How The Demiurge Uses Archon Possessed People To Stop You From Ascending

How The Demiurge Uses Archon Possessed People To Stop You From Ascending

Many of the things I talk of here took place before this…..

Moving Closer To Defeating The Demiurge

I Defeated The Demiurge

AND after I resolved (just this past Sunday) my long time issue with a possessing entity that was in my right side as I spoke of here…..

Your PERSONality Keeps You Stuck In The Matrix

That said YOU MUST be careful who you let into your personal zone…..


You can see him here scratching himself due to his meth addiction ??

As you can see in the videos above and the one below this fucker was EXTREMELY INTENSELY pugnacious!

I recall that day getting attacked by ALOT of toxic BOI (I ain’t calling that masculine) -inity:

Inside The Low Vibratory Simple Mind of The Wetback

This dude here definitely got issues and I’ve profiled him before:

This guy who is an LAPD officer gives me serial killer vibes…..

LAPD Officer R LI PIMPS Drug Addict Women To White Dudes Then Steals Their Money And More I Saw In The Astral

Exposing Undercover LAPD Skid Row Cop R LI AKA Melvin Tisdale AKA R LI As A Sexual Predator

Projection Coming From Serial Rapist Niggers LAPD Officer Melvin Tisdale And Mark Jackson

He got issues with women (in the emails you can see he wants a woman to be “dependent” on him to feel strong which points to someone who is weak who needs to beat a woman down to feel strong)…..

That’s not my problem! My famous saying is keep your hell to yourself!

That being said, when you are trying to ascend YOU WILL GET ATTACKED by folks still heavily under the influence of entities that still got them under control and want you to get back under.

I am thankful to have vanquished the demonoc nigger bitch entity attachment I had living in me that I now know was the cause of the energy surges that would induce the alcohol urges (she tried to get back in but I blocked her, again – I’m not returning back to that hell ?). There were also others giving me ocd, adhd, making it hard for me to concentrate (hence why I could NOT for my life meditate) and now I gotta get rid of a major skeletal one that I believe is trying to lead me to this…..

ANOTHER New Vision of My Being The Antichrist

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