but, due to a racist landlord, and due to my having put in a two weeks notice to leave the other place, I had no choice but to go over to 637 Hauser Blvd, Apt. #5.

My relatively speaking new car at the time – a 2008 Pontiac – started having mechanical issues, including a fucked up engine, all while my money went down. Idiots thought it was due to drugs but that was not the case!

To go to show you how severe this shit is, a week after I had my fuel pump fixed, his fuel pump had broke:

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

And this is somebody I was spiritually paired with by these evil, sadistic entities as a sort of “trauma” bond, a negative attachment that I saw was tied to entity in my sacral chakra. It was a squidward looking demon which I have grappled with before.

I Finally Rescued My Brother From The Demon Reptilian Holding Him Hostage

As I learned from a tarot reader – see these things feed off of negativity. If one is attached to you, they bring their whole family, their whole crew along which is why when under entity, demonic or whatever you wanna call it oppression it is hard to fight off cause a bunch of them will come along to oppress – and thus feed off of – you. As a matter of fact when I removed the “satan” red dragon entity attachment, I felt smaller entities leave the right side of my face.

Anyways these entities were influencing other people to cast curses on me and to really, severely inhibit my life thru these curses.

The way I fought it off is not by starving it – there is a reason why supposed “alcoholics” will have crazings after going 2 months, 3 years, even 40 years of sobriety. It is because that entity attachment is still there and needs to be gotten rid of completely so you can move on. Plus it is next to impossible to fight off possessing spirits attached to the crown chakra cause that is where your thoughts, your intuition, your thinking processes are.

You have to talk to it and talk it off of you. That is how I did it. I have tried the starving method and what would happen is, these things would manipulate events such as when I was shown a dream where a young lady my age who is also under heavy spiritual oppression and is being tormented like I was being given my blessings and it was like I was being ordered to curse her. I fought the urge and tho the alcoholic cravings did not return I started to have severe obsessive thinking patterns and I felt drained. I cursed her and ended up getting the alcohol cravings again. So, no, that does not work. Also I find these folks just drop that addiction for a “healthier” addiction which is not good because any addiction is a sign that the entity is still there, waiting for the chance to attack again in the future and that it is still feeding off of you, just in another way.

Sage tea does wonders for pushing them off but you must, if it is something you in any way contracted with, gotta remove it by telling it to leave and putting energetic pressure on it when doing this so it knows you are serious. I was in the process of doing this last night with another entity attached to the crown – I suspect the skeleton – and I heard what sounded like a fist hitting the front of my van. I went out to look and nothing from our world was there. This shit is real…..

I can’t emphasize that enough. If there was no contractual engagement between you and this entity, drink sage tea made from fresh sage leaves. From my experience it does something to loosen the entity’s grip.

I am gonna end this by saying that healing does wonders. When you have a frayed energy body, entities can come in and attach and cause you unbridled harm, making it hard to make them leave.

When I started healing old traumas, old inner wounds it was the start of emancipation from these things.

I also wanna leave you all with this story before I end this. When I was working on the Mitrice Richardson case years ago, a very nice lady who is a psychologist, was telling me about a patient who had urges to rape. As in my case he said a voice was telling him to do these things and when he did he would feel relieved but then guilty – as what would happen with me. He then killed himself cause dealing with it was too much.

That is exactly what was happening when I would give into alcohol urges. I’d feel “relieved” physically as I would have throbbing migraine grade headaches induced by this entity if they did not give in and even sleep offered no reprieve as the migraine would still be there. There were times where I felt my head literally twist 180 degrees because these things, while operating in me, would block me from energetically accessing the right side of my body and thus talking my way out of this. I couldn’t conjure memories, esp. on an emotional, energetic level to talk myself out of it cause this thing would use it’s energy to block me and literally impose it’s thoughts and wishes upon me. I was being tormented. I would then feel guilty for giving in and for all the shit that ensued while under it’s influence:

The Symptoms of Reptilian Possession

Proof of My Reptilian Possession And What I’m Doing To Fight It Off

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

What makes it worse is they attack you by getting you to overindulge in desires. See, meditation was an escape for me. This entity parasite warped it by diverting my mind to see alkie-hole (alcohol) as an escape and to want to escape by not being myself, be like everyone else for awhile that always ended up getting me fucked up, sexually assaulted, physically attacked. It was always via a finger placed into my vagina by people I ‘woked or really sacrificed to that red dragon thing. One time I even saw someone I am friendly with all of a sudden have black eyes, a sure sign of demon/archon oppression.

I’d feel guilty and feel it was my fault though I knew it was something evil pulling the reigns, playing the strings and bringing me into those situations, even helping me to remember everything right after as a form of torture.

That said, the western world needs to get serious on acknowledging the roles spirits play in our lives. The unseen world is acknowledged – and taken seriously – everywhere else but in the west due to the west being controlled by a white consciousness that puts too much faith in the material and downplaying the spiritual. Alot of mental disorders I feel can be traced back to that. A good case study is my baby brother who committed suicide. He took psychotropic medications he did not need which caused him to see and hear a voice telling him to commit bad things. He was fearful of harming our parents hence why he committed suicide.

They don’t call that shit pharmakeia for nothing, with it having two serpents intertwined – two reptilians – to represent it:

That’s why that shit staves off symptons but doesn’t solve the heart of the problem.

You can find alot of good, healthy, beneficial, natural in a nature:

I been drinking the mugworts-sage tea concoction and my toothache from a tooth infection is really evaporating away!

That said, as the Earth’s vibration rises, medicine, psychiatry needs to get with the program: everything starts in the spirit world. We don’t influence shit in the material unless we recognize this.

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