Perfect Example of Rich Assholes Using Mentally Ill Gangstalkers To Gangstalk You

Perfect Example of Rich Assholes Using Mentally Ill Gangstalkers To Gangstalk You

When I heard the click – 2 clicks – of a camera right behind me, I knew homegirl had to go…..

I KNEW what the fuck she was but I played alone to see how far it would go…..

It started the night before when she crept up Topanga, rounded by my van only to go alll the way down there where the 2nd light pole is, right where that truck is incoming πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

When I first spoke with this lady, I could tell she was, I don’t wanna say off cause as you more than likely know from my blog I don’t fuck with that psychiatric, western bullshit.

Her energy body is leaking, which is an apt way to put it. She talked of how, just as I, energy vampires gravitated towards her, harassed her, gangstalked her – the whole nine yards.

That said, the inkling that she was not what she tried to project – because she has a Soul she was really good at it – was that while talking to her at one point I felt a “pinch” in my sacral chakra area. As one spiritualist – who rendered me the mugworts I got – said to me and as I already knew from experience, “They attack the sacral chakra to zap for energy.”

Aside from the weird triangulation of gangstalkers going on around her, I noted that, while we were talking, she kept asking me if I threw a rock at some folks I got into it with. But the way she was interrogating was like she was trying to get info. She said herself she worked as a courrier service for the fed government. That was my BIGGEST inkling something wasn’t right here with her.

She then asked me again when I went to take vid of an old nasty ass lecherous wetback I ran up the street awhile back wearing my border patrol Tee.

The major, incontrovertible sign came with these two major obvious signs: Now, gangstalkers, to alert other gangstalkers, will turn their blinker lights on and off. She did this – while parked – during the day and then at night. She also honked her horn – WHILE PARKED – too during the day which I sensed was odd and consistent with gangstalkers’ actions. It’s one way they triangulate. You can learn more about triangulation here:

But, when I saw that camera and heard the clicks in the middle of the night – it was posted on front driver’s side vanity mirror…. I knew.

That’s when I was like, sis you doing too much. You gotta go!

Crazy thing is, next morning, I SWEAR (you may be able to see it) I saw a spirit, possibly the fruit lady saying, “GTFO”:

Not only that, let me add. When she parked across the street, I started hearing what sounded like cellphone, electronic equipment pulsing. I long knew that they had been bugging my vehicles cause I would hear the same shit with my other vehicles.

It’s called electronic harassment:

Explains why I hear what I can tell are not spirit, etheric voices but negative shit coming from the corporeal 3D, talking shit about me. A perfect example is captured here:

You can clearly hear a hispanic man’s voice say, “Get out of here”, twice, even after the other car passes meaning it is not something coming from someone’s thoughts. Could be. Through my third eye I see a giant sacrificial head and an army of spirits, with one dispatched to say that and negatively, spiritually influence the area.

– I will do a blog in the future about how spirits can and will use their energetic influence (since they are pure energy while our Souls/ spirits are bound to a physical body) to influence people to come against you.

This is what I been talking about about the spiritual root of gangstalking…..

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking


I believe it explains in part why my shit inexplicably gets fucked up.

I recall seeing an black SUV acting odd and then, next thing I knew, my cellphone screen changed to a screen showing a new operating system being downloaded into my phone and I knew right then and there them assholes were hacking into my shit.

They probably did it during the times I was in jail.

That said, I know what these dumb motherfuckers, rich motherfuckers in Malibu be thinking. See, they think, because I am “black”, really Indigenious American and transracial and have, at certain times as a defence mechanism, proselytized pro black rhetoric in addition to my spiritual teachings on organic portals and hatred of em, they decided to send a Soulled black person to come my way. Problem is #1 She works with you all and #2 She is a terribly, severly wounded and Soulled people with severe holes in their aura can only bring you down.

The day when I talked to her and the night she posted behind me I felt a sharp pain in my sacral chakra and I fely drained.

I saw thru my third eye that she herself is entrapped by a giant sacrificial head who is using her to zap energy from other Soulled people.

Alright, a friend of mines who I met in sex work once said to me: two wounded people should not be together and the man was absolutely right.

The day before she came around I made monumental healing that, innwardly, had me at a place where I didn’t give a fuck about gangstalkers anymore. It was liberating.

Being around her – cause I am not fully healed – had me feeling to oversensitive urgency to be overly vigilant, and thus energetically get zapped up by em everytime they turn a corner and look at me.

As one lady said, that is really what they are after: energy.

Her leaking energy field seeped into mine and for a minute caused problems. She also has a gambling habit so you know she got holes in that energy field and more than likely entity attachments galore.

As I said in the previous blog, this causes problems for those trying to heal cause if you have another Soulled person around you who is leaking in their energy field that shit is gonna seep into your energy field and affect it as well.

That is why I was right not to want her near me!

They, the rich mofos controlling them, send em in part to block you from fully healing so that your energy field can remain open for them to feed on.

Here is another example of some other Soulled folks with issues that can seep on you:

See, I can hear what people are thinking in the ether. I heard with the black lady that she was sent to be a gangstalker to attach herself to me and get info. These two guys above were sent to beat me up but turned out to be okay people. I let them – granted – park next to me and tho there energy is not as strong – and as tainted – as hers they have issues I won’t go into detail on.

One, the other night – who I had been intimate with – even opened the door to in a way push me into the street as I was doing a lecture:

The reason why I know for a fact they in on it because – for some time I had been seeing a sheriff’s deputy coming from up Topanga, creeping, late at night. I HEARD when I awoke with the two guys behind me the sheriff saying something about “tupperware” then he drove off. I later on asked the dude what was going on and he said the sheriff asked him if he fucked me.

Weird thing is – maybe I missed it – but I been seeing a light up there in Sunset Mesa similar to the orb I would see when parked on the pch….

That said, to the gangstalkers’ credit, this is a smart move on their part by sending folks on my level – folks with Souls – to get close to me but the flaw is, unlike their organic portal asses, I got the higher chakras – crown chakra, third eye – so I know what the fuck is going on cause I can see into the spirit realm to see what is really going on…..

– I mean they are all practically the same model car so who tf they fooling?

That said, here another one they sent to get real close:

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

The poor lady who is with him confirmed by saying one day that someone sent them to “check up on me” after a gangstalking incident.

C’mon, you can’t be any more obvious.

I been known this and a Jewish lady called em out, too. And in typical dumb gangstalker fashion he gaslighted her as he tried to do to me.

They hire people like this dude – an nasty perverted misogynistic alcoholic who used to beat up on homeless people in NYC for “fun” (karma a bitch hence why a homeless person burned his last vehicle down who he been talking about getting a gun so he can kill him).

This motherfucker – I know from I’m diverting from the main subject here but let me get this off my chest – is a misogynistic mofo who does not respect women as I have talked about in other posts here:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

He has a tendency to talk bad on women who have sex and either like to do it or do it as a job, calling us derogatorily “whores”, but then want women to act as porn stars.

He takes advantage of that poor lady who lives with him, at one point raping her (this what she told me and I believe it) anally, vaginally and beats her because he thought she cheated on him with a guy he jealous of. She has a SEVERE drinking problem, drinking vodka EVERY SECOND – not eating – and he mocks her for it. It’s sad. He also predates sexually on other women who live on the street streets. He boasts about it, saying he uses them for sex then throws em out when he don’t want em.

He threatened to do that to the poor lady who currently resides with him in his minivan if she cheats on him, but he cheats her.

He is a nasty bastard. In the past – in the deepest throes of my alcohol addiction I would kickback beers with him and he would take advantage them, once smaking my rear, putting his finger in my vaginal hole as I was getting out one time when I was posted on the pch.

Recently – I don’t put it past him cause I noted something like this happened before – I awoke with my blankets alll the way down to my hips, meaning someone opened my van in the middle of the night and molested me. I heard in the ether him saying, “Yeah, I did it! I touched her pussy.” I went and confronted and this was the end result:

That said, they hire addicts, people with “mental health” – really, spiritual – issues and in some cases folks with criminal records – even pedos – to follow you if you are targeted by them.

Like ole girl, the rapist mofo I covered here had a disabled placard in his window:

– You can see it hanging on the rearview mirror.

I can’t get over him using actual bandages to prop up the front bumper πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

That said, these are the type of folks – as I heard thru the ether – who will call you “crazy.”

THEY do not have their shit together. THEY got alcohol/SPIRITUAL issues which they are either oblivious to, complacent with or just in denial about. Like the alcoholic “couple” – I heard the lady call me “crazy” then gaslight me and say she didn’t – who returns to a guy who beats the fuck outta her and rapes her, nightly, like the rapist mofo who called me crazy and said he wasn’t stalking me then goes crazy when I say his black ass ain’t even my type (I am attracted to Soulled white men), all these idiots call me “crazy” cause they can’t figure me out – and thus can’t get to me the way they want to.

I am at a place where I need to be alone. I don’t want to be around wounded Soulled people cause I know I’ll take on their wounded energy nor do I wanna be around masters cause, tho I am headed in that direction, I don’t wanna taint then with my still leaking chakras.

There is still alot of work to do. I know you all are just gonna resign yourselves to sending your usual gangstalkers like this methed out, stringy haired grey skinned mottled white bitch here……

Oh this a nastay looking ass thing here…..

….Aaaand the license plate number is CA license plate number 5LZS978…..

And this black ass nigger right here who showed up RIGHT AFTER I approached that methhead who I can tell is not from Mississippi (I am from the South and he had NO hint of a Southern accent = gangstalker)…….

Mississippi license plate number LAF 4675.

I swear these lil cats are my friends at this point πŸ™‡πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸˆπŸˆβ€β¬›

– Fucking assholes. Triangulating to tout, “Oh, Raven van broke down. ha ha.” Gtfo you weirdos. They the real fucking weirdos.

These mofos are stupid cause I be seeing the same mofos park over there, sometimes make them u turns….. over and over…… then play act like they did nothing when it’s overbearingly obvious…..

This here a pervert:

Go stalk his pushed in face ass with Colorado plates SPI-871.

And I HATE this nigger here. He was part of that rapist bear mace procession. I don’t like the way IT is looking at me:

HIS license plate CA license plate number 8EWN108.

If you look close, someone cracked his windshield. Wonder why?

Stalking being done by homeless against other homeless to run em out is a thing out here. I used to watch gangstalking videos and think, “TF these people talking about.”

Being out here made me open my eyes…..

One guy was telling me when he first came out here a dude in a white pickup told him to “gtfo”. Later a white dodge caravan that has a bitch driving it – parked right behind him – and, when he left, it followed. He drove into the gas station and she followed him in there. I’ve had that bitch gangstalk me too so I know the vehicle.

Talking on that white truck, a dude I know from East LA who had a tent out here said a white truck filled with crakkkas tried to run him over. I recognised that same truck as the same one that parked behind me – then took off – after the bear mace rapist attack.

Gangstalking is a very real thing.

That said, the target Soulled homeless folks for either recruitment, or destruction.

That said, due to my spiritual abilities……

Asshole In Blue SUV Who Tried To Run Over Me Gets His SUV Fucked Up

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

I used to be a satanist, I come from a powerful reptilian bloodline. They don’t know what to do πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Instead of just being content with their lives – they ain’t – they gotta go fuck up yours.

That’s why I like fighting fire with fire with their asses πŸ”₯πŸ¦–πŸ‰

That’s why they can’t run me out cause I get down on their level – hell, I control em – and throw even worse shit their way.

They are used to dealing with ole peace and love and light, flighty in the air type hippy motherfuckers and not somebody like me who can be dark – and evil – too.

That said, to Soulled people in this predicament, best advice I can give is: heal.

Truth be told, many of us are out here cause of some type of unresolved trauma. Best advice I can give to Soulled people on the same path as me is do not let everyone in. Develop, really, strenghten your aura field so these people can’t even penetrate you.

That day, when my auric walls were strong after resolving a lil unresolved trauma, I felt strong and powerful. I saw mofos passing by, making faces, taking pics, but it didn’t bother me. Because I had healed the day before, my energy field was not leaking thus that did not attract them hence why they weren’t parking or doing those crazy u turns as they do.

As the lady who put me onto mugworts said, “They like to steal energy from the sacral chakra.”

When you have unresolved trauma – I believe this is what empaths face – you have energy “feelers” that leave your body and attach to anyone and anybody out their, hence why “empaths” develop deep emotional connections with folks they don’t know and don’t care about them.

That is dangerous and damaging to do.

You wanna be intuitive not an empath as discussed here:

How To Become A Psychopathic Empath

I personally think psychopaths are empaths who had to close their heart chakras cause they would get hurt too much.

Don’t let everybody in. When someone speaks the tiniest negativity aimed at undermining you like these gangstalkers did that does not encapsulate your best interest and you intuitively know this, dump em! Cut em off. Don’t tolerate their presence. Developing this takes evolving an innerstanding and innerstanding comes with healing.

These gangstalkers are predictable and they do use technologies that combine with spiritual energies that allows them to tap into what you are thinking and doing even when they can’t physically see or hear it.

For instance these fools pulled this RIGHT as I was writing about the bear mace rapist thing up above:

That said, while in healing = hermit mode, best thing to do is stay away from folks as your mode and even personality will be chaotic as you go through the steps of healing. Wish these gangstalkers respected that.

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