Are Skateboarders and Demonic Activity Related

I SWEAR this was the hardest video to upload…

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What I’m about to say reminds me of the film, “Dogma,” with those badass DEMONIC skateboarding kids:



First time I filmed it, THE INTERNET WAS ACTING STRANGE though it was working fine and perfectly before I uploaded the vid. Then, MY CAR STARTED FUCKING UP, AGAIN! I went to try to open the mass air flow system. I cleaned it as I have done before. When I went to start the engine, I heard a loud “BOOM” sound (I heard “something” tinkering with it beforehand) and noticed it would start then die at idle and the “death” was getting more frequent. I OPENED IT AGAIN – NO CHANGE – then after deleting the other rendition of this video, THE CAR STARTED WORKING FINE, PERFECTLY!

THEN, while filming the second (this rendition) of the video, fucking pop up came out of NOWHERE, like something wanted to obstruct me from uploading it.

Then, the next day, when trying to edit (unite the two divided videos) the video, my big laptop computer kept freezing up and then when I finally was trying to upload, THE TEXT WAS GETTING DELETED AS I WAS TRYING TO TYPE THE TITLE LUKE SOME INVISIBLE HAND WAS ON UT THO. MY HAND WAS ON IT THE ENTIRE TIME!!! THIS IS SOME REEAL SPIRITUAL SHIT I’M DEALING WITH.

THEN when I tried to transfer it to my second hard drive it IT DID NOT TRANSFER ALLTHE WAY!!!

I had to download it from Google/Youtube and even then it did not download correctly (after 18:08) it was fucking up and so even then this weird company that claims to be affiliated with Google/Youtube named Watan Network filed a CRAZY FALSE DMCA claiming I used their copyrighted music – NONE OF WHICH IS ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOT TRUE!!! I expose their asses here:

Anyways, “something” did NOT want me manifesting this vid to the public cause of all the UNUSUAL obstacles I faced uploading it. Here is what I wanna talk about: I noticed stemming from my spiritual experiences in my old apartment that demons will take the forn of skateboarders. Why they do it? I don’t know! I do recall hearing a demonic skateboarder (this was around 3am at night and ain’t noone gonna be skateboarding across the apartment building crosswalk which is very narrow and right by the apartments that late at fucking night) during the hypnagognic state one time (well, many) and this one time LOUDLY banging on the wall with his skateboard and despite NUMEROUS PICTURES ON THE WALL THE ONLY ONE TO FALL WAS THE ONE THAT I PAINTED OVER AN IMAGE OF THE DEVIL OVER, THE ONLY ONE!!!

Also, not so long after my second vision of being requested by Satan to be The Antichrist. which you can watch and read about here:

Satan Trying To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist You All

…At two 99 cent stores (Note the significance of “99” in numerology here: – as a matter of fact when I just looked at the # of tabs I have open I had “9”) I saw two young men: one with a LaVeyan Sigil tattoo of Satan (I noted he gave off the same vibe I did when I was a Satanist meaning no one wanted to be around him) AND a young skateboarder with a SIGIL OF LUCIFER on the back of his shirt, which is what got me writing this article and before doing the video (I recall after I complimented him on his shirt, I heard him say, “that nigger,” I SWEAR!). If that was not a blatant reaching out on Satan’s part, I don’t know what is…

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