Gangstalkers Who Use Witchcraft To Attack You

Gangstalkers Who Use Witchcraft To Attack You

A long time ago a Cuban spiritualist out here warned me about people pulling up close to your vehicle, being in the vicinity of where you park and putting spells on you……

Here she is the 1st night…..

Here she is the 2nd….

I noticed that when she started parking here wetbacks – who are often times used by evil spirits due to their serpent bloodline to act out curses, making them rather symptoms then the causes of the problem – started fucking with me again as can be seen here…..

This Is Why I HATE Wetbacks

That said, after seeing her, them, there, when I got back in my van I saw a red whitish square hovering over directly where I lay my head, my pillow, where my crown chakra is.

I asked my third eye to show me what’s going on and I saw a giant sacrificial head hovering over some type of astral truck bed that contained cars with folks who I could only surmise were being tormented by entities themselves and being sent to attack by bringing their cursed energy into an area designed to weigh your energy heavier with negativity as a result.

I won’t lie I am at war with a particular entity whom I could hear in the ether saying, “I hate her and I want to destroy her” and “I am going to follow her to make her as miserable as me” (see how malicious this shit is).

As a matter of fact, I had a horrible, horrible nightmare where I got sexually assaulted by a wetback construction worker – he poked his penis out and deliberately “stabbed” me with it – and all of a sudden in the process of catching him and beating him down (which I was successful), I lost my phone and thus could not call the police, Folks were trying to help him, surrounding me to pull him out, defending him. When I got my phone and keys back my phone was all fucked up; it was mere bones. My mother didn’t believe me, laughed at me for what I endured as well as some sleazeball attorney types at a law firm and then while in bed, I was lying down in my childhood bed, I felt a presence next to me, but it was invisible. I was feeling so rejected, so alone and I was willing to invite this evil ass entity – that caused all of that – in to help me. It then tried to attach to my neck as this thing tried to, too (entities attach to the back of your neck cause that is where your Soul leaves when you die so they can devour it):

I Finally Rescued My Brother From The Demon Reptilian Holding Him Hostage

I think it’s this fucker here:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

When I awoke, I saw here there, still. I knew what was up so I ran her off and then, when I dreamed, it was more positive.

The Cuban lady a while back was saying how folks who gangstalk (not saying you can’t be homeless with a nice new vehicle but – why park so close to me?) will post up right next to where you post and then do witchcraft and I have seen this enacted countless times…..

You can tell by that smug look she knew what the fuck she was doing…..

This gangstalker here admitted to it and I ‘woked her ass then she got the fuck out lol πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„

That said one time I saw a gangstalker in a white suv across the street then I looked up and saw black pole lines that are diagonal that were in front of me, not that far from my van. I eradicated them, let that bitch know I knew she was doing witchcraft and ran her up the street.

From personal even if a person isn’t deliberately doing anything like I surmise the 1st broad above, the energy of folks can taint an area esp. if they are knee deep in addictions and steeped in severe, severe curses. When I saw into higher dimensions and higher frequencies literally saw landscapes looking like this…..

This is the beginning of “reality” as we know it, how it is created. Therefore folks can map their energies upon an area, hence the phrase when you think about it, “Creating an impression” and that is just what them fuckers do, wanna do.

I come off as territorial (really that is the gangstalkers trying to run me out who are that way) but there is a method to my madness: I came away from the pch to get away from addictions, bad energies, temptations to come here to heal.

I don’t want the low vibratory mofos with the perverse energy like here:

And this fucker here (I think last time he mighta did some shit – touched me – last time I went into that drunkard state due to urges induced by this entity here which I finally removed):

Stalked And Sexually Harassed By A Methhead AAA Tow Truck Driver

– AAA that very weekend followed up with a complaint I made on him.

…..tainting the energy of the area, inhibiting my healing and entity attachment removing process.

The forest is honestly a very magickal place with all sorts of herbal remedies for ailments:

I don’t like the idea of it being tainted it, polluted with low vibratory people’s bullshit. It’s been clean ever since I been here. Due to being here, I have been able to dislodge alot of things and do alot of healing and only my throat chakra remains (there is a severe block here that I KNOW is keeping me from fully freeing and accessing my crown chakra).

That said I will also say that is why it is important not to open yourself to everybody. Before I became healed I used to get energy vampires galore grappling, demanding to have access to me somehow and now my energy alone shuts it down. It’s become alot more stalwart due to healing which plugged in, completely got rid of, the holes that were leaking.

Things have improved, my relations with people has improved. Shit people did in the past that would bother me don’t bother me any more because I’ve done healed.

I noticed that – compared to the last time I came over here to heal – the gangstalking has dropped dramatically due to healing.

That is what I was telling the young Cuban lady way back when: heal to keep the energy predators off of you. You are getting people who don’t love you cause you do not love yourself innwardly, on a spiritual, etheric and astral level. I begun to learn this the hard way, had to be honest with myself, and covered holes that were due to past lives, current life traumas.

I keep saying healing is key πŸ”‘ to getting rid of entity attachments and gangstalkers off your ass.

Peace ✌🏻

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