Why You Can’t Keep Company With Everybody

Why You Can Not Be Around Folks Who Are Spiritually Not Like You

As a spiritual sign my lil cats – one female and the other male – been fighting alll day….

In our organic portal world, the rule of the day I grew up with (unfortunately) is to connect with folks who may not be on the same level as you simply cause they can help you out in certain situations….. They call it “swallowing your pride”…..

That is wrong.

That is the way of the organic portal. Organic portals are Soulless and have no feelings or real innate thoughts based on the depth of feelings, emotions and intuition as us Soulled people have so thus they can act as “chameleons” in this world built for them.

Not us.

Not us Soulled people. This is not the path for us. It is not the way!

That said, as I am learning and expressed in that video above we need to be careful who we let into our energy zone even as acquainteances because unlike organic portals we have literal energy fields that are at risk of being infected if we let the wrong people who do not have our highest spiritual interest at heart, in, analogous to opening up the door to vampires……

That is why people look down on sex work.

It is a form of sexual energy vampirism where you have these lustful, lecherous ass “men” who see womben as objects and want to treat them as such. This is manifested in how they call it “paying for a fantasy” when defending that “industry”, really deathstyle when in fact that operative word serves as proof that that is all they see women as: sex toys, literal objects.

As I have talked about in this blog before I was literally for years chained to a low vibrational karmic financial contract where the entity that had me chained to it had it set to where I would be forced to feed it my misery in addition to my sacral (sexual) chakra energy by feeding two designated people who were possessed by this spirit to help me when I would be in financial binds that it would orchestrate.

This would put me in situations where I would not only get compromised energetically, where, as with disassociative personality disorder, I would practically have to separate myself from MY TRUTH, THE TRUTH OF WHO I AM to cater to these energetic bums – one of whom was an organic portal – where I would have to practically live a life, a double life that contradicted my teachings (causing effectively a schism in my Soul) so that I can tolerate these low vibrational energetic, misogynistic perverts – one of whom after a crakkka shot me here said it was my fault for going shirtless, total fucking rape victim blame (and he raped me one night but I punched his ass later on) and the other who reminds me of them weirdos who get off on – and get power from – exposing themselves to women in public, talking to me in a voice reminiscient of how you talk to babies, cooing, “I know you like me wagging my dick and cumming to your pictures…. total sick mofos. That isn’t a fantasy, that is a manifestation, an insight into their misogynistically warped attitudes towards womben and girls, issues lying with them!

I cut them off! Finally! And ultimately, hopefully, for the last time.

It’s gonna be a lil hard for me financially so I encourage folks to buy my readings and jewelry here:


– I made some very beautiful silver chains with lapis lazuli and crystal quartz……

….I can’t go back to that.

It’s like a woman going out in public, preaching how to be a strong woman yet she goes home and gets her ass beat every night by her husband.

I sense that these dudes in a way, the Soulled but not spiritually cognizant one who I said got the energy of a flasher, a manipulator, a dominator got off on that…..

The dynamic of a power struggle where he could take and demean a struggling woman who he know is strong willed and reduce her down to the level of nothing more than a living sex toy, talking object, to exalt his ego, which is based in his dick, his identity. He was in effect getting more from me then I could ever get from him in that he was taking my strong, divine feminine and warping it into something that bows down to his warped, perverted, misogynistic male ego…..

This shit was weighing heavily and was hurting my Soul.

It was taking a toll on my Soul.

It is a spiritual issue because last time out of necessity I was forced into seeing one of them I literally felt an entity attach to the right side of my body.

There is an energy parasite orchestrated this. It’s name is Palasettsabe as seen through my third eye. It’s a giant turtle.

As I write this I can hear it getting pissed in the ether. I could also feel it easing off the right side of my face. It was influencing these sick organic portals to fuck with me sexually so, through them, it could feed off of me.

I talked about this in the past where things that looked like penises would “randomly”, symbolically appear:

That was meant to be a tornado curse as I call them, the worst kinda curse (possibly rape curse)…..

– Appropriate material to represent this shit.

As a matter of fact, while writing this, to throw me off, this energetic ass parasitic crakkka was sent my way:

Look at the picture he chose to like…..


He is the symptom of the problem not the problem…..

Through my third eye I see he has a reptilian, crocodilian spirit dwelling in him and reptilians feed off of sacral chakra (sexual) energy by orchestrating low vibrational events like sexual harassment 👆🏻 rape to get it as was done here…..

That is why it is imperative to have your third eye open so you can see things from a spiritual lens and really see the truth of what is going on around you…..

With that being said, this creature, Palasettsabe, in major part orchestrated this so I would stay stuck in alcohol addiction and never be able to get it out….

I wanna say I had ONE OF THE BEST SOUL SATISFYING conversations I have ever had with a Soulled man last night.

The shit was satisfying to my Soul and made me feel whole.

The conversation was stimulating, deep.

It was sex. What sex should be like: a connection between two deep Souls with a deep understanding of each other, mutual learning, interactions, respect, a communication that goes into the spirit realm and transcends this carnal realm limited by the physical…..

That was in deep contrast to my interactions with the two tricks named above: slack eyed jaws and looks of “You’re crazy” would meet me if I tried to talk deep, Soul appealing topics. Empty stares, straight rush to carnal situations, with one saying, “You like my dick” and once slapping me on the rear – like I am sexual property – after I called on him to help me get out when I got out of jail one time.

There is nothing mutual about that. It is akin to the prison guard who carries on a relationship with a prisoner while holding all the cards if said prisoner messes up. It is akin to a cop holding jail over the head of a sex worker who is doing what she does for survival if she don’t let her rape him, which probably happened here…..

Dealing with those guys was a form of torturous ass hell. So I was forced to drink to tolerate them and get through seeing them.

I mean how can you have a conversation with someone with the consciousness of a cockroach like the organic portal one or the other one who I could tell has a Soul but he is stuck on the material realm. When a person drinks, it is to not only numb them but it is a way of dumbing yourself down so you can tolerate – and have conversations with – folks who are not as deep as you, who are not on the same level of consciousness as you.

So it was that I was stuck in a neverending cycle, a destructive cycle, a never ending path of needing money due to having spiritual blocks placed on my ability to make money that is outside the sex worker industry, in effective leading me down a hellish cycle where I would get better, healthier, spiritually healthier and stronger only for it to be dashed by situations beyond my control – events orchestrated by evil entities – that would force me into a whirlwind, tornado based cycle, a curse as explained below where I would have to go through them to get my money, where the never ending cycle of relapse would commence again, and it was off to the sunset again where I would get better, only to have it dashed by unforseen events that would compel me to see these low consciousness two.

I was in hell. I was trapped in hell. That is hell.

The devil card in tarot deck represents a limitation on freedom:

It represents veritable bondage, being a slave to addictions, toxic shit, negative shit and bad folks who aren’t good for you.

I saw this here where reptilians were having folks who did not have my best interest and well being at heart physically, especially spiritually, “gravitate” towards me so they can – vicariously through them – feed off my energy:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

People who I could not have a healthy exchange, connection with spiritually, physically, emotionally.

They were usually misogynist scumbags with a rapist predisposition – with one of em actually having a record for that, alcoholics, drug addicts, low lives who were being used to keep me stuck so I would be forced into forced into feeding these negative entities as well.

It took alot of energy clearing, entity attachment removal and healing to bring more light, positivity and balance into my life.

Just today after cutting them guys off, as evidenced here…..

Serpent Seed With Devil Spirit Working For Brent Air Towing Calls Black Woman A Nigger

And with this wetback later on here who works for Triage Partners, a subcontractor for Frontier who I noticed been stalking for a minute, who I confronted (he drove towards my van and when I came out he gave a hand wave saying he sorry then went over to that fruit lady who sells fruits out the truck then he came back and drove mad slow past my van and I caught up with him and let him know I wasn’t scared and I wasn’t gonna have it):

His license plate number is CA license plate number 5JUE196.

Look how black them fucking eyes. No intelligence, I see through my third eye a goofy looking dragon with a bird beak piloting that mofo’s body when I asked to see his “soul” that looks similar to this here:

I notice that when you start to break away from these things they send “lil themes” your way in the form of organic portals with certain intentions to come after you.

Today it was misogynistic mofo who felt entitled to fight and wanna dominate me when I would go after their asses for being predators…..

I can’t stand that shit and this is why I can’t stand wetbacks because – due to their serpent bloodline – their organic portals are always being sent by bad entities to do bad shit and fuck me up when I am healing and am in the process of ascending:

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

Low Vibratory Wetback Comes To Perv And White Man Saves The Day

The Mindless Thinking Patterns of A Wetback

– And they really are some mindless, low IQ mofos…..

I and Trump say no lies about them!

That’s why I keep em out – I build a wall around my energy space/field – and that’s why when my consciousness got lowered via the drinking urges used to feed this entity here, that I just escaped:

A Curse Has Finally Been Lifted

I’d attract them or else make a beeline straight for em…..

With that being said I gotta do more healing on myself. I have something fiercely bad on the right side of my face that’s been manipulating shit to happen to me allll fucking day. My throat chakra is – see, I am realising that it was that Palasettsabe that fucked me up on the day that chemistry teacher said that shit, causing me to absorb that energy and fucking with my thought processes so that I could never heal while having it attached.

In a future blog Imma talk about these entity attachments themselves attach to you to cause the trauma that they then feed on and make unhealable!

That said, watch who you energetically let around you. We Soulled people can not just let anyone in. We often find ourselves mired in hellish material circumstances where we are forced to deal with those who are not good for us, who do not have our highest spiritual best interests at heart.

With that being said, Imma break free of this shit. I can’t live like this….

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