Stalked And Sexually Harassed By A Methhead AAA Tow Truck Driver

Stalked And Sexually Harassed By A Methhead AAA Tow Truck Driver

This is the third time this guy has stalked me…..

The first time was here…..

Second time I was with a friend and while chilling he rolls up but then I run him off……

Just now he pulls up and – feeling threatened – I run him off but NOTE how volatile he was – it was because HE KNEW he had ominous intentions and didn’t like being exposed….. I saw thru my third eye that he is a flasher who likes to expose himself who also does meth…..

You can see he a methhead…..

License plate number is 49535K2.

That said….. let me make something clear: I know alot of RACIST and misogynistic motherfuckers think that because I am a nudist and have black skin and am female that that gives them carte blanche, permission to dehumanize me by hypersexualising me. I heard a cop while in jail call me a hoe. These are the disrespectful attitudes that I am confronting and am confronted up against on a daily basis when I am just trying to live my life on my own terms, as I should!

There is a reason why I have my ankle monitor on and it is because of the racist, misogynistic stereotypical projections that get forced upon me, my life, my just being because racist mofos can’t get past their own tendency of putting me into a box where I am dehumanised down to a sexual object all because I am black and just being me!

Which I have every right to be! You do not have the right to disrespect me! I’ve done nothing wrong. Nothing against your will. If you have a problem with who I am maybe you need to take a look in the mirror and honestly ask what is it about you that you are suppressing that is causing you to have a problem with me.

As for the sexual predators who mistake my being me as permission for you to take me as – and treat me as – a freakshow let me say that alot of you mofos are sexual predators that got mama issues, issues with the women in your life. Don’t take your shit out on me! Don’t come around here thinking that you can have your way with me and place upon my being, my body, a projection of your desires and vices. I’m gonna correct you straight:

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

I defend myself for a reason. I carry myself aggressively the way I do cause I have to for a reason. Many of you predator motherfuckers seem to want me to be vulnerable and accepting and even inviting of your disrespect and ill intentions towards me so that I will be prey for you. Ya’ll flock esp. when I get drunk. You call the police whenbI won’t stand down and be your prey. You got me fucked up if you think I will let you, allow you to disrespect me, dehumanise me by objectifying me and treating me as a piece of meat, and letting my body and being act as a projection of your own nasty perverted wills and thoughts all because I am being me! You got me fucked up and Imma embarass the shit out you and even worse cause I am here to protect me.

The number for AAA customer service is
800-400-4222. Mofo like this should not be on the streets much less driving a tow truck and interacting with people as per business if he is gonna act like this.

BTW here is a PERFECT example of gangstalking right after I ran him off….. Imma talk about this regarding another incident. This is gangstalking with a bent towards racist, sexualised violence with a racist agenda behind it….. to run me out but it don’t work as can be seen here where I got them running 🏃🏽

I saw thru my third eye that he was planning to come over here to jerk off. You ain’t doing that around me. You aren’t disrespecting my area – and me – by polluting it with your racist, misogynistic perverted energy. That’s why I run them off. It is called self protection. It’s just some power thing, a conflict of wills that got them coming over here, feeling like they got to dominate me sexually because – as per the white supremacist patriarchy – they feel that because I go shirtless and sometimes naked, that it gives them the “right” to sexualise me and what I do, and thereby disrespect me.

That is the definition of misogyny. And that’s what I’m here to combat ✏🩸🗡

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