ANOTHER New Vision of My Being The Antichrist

ANOTHER New Vision of My Being The Antichrist

Looka these subliminals of a prostitute looking woman (she is actually portraying a famous rock star, famous like me) and the name Abaddon when searching “angel of destruction”:

And look at what pops up when I look up “demon of destruction”……

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

Spiritual Confirmation That I Am Abaddon

Spiritree sure as hell said she saw a demon of destruction around me back in 2017…….

This is so weird…..

As I have been cleansing and removing – one by one – all sorts of entity attachments, personalities (or as Scientologists call “thetans”) and other things….. the most elusive is that skeletal hungry ghost creature I can constantly hear via white noise saying, “Feed me” (meaning it’s starving ??) – I feel so cleansed when I get that shit off me – I had another recent vision of being the antichrist which I would not doubt is entity manipulated (probably by that hungry crossroads demon)……

I was in a desolate landscape if I can recall, I think I was heauxing. The sky was red and black – like certain parts of hell – with the buildings run down and so forth. I was with another lady and it was then that I was picked by a bunch of government leaders to be the antichrist……

I was then in a board room in which – I felt like I was in my teens (same time I made that “deal”) and I saw some trying to use me – and another lil LIL girl – for sex but I was being voted in as the antichrist it seemed after a major disaster…..

When I used my third eye to see what is manipulating it – Eye saw ? this ugly triceratops looking reptilian with a humanoid face which then turned into either a Cuban or wetback male face who looked like the father off that tv show, “The Addams Family”, engulfed in a black cloud which I saw harassing my Soul which I promptly got rid off!

Whenever I see something morphing like that it means a very powerful curse and/or a very powerful entity that can make itself elusive, like that hungry skeletal crossroads demon spirit!

Ya’ll would be shocked by the shit I see on me as well as in and on and around others…..

I promptly got rid of it (when you get rid of one thing I find another issue pops up like what is happening now).

This is why I say NEVER take your dreams, nightmares, astral visions at face value – many times from my experience those are entities manipulating your dreamscape, causing you to go down paths you should not go, etc.

One good example of this is some of the homeless people – mainly white since they lack spiritual discernment and think the buy-bull is key ? – who I see walking down the pch claiming “god told em to do so” or some spirit visa versa.

Another example are bad entities who tell folks to do bad things.

A good example of that is this Native American around here from Minnesota who likes to practically DEMAND folks things. He has done that to me. He has also called me a nigger, monkey AND I have also heard FROM HIM that he stole some shit from some cholo homeboys he was hanging with!

Imma get a picture of him next time I see him.

That said you have to be careful WHO AND WHAT you receive your spiritual messages from.

I use my third eye for everything. That way I know the info I am receiving is not manipulated by some other being.

This is why I say do not trust anyone working with “spirit guides” or any sort of spiritual entities.

Only go to those who work with their OWN SOURCE ENERGY, like me!

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