Don’t Let Toxic People Be Around Your Light

Don’t Let Toxic People Be Around Your Light

Someone need to do something about this girl in this rv’s dog here…..


Everytime someone passes that violent ass dog be ready to attack and sometimes his ass ain’t on a leash posing a health hazard….

The other day I saw an angel appear on my window…..

As I have said before beings have a way of manipulating 3D light and shadow to appear before us…..

It also looks like a young lady wearing a jetpack…..

Future visitor?

Reminds me of this pic taken in the 70s of this time traveler who would not be able to get picked up otherwise appearing in this camera photo:

To those who think that what we see is all that there is to the world around us read this…..

See ? (literally).

Anyways never let folks steal your INNER peace and let THEIR issues into you.


Let me explain better than what most people do. When I have an issue with someone, if I am already in a place of INNER tranquility I don’t let them change my mood and my state. I cuss their asses OUT, RUN EM UP THE STREET – for my own piece of mind and plus you don’t want bs folks stealing your light by your tolerating THEIR bullshit!

As I say all the time keep your hell to yourself ???

I don’t let them in my inner world and inner space and I gotta outta my way by pushing them out the way as a defence mechanism so they don’t steal MY inner peace. That is the name of the game!

Me allll the way ??

I have had mofos get aggressive in the past when I run em up the street and won’t share my light with em….

I think there is more to what is said when folks speak on “as above so below.” I didn’t start getting respect till I started ‘wokeing folks. Now that I have a rep for doing black magick (still do) I can settle down in relative peace, inner peace and start to heal and remove things within that don’t serve me at all esp. which will reflect on how my outer world plays out and who I draw to me…..

“As above so below” correlates to working with both dualistic aspects of yourself: the negative and the positive. While we Soulled folks are on this planet you can’t stay high in the clouds all the time. Sure there are ways to control other folks energies but you have to first learn your own energy body and exorcise entity attachments, personalities or as scientologists (brilliant how they use the name SCIENEtology as it is part of a spiritual SCIENCE we have yet to understand) call em “thetans” and it’s a rigorous process to do (it’s way reiki workers charge so much – it is so much to get out), not to mention healing. But even if you have that energy range where you can control others it takes alot of concentration, compsure – energy! It expends ALOT of energy. It is not that simple! That said you gotta delve into both aspects – the deepest pains and feelings to the highest high of your inner world = crown chakra. To deny one is how folks get into addictions, etc.

Take for instance this girl I saw who talks all that peace and love shit to me, saying, “Only focus on the light” awhile back, trying to impress it on me like I don’t know shit – was wondering the pch with no shoes, in a very ragged, messed up state! It’s cause she didn’t understand that you gotta embrace and work with and really, now that it hit me – INNERstand your true darkness instead of fleeing and running away from it.

It is what makes folks cowards, something I am coming to innerstand about my own self regarding certain things!

Our Soul is pure and harmonious but, the other shit – look every morning you wake up and GOT TO deal with other dumbed down folks (organic portals). When you are in the phase of extracting dark shit within – I stop and ask myself, “Does it help me while I am here?” Folks get bullied cause they deny that dark park of them that may be necessary – that personality. Now granted when you ascend towards higher consciousness aka the crown chakra you will get assholes powered by demons here and there to throw you off. For instance RIGHT when I was about to remove a pivotal personality I heard an asshole yell, “Go!” This was designed to take my concentration off the mission at hand! I persevered and just saw the dumbass as something insignificant trying to throw me off. Having that overstanding made me feel that way! He wasn’t a threat soooo….. fuck him ?? (IT if a demon seed).

Yesterday I was watching an astrologer named Stargirl The Practical Witch and she broke down how pos’s are attracted to those with light.

Again, don’t let folks take your inner peace but mow their asses down when they try……

See. The vehicle he in is the inner peace and the zombies are the assholes trying to take your light!

That being said, I find people will try to bully you while you are in a state of inner peace cause they selfishly want it and will try to steal if they can. They’ll do lil shit to annoy you. Fuck em ?? Ignore their asses until they do something physical then curse em out.

I find ignoring some of their insults piss em off, lol! Yes, I want you to not like me, hate me – esp. if you are a wetback (since those demon seeds operate on a satanic frequency never let em in just as is done to vampires when folks ars told “not to let em in” I don’t care how nice the wetback is)!

I believe it is something unresolved in us – like an inner desire to share the happiness and inner peace – that the predators pick up on and feel and so thus use as an achilles heel to attack us and get what they want! It is what empaths speak of as boundary pushing and entitlement. Cuss their asses out – retain YOUR inner peace – then keep it moving…..

Here is a prime example of a wetback trying to steal my inner peace here….


I cut their asses out wholly meaning all of em cause they got some tribal reptiloid hivemind thing going on where you accept one you accept all!

Now, if you come across a mofo who gets violent (I had to work on myself to overcome this), DO NOT let their energy INTO YOU and get you to be angry like they. It is a way of them turning you as dark as they are, another way of saying, “I ain’t happy so you won’t be happy.” The crabs in a barrel mentality. It is what they want. However to protect your physical space since them basturds wanna encroach on it – this is why having your own INNER darkness is important – remove things within that make you fearful esp. in case like this (again it could be the personalities I spoke of) and even do a lil ‘woke if necessary so you will spiritually get an advantage over em. DO NOT LET EM INTO YOUR INNER WORLD! Their bullies meaning they are cowards so don’t met them on THEIR energetic level on THEIR own terms.

Nothing scares a bully more than when you are INWARDLY not afraid of em and CAST AN ENERGY of not letting them control a situation.

Saw this one time when a real nice man named Mr. Mike who owns an autoshop was attacked by a demon seed verbally who came off all hard till his still, confident and fearless demeanor caught IT off guard and the shouting wolf ticket selling mofo then said in a peepish voice, “Yes sir!” like a scared kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar ?? Still remember it.

That said hopes this helps those on the journey. Peace ✌?

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