Please Beware of False Copyright Claims Made By Watan Music Group To Steal Your Content

Please Beware of False Copyright Claims Made By Watan Music Group To Steal Your Content

These mofos are a “network” so I think they doing that shit to force powerful youtubers to work with them!

This is some weird ass shit…

I did a video on it:


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I even vlogged about it…

There’s been alot of discrepancies arising up ever since I posted this video in which you can read the article here:

Anyways, the latest in “attacks” – both psychic and spiritual – was this bizarre claim made by this company I have NEVER heard of in my life called “Watan Music Group.” Here is the email below:

These people made a bizarre claim that – starting from between 24:09 to 24:48, I guess they claimed I played some “Al Jazeera” Arabic music or something which is DEFINITELY not the case which you can HEAR ABOVE!!

Now, here’s the thing: the said “skateboarders and demons” vid was posted on my ravnmasterson777 channel in which the full vid was posted there (I had problems posting it there meaning this shit contains intense knowledge they don’t want you to know about). As a result of “technical glitches” that wouldn’t allow me to upload it to my hard drive, I had to in turn download it off of google, which kept coming back “incomplete” which is RARE to happen! That said, when it downloaded, it came out incomplete and only lasted up until 18:08 (with the sound fucking off after) even though when you go on the full vid and lists as the timeframe the complete 25 something minutes, of which both discrepancies you can see below:

Note how in the video manager the vid shows: “18:08 mins.”


So when I uploaded it to my “raven’s celebrity tarot” channel, it stopped after 18:08, SO HOW THE FUCK THOSE MOFOS GONNA MAKE A CLAIM UNLESS IT’S PURE FUCKING STATIC OR BROKEN SOUND THEY OWN???

THIS is crazy!

– Note too how they state that someone had to have MANUALLY looked at that video to make that determination which you can read down below! That said, as you can see here, when I filed a request to DISPUTE THAT CLAIM, next thing you know and in violation of DMCA policy which you can read about here:

Then youtube told me that they have until Aug. 8, 2017 to respond (usually it is 48 hours so I don’t get it):

They claim on their site to have “ties” to Google:

When I did research on these people, I found out that they are a media company whose headquarters is located in Afghanistan and bankrolled by some rich Arabs, leading me to think some spiritual/FBI/C.I.A. illuminati shit is going on:

This shit seems spiritual. As to why they picked THAT VIDEO I frankly feel that forces, the djinn as they are known in Islam, that are controlling them don’t want people to see the information that I had to deliver in the “skateboarders and demons” video so this is honestly more spiritual than anything else!!!! It ain’t like I’m making beaucoup money off that vid or got a lot of subscribers so it’s something else influencing them to do this. I even had a lady who attacked me this morning whom I feel was demonically inclined to do so! Whatever it is, it won’t keep me from speaking my truths!!!

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