The Illuminati DOES NOT Worship Lucifer Satan They Worship Moloch

I need you IDIOTS who buy into that shit to look here at some of the wikileaks emails associated with some of your big POLITRICKIANS involved in the child sacrifice/ child rape “#pizzagate” ATROCITY:

HERE IS ONE MENTION OF SACRIFICING A CHILD TO MOLOCH (“chicken” as used here is euphemism for CHILD as is used amongst pedophiles which you can read HERE:

Here is one by John Podesta in which he discusses “demolishing” his grandchildren upon returning from a trip, which the illuminati uses to basically destroy the will of their kin through Monarch mind control torture: so they can mold them for future roles where THEY wanna place them: and “playing dominoes on cheese pizza or pasta (As a former sex worker, I know “dominoes” MEANS BDSM, and for the sake of these people’s world, in pizzagate “pedo”philia parlance, cheese pizza = little girl since there’s nothing on her genitalia and pasta = size of lil boys’ penises):

And here is another one making reference to a “pizza party” in which Maya Harris, sister of Attorney General, Kamala Harris, wanted to attend. Pizza here equates to kids in these people’s world and you can read more on their codewords here:

You can read more on MK Ultra monarch programming here:

Now, let’s look at THE DEPICTION and RITUALS surrounding Moloch:

Moloch is in charge of child sacrifices as you can read up there. He is also depicted as a bull with horns (sorta kinda how “Satan” LUCIFER is depicted as even though he is an ANGEL – albeit “fallen” – who would NOT LOOK LIKE THAT):

Here is a more accurate depiction of Lucifer based on what I saw in the dreamscape:

Naw… he cutee, but that ain’t him…

More like this:

Does this sound like Satan/Shaytaan (which really means just “adversary” which the fallen ANGEL – he’s not a demon – LUCIFER demonstrated and Iblis who is practically the Islamic equivalent of Lucifer – demonstrated as well) OR LUCIFER/IBLIS TO YOU…

I explain it so eloquently in this vid HERE:

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Now let me tell you the etymology of the words, Satan, Shaytaan (practically means the same thing as “Satan”) and Lucifer and Iblis and you can practically make up your minds if it is IBLIS/LUCIFER/SATAN/SHAYTAAN whom The Illuminati are worshipping:

Here is the etymology for the word, “Satan”:

Here is the definition:

Now, let’s look at Shaytaan:

Basically, Satan in a nutshell means “adversary” and practically according to Christian-Islamic tradition anyone – mainly devils – who go against God and what God demands, which is practically what Iblis, who like Lucifer used to worship “God” (The Demiurge:, did as well as Lucifer who, just as Iblis was known for being the top worshipper amongst djinns, was known as “God’s favorite angel” until he fell from “God’s” aka The Demiurge’s favor for not bowing down to Adam – “God’s” new creation – just as Iblis refused to do the same kinda like a jealous brother whose jealous of the new infant in the house (note god did not kill them).

Now, let’s look at the Story of Lucifer and how it parallels to Iblis – the islamic semi-equivalent: See, Iblis was the top and most favored worshipper of Allah (who is himself a djinn as explained here: and he fell from grace when – much like Lucifer – he refused to bow down to humankind – “god’s” new creation. That said, this “god” vindictively cast not just poor Iblis – but all the djinn who were formed from a smokeless fire – out of this realm and into another realm known as Kaf:

where they continue to reside now, which is very similar to how poor Lucifer:

was cast out, unrighteously, cause “god’s” (god=dog=Anubis backwards: a dick with major anger-control issues. That said, do these two sound necessarily like the “gods” you sacrifice kids too, nevermind that your christian DEMIURGE God is known for that:

Exodus 22:29-30:

“You shall not delay to offer from the fullness of your harvest and from the outflow of your presses. The first-born of your sons you shall give to me. 30 You shall do likewise with your oxen and with your sheep: seven days it shall be with its dam; on the eighth day you shall give it to me.”

Naw… I think not, except the “god” THE DEMIURGE who christians worship!

HYPOchristians, in their ignorance, have a tendency to CONFLATE everything not in their infinitesimal, tunnel-minded vision of their mind control designed “religion” with demobs and evil, nevermind everytime they say, “Amun,” THIS is who they are bowing down to:

    NOTE he has a ram’s head much as Satan/Baphomet is depicted as having…

As a matter of fact, much of their idea of Satan /Lucifer – the depiction of him with horn and dark/red skin (which is probably based on racist motifs) was created in the 1500’s as broken down HERE:
href=”” target=”_blank”>

And this one here explains he was depicted for centuries AS BLUE WITH NO HORNS:

Which makes me think “the fallen angels” ESP. LUCIFER are really the Gods you see in ancient Hinduism:

Note Lord Vishnu, the God of all Gods in their pantheon, is blue along with a number of others:

Lord Krishna, whom the “Christ” in Jesus CHRIST comes from:


As well as the predecessors of The Fugates of rural Kentucky, a fanily who blue skin runs in:

Moloch was one of the images whom the modern day design of the devil with pitchforks and horns was taken. That said, given what I elaborated here, do you still seriously think given the knowledge I bestowed upon you here that Moloch is the same as Lucifer:

Bitch, please! Only a stupid dumb hypochristian would say that!

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