The Significance of Mercury Retrograde In Venus Conjunct Jupiter Means YOU MUST GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

The Significance of Mercury Retrograde In Venus Conjunct Jupiter Means YOU MUST GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER


That said folks were right all along…. I DID have a possessing entity in me all this time. I believe it is either related to or IS this demonic archon skeleton “crossroads” demon that has been haunting me for a very loong time. It’s a shapeshifter.

Now Spiritree said I had a zombified entity that was IN me and trying to possess me. I saw her yesterday when I asked my third eye to show me the “personality” causing my alcohol urges and when I removed the nigger bitch, I felt a literal energetic darkness leave my right side.

I saw an African broad with bushy afro hair and the facial stereotypical caricatures seen of blacks in cartoons from the 50s and 40s. SHE was the cause behind why I would fail and get those strong energetic drives for alcohol that I KNEW were not coming from me. It was the cause behind why I would say one thing in my lectures then turn around and contradict myself – like for instance hanging with wetbacks – when drunk and doing things that would DIRECT compromise my image, my integrity and thus undermine my message.

Though my Soul is immortal my Soul expresses itself as white with blonde hair and blue eyes. I believe it connotes to a past life in which I was white and mormon which I spoke of here:

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

When I got rid of the black bitch possessing entity I felt like myself again. With that nigger bitch in me I had a “strong black african consciousness” which I knew that I did not feel! Before I felt a strong alignment with blacks, which shouldn’t of been given the amount of trauma they heaped on me in high school. I always felt like an outlier, an outsider cause my Soul did not match up with my physical body. I felt like that again when I exorcised that possessing entity up out of me! It’s like I was able to reconnect in a fluid manner with my past and present, something I could not do before. My heart chakra, sacral chakra, crown chakra – even my third eye – healed and my heart chakra was able to open whereas I could feel it being tightened and bound before and the things I did before to release could not. Before on my right side, my feeling side, I honest felt nothing, just dead, like a sociopath I conjecture. It was also causing me to absorb other folks’ energies as well as send my curses and energy to others as explained here:

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

I have been astral projecting as of late after releasing that negative possessing entity I now know was holding me and restraining me from being able to astral project. Usually when I astral project I am back in my old childhood home like this morning in which I saw myself walking up to my parent’s bedroom then their bed board and I saw three ghoulish entities which I promptly eradicated then I entered into a different world.

I can’t believe how much that shit fucked me up and how you gotta ask specific questions to your third eye to get to the truth and release it. That possessing entity was the polar opposite of me: I am studious and like to learn and it knocked my concentration and practically had me with adhd. I couldn’t focus with it. I had no control over the right side of my body. There were times it would twitch and I felt emptiness and darkness on that side. It was also responsible for why I had the evil eye on the right. I couldn’t look at people cause thoughts that weren’t mine, that were bad, would enter into my subliminal psyche and send a wave of energy that I knew was negative to that person. Yesterday I had energy there but it was nice and peaceful and I was in control. It made me ashamed to be my TRUE ORIGINAL SOUL! I am very fairly conservative and a loner even with drinking alcohol but after it would have me drinking alcohol via those strong surges of energy I would go around and be a goof, a “good timey girl”, something way out my character and get violated and abused and just act in ways that’s truly not me but in the naked non spiritual eye that was me – and it’s not!

Possession is no joke and for the longest Spiritree said that I had a demon of destruction attached and that is EXACT what it was: an entity designed to cause me to self destruct, get into questionable situations out of my character and look crazy and unless you been thru it you have no control cause when something is in your body as your Soul is it can put all sorts of thoughts, turn me into a wimp, feelings that you know aren’t yours and it’s hard to fight that. It is similar to the cordyceps virus that afflicts and zombifies animals in the animal kingdom:

IT’S EXACTLY LIKE THAT and I met a guy who is really going thru it with the alcohol urges who basically described word for word what I endured when he said it’s like something guides you towards it and blocks all your logical reasons when you try to rationalise and convince yourself logically why this is a bad idea. I removed two entity attachments from him. He’s been to rehab and it don’t help cause it is a spiritual issue, and not a conventional one in his just as in my case. He also said something that got to me which is that: “I was so proud of you when I saw you last time” referring to me glowing as a result of avoiding the alkie-hole! He said it was a let down when I told him I gave in (wasn’t that bad cause I diverted the energy of the alcohol from the entity causing it to me via calling on my third eye to eradicate at least one of the entities feeding off it).

And still it tries to possess. When I would ‘woke folks in the past they would get possessed with the same entity possessing me! I saw the nigger bitch wearing a long “space” robe with afro hair looking over my car seat when I asked why I started feeling as if the possessing was reattaching. I promptly got rid of her (she shapeshifted into a reptilian, a big ugly sloppy thing) but when I asked to see what is allowing this negative shit to come back (when you have one bad entity on ya you get a whole lot more trying to attach and compound the problem) I saw an ugly dragon reptilian on top of a trail of tiny bodies with blood on a fridge and I use my third eye and The Source to get rid of it!

Man curses are a mofo to deal with. I also got rid of the etheric implant causing the food urges (it was attached to my mouth) by asking my third eye to show what “personality” was causing this and calling on The Source energy to eradicate it. My elocution (speech) got alot better. We think that it’s conventional causes that causes us our ills, for instance I thought it was my mind structure, value system causing me to have subconscious issues with speaking cause of that chemistry teacher telling me to “drop the English accent” sooo loooooooong ago but, alas, no! It was entity attachments all along and I knew, I subconsciously knew and now my correct inner AND outer voices are returning and so is my light as shown here after the changes were made…..

My Aura Was Shining WHITE All Throughout This Video

I am happy to get rid of it but sad it took so long (it’s frustrating).

I gotta figure out how to keep that possessing entity out and kill it permanently! When I’d ‘woke people it was that possessing entity that would attach to others and cause them crazy addictions they did not know the cause of. I’m happy to be out of sex work cause no way I woulda been able to get rid of this shit by remaining attached to them with their toxic, addictive behaviours. I also wanna get rid of that skeletal shapeshifting crossroads demon entity once and for all cause I strongly feel it IS the cause for alot of this bad shit gravitating towards me!

Oh yeah, that SHIT ??? WAS NOT my shadow self! You can reintegrate your shadow self. I knew it was a foreign element cause it would try to take OVER and not integrate (my Soul is way too strong for that ??)! That’s how I know that shit wasn’t me. That shit was a possessing spirit!

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