I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

Here is his car along with his license plate number california license plate number 8GVZ922…..

– It is a Dodge Challenger with heavily tinted windows and has two red stripes on the right (passenger) side on the spoiler in back.

I talk about it here…..

….But in case the video don’t work let me break it down here…..

Just before this guy – who looks like the lead singer a lil from that 90s band “Sugar Ray” Mark McGrath but with dark page boy hair, he was wearing a white “wifebeater” and blue jeans…. he had a typical white boy valley look about him…..

…..I think was messing with this lady who lives in this winnebago here who I had gotten into it with a while ago…..

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because I heard her dog – she was parked around that roundabout in that lil corner not that far from me on Topanga Canyon Blvd – barking and he only does that if someone is around and is threatening her.

I BELIEVE – if I recall her correctly -shouting “Leave me alone.”

RIGHT AFTER THAT I heard this dude SPEED from over there and park RIGHT BEHIND ME!

I then put on my coat and notice him coming to my sliding doors. When I open it he sprays me with bear mace and attempts to rape me by grabbing at me.

I fight him off and he runs back to his car then speeds off and according to one eyewitness swerves around in an erratic manner as if not being able to control his car before regaining control.

He then drives towards the pch and I believe at one point he comes back and drives back up towards Topanga Canyon with an entourage that seemed happy with what he did – some neighborhood group – with one of the vehicles being a silver jeep.

Taking everything into account and based on what I saw with my third eye – seems like he attacked that girl based on what I had seen – he targets unconventionally housed women living alone to rape.

While I was being treated for the bear spray at UCLA I overhear that not even a week before a homeless person was attacked similarly with bear spray as well.

This is a very sick mofo who needs to be brought to justice.

If anyone has info on him please contact Lost Hills Sheriffs at 310-456-6652

I HATE the fact that he targeted me cause he think I am homeless (my van is my home) and is out here quite possibly serially raping other so called homeless women too who he has chosen to dehumanize (he had an energy of pure evil. I HATE what he did and I hope somebody kills him…..

And look a demon seed who calls me nigger talking about he wanna beat my ass had to come around and test me (I know it intuitively)…..

Here THEIR license plate number…..

It TIS California license plate number 7TXW978

– Damn bear looking azz beaner bag bear looking wetback BITCH!

They love war-shipping their whyte massas and treating blacks as shit as I said here…..

The Psychology and Training of White People and Their Lapdogs The Wetbacks

– That’s why you gotta keep an antagonistic distance as a black person with either one….

Here are some of the people who followed right behind him in a procession to celebrate what he did to me…..

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