Don’t Be Fooled By Evil Entities…..

Don’t Be Fooled By Evil Entities…..

Since wetbacks are involved I must preface this post by saying: make sure to call ICE at 1-866-347-2423 to report their illegal asses (cause we all know they illegal) and operating in OUR country illegally ???

Here is a good example right here…..


Calling me all sorts of monkies (they were pulling that before I even got the shirt or calling them creatures wetbacks which is what set me off on despising and then discovering these demon seed’s true natures which I have revealed to the world) but pretending to be nice when I fight back.

As I revealed here:

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

They are bullies cause their natural nature is predatory due to their being of a reptilian bloodline and operating on a satanic frequency so it is a good idea not to be nice to them – ESP. if you are black and these words go to you if you are black – cause they don’t respect nice. If they pretend to be nice – like as we are taught to do with vampires – don’t let em in!

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

One I heard even say, “I’m Guatamalan” in conjunction with saying “Why be nice to her. She is a nigger.” They are ALL the same to me…..

That said speaking of satanic frequency I have been doing alot of inner work on myself ? and after successfully removing this archon robed black afro haired zombified demon of destruction (I know that’s a mouth full lol) I have been working on permanently releasing myself from this evil entity that has had me in it’s clutches for quite some time……

It is a shapeshifting skeletal entity, a crossroads demon which I first saw back in 2014 while flying in the astral with what I thought was a Vietnamese past life uncle (it was a reptilian posing as him I conjecture) where it was shaking hands with famous and wealthy people which I saw in a portrait in one mansion!

It is the nasal voiced entity that I INCESSANTLY hear via white noise at night. Last night I could hear what sounded like my baby brother timidly saying, “Leave her alone” which made me just as hellbent to get it off of me then ever before but it is so tricky……

It is the cause for why alot of calamities have befallen in my life. It likes to taunt me that it will never leave etc. and that it is hungry! When the shaman went into my underworld and saw him she noted he was drinking and held on to a representation of my protection.

Based on what I know I believe he has been around me WAYYYY before I was a satanist. In that picture of him above I forget to show that when I saw him in the mirror he was “hugging” me, covering me as if I am his property.

He has shapeshifted into roaches, monstrous beings and other evil vile things designed to induce negative emotions in me and he is HAAARD to get rid of, extremely elusive!

As chronicled here:

The Significance of Mercury Retrograde In Venus Conjunct Jupiter Means YOU MUST GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

After exorcising that afro demon from me (I KNEW something evil long existed on my right side) I then set about shutting down this evil skeletal entity for good.

I tried and tried to see it thru my third eye and eradicate it but it’s so hard to get rid of it. Right after fighting this mofo again (as I do every night) I went to sleep and practically astral traveled:

I was in I believe it was Hot Topic (used to shop there when I lived in New Orleans) and there were a bunch of Satanist – one dude had dark hair, looked like Ron Jeremy and was in his 40s – and I think they were stealing from the store. The scene then changed where I was on Marilyn Manson’s property. I was on the banks of a river that had a mellow house which I then heard Marilyn Manson wanted to buy. I then saw wrapped in a cloud like blanket a make up eye shadow case that looked like a cellphone and I think a radio. I hear Manson was looking to buy property in Norway.

I then saw a demon seed getting mistreated, rejected by his dad – his last name I think was Hernandez – and I saw the demon seed yelling at his wetback daddy for abandoning him and letting the streets LIT raise him!

LO AND BEHOLD while in my childhood room (it was coloured a drab bland computer green) and looked decayed, the demon seed (I am trying to remember his full name and it was even spelled as is done with most demons) was telling me that he was thankful of me raising him (wtf) and he wanted to be my protector.

I saw quick past that shit…..

Are Skateboarders and Demonic Activity Related

I asked my tarot cards who sent him. I got death. I then asked my third eye to show me how this person – his name was Alex Perez or Hernandez – looked – and I saw him burning in hell.

So this was another tortured human turned demon and ANOTHER WETBACK AT THAT sent as an overseer demon by that skeleton demon.

I called on my third eye to take that wetback outta existence and I REFUSED to allow that death skeleton demon TRICK me (it’s a trickster) into a karmic contract to keep me controlled!

The first time this has happened it was, again, a wetback sent by the ars goetia demon Beelzebub to oversee me. I saw him in a cell in hell having roaches, insects all over him and I would catch glimpses of him following me, sitting in my room reading one time, while “overseeing” me and then you got the skateboard wetback demons.

I will be no sacrificial ticket out of hell esp. for some wetbacks. I only care about my brother, my family and that’s it! They are being used to pull me into hell by allowing them to be used as “guides” which allows them to at least for a moment stay out of hell and keeping me stuck.

This why spiritual discernment is key ?

Like this here:

Offered A Seal of Solomon Like Symbol To Have Demons Under My Control

Most unwoke idiots would be fooled and fall for the okey doke by being “flattered” but I don’t cause I see the shit for what it is.

Don’t let these assholes fool ya! So I got a skeletal demon (and some demon seeds) to deal with…..

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