Why The Compliments Men Give Women Are Actually Insults

Why The Compliments Men Give Women Are Actually Insults

Insults to our humanity…..

Let me break something down….

I am referring to this….

Serpent Seed With Devil Spirit Working For Brent Air Towing Calls Black Woman A Nigger

And this……

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

Notice, as another mofo did a while back when I slapped him for touching my breasts or as that stalking nigger in the grey jeep who sexually assaulted me had the audacity to say….

Notice they knock my look and are taken aback that I have the self confidence to let them know that: I validate me and I need only my validation.

That is why you should never accept compliments from these dudes because it is coming from a place of self aggrandization, that they are doing you a favor by valuing your looks – a totally superficial thing to do – in their eyes and that you should be grateful. In the same vein, as witnessed here and in other cases, they are quick to devalue a woman they deem as “ugly” but when that woman stands on her own two feet and lets em know she does not give a fuck, it scares them. It bothers them. It angers them to their core because their core is made of male entitlement, which comes from womb envy.

That’s why I be coming at these mofos, shutting they lecherous, leering asses down, not letting them play with me like that cause I sense the energy they are projecting and I’m not gonna tolerate that shit!

With that being said, I grew up around internalised misogyny where I heard my mother say, “You gotta appeal to the male ego or else you’ll get hurt.” Why we do this to ourselves? If he didn’t want you he’d tell you straight up so why can’t you tell his ugly ass to be gone, him and that ugly ass “magick” I’ll make vanish in a magic trick by making that shit rot clean off.

I actually offer “rot your dick off” services on my Etsy website where I put curses on a man’s dick and make it fall off:


– Someone who knew somebody who I had put a curse on came back awhile back saying that a month later the dude ended up in the hospital needed antibiotics cause his dick has pustules on it and the doctors didn’t know where the fuck that came from πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ—‘✏🩸 #satan

That said, women need to stop cow towing to men out of cowering fear to male violence cause these men gotta be put in their place.

Imagine a world where gay men openly sexually harassed men the way these dick demons do us. Do you think they’d tolerate it?

They already killing transwomen for deceiving them….

Transwomen Are Getting Killed Cause They Are Out Here Deceiving Men

They even attack men who attracted them in some way….

That’s why they murder poor lesbians and straight women “for not accepting their advances” cause it’s never been about you or your looks.

It’s all about proclaiming women – much as a dog marks it’s territory – as property. It is about claiming your womb for their reproductive benefit, wanting to use it to carry “their” seed – never mind you contributed your egg and did all the hard work by carrying that lil basturd for nine months in your womb. That’s why all throughout his-story they treat women as trophies (think about the concept of “trophy wives”), mere things to accomplish and achieve. You see it in films esp. set in the 80s…

This man intellectually broke down why Ralph Macchio was really the villain in The Karate Kid because he was sexually harassing that girl in there, not taking into account her as a person, pursuing her as a “prize” as you would do an object…..

There is a reason why in his-story children not claimed by the father were called “basturds” basically certain that if the male does not own the child by casting his identity onto it in the form of his last name, then the child she created and went through excruciating pain to bare after nine months is a basturd.

It is a control mechanism all designed to wholesale establish dominance over women so that they can act as broadmares to carry their legacy.

As this man said in his lecture on how Isis will be the true saviour of humanity and not the crakkka christ – cesare borgia – “jesus” HEY-Zeus concoction they have falsely been awaiting, your true mark of the beast:

All the world’s religions and spiritual systems one time where matriarchal. We were once matriarchal and we had peace.

Then men came in, envious of our power, and decided to usurp us, overthrow us and here we are in the dystopian hell we are in, due to a patriarchy:

The imbalance, the omnioptence of racism, sexism, every ism, the destruction of the rainforest that gives us our oxygen and feeds our ecosystems world wide. The prevalence of wars and the destructive catacylsms they bring (name 1 world war started by a woman? I’ll wait)……

This is all due to men. This is what happens when you have men in power, in charge. They are slaves – so they feel, so they been taught as a form of indoctrination to male entitlement – to their ego so everything is made about their ego and it is cause they are in imbalance and they are without the divine feminine which can not be found externally but within via The Spark of Sophia, who birthed the demiurge, your Soul.

Because the true Divine Feminine essence is assassinated and marred, sullied to hell that is why we have this imbalance, this egregious where you got greedy ass landlords in the form of Fortune 500 company owners, effectively oligarchs ruling the world, who create wars to destroy their home, the planet, which we all share to lay claim on resources that was never theirs but all of ours…..

Yes, I am talking like a fucking hippie in the same vein that Yashuah Ben Pendira aka falsely known as “jesus” (HEY-Zeus) spoke!

The Earth is all our home. We all live here. TF kinda fucked up person destroys their home by waging war over shit that ain’t really anybody’s but belongs to the motherfucking Earth!

Rape, murder – all of that is an extension of the patriarchy. Men are in dire imbalance by suppressing their women and the benefits we can bring – once brought – when we ruled! That’s why you got all this fucking hypocrisy, kids being taught don’t be selfish or you won’t succeed and meanwhile the oligarchs that run our world are greedy ass fuck, hording resources and suppressing technologies that we long shoulda been running….


That’s why they went after Tesla so bad!

I been saying these goofs, if it wasn’t for greed, shoulda been had us flying in the sky like the Jetsons instead of driving what are basically – what shoulda been – medieval cars running on fucking petroleum (not dinosaur remains as folks mistakenly think)….

If We Had Electric Cars I Wouldn’t Need To Get A Smog Check

Electric cars shoulda existed in the Victorian Era. Shit shoulda been a thing of the past but sadly we are just moving on to that cause our technological advancement getting stymied due to greedy mofos who wanna assert dominance over the male ego.

I’m also gonna say this as well: it is also spiritual.


– Read “Tricked By The Light” to understand more on the demiurge….

Also read this…..


That thing up there, Zeus, the demiurge, is who the “illuminati” war-ship and make sacrifices to.

He is a misogynistic god, ignorant of his mother, the Aeon Sophia. He is what the mass mind control re-ligions such as christianity and islam war-ship, which is why it is patriarchally based.

He is why the “elites” still do sacrifices to it to appease it:

An Amazonian Shaman Caused The Mandela Effect To Avert A Major War With Creatures From Another World

That said, the demiurge has created a patriarchal system where women are enslaved to men (such as how the church teaches that women are to be subservient to their wives as men are to him) because he needs our wombs to create the physical vessels that brings the Souls in through our port-holes (the vagina):

– Very similar to The Matrix:

That’s why that “pro life” shit, that women need to be mothers sick ass philosophy has been pushed worldwide for millenia since the matriarchy was usurped!

He needs women to be kept in a subservient role so we can create physical vessels also known as bodies in which new Souls will be enslaved in, thus effectively jailing them to the realm of the demiurge otherwise known as the wheel of samsara:

I broke it down here:

Men’s Womb Envy


The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

That’s why I don’t let these fuckers, especially organic portals touch me cause I know who I am and why I am in the world.

In the next article Imma talk about how you can’t let everybody into your energy space even outta dire material necessity.

Recognize the toxic cycles.

That said, even in language, there is a reason why women get denigrated. A famous book by Aldous Huxley that my mom had to read for her classes talked about how language was used to destroy folks, dehumanise em, commit genocide against them of which rape culture and slut shaming are but examples of……

Systematic language like, “You hit like a girl.” “You cry like a girl.” “You are weak like a girl” are used to mar the Divine Feminine.

They got women feeling ashamed to be women, forcing women to act like men, wannabe men, act like the opposite of their Divine Feminine nature due to the amount of harassment we get, slut shaming that has created a “pick me” culture full of women with internalised misogyny because these men, who should be our protectors – which is what they acted as under a matriarchy without using it to dominate us – got us to be ashamed of our very nature through warped nurturing due to the installation of patriarchal values.

What’s wrong with being vulnerable? If you got a heart chakra especially you gotta get that shit out. What’s wrong with caring, having compassion. All of these things are seen as “weak” in our patriarchal culture and that’s why we gotta swing the penduluum back to a matriarchal culture. One where intuition, feelings, emoting are valued. Where the so called “weakness” of forgiveness is valued as a strategy in terms of ending conflicts instead of using guns, knives, weapons of mass destruction which are often launched by weak ass men and their weak ass egos cause no matter how big their weapons of mass destruction is, it can never be as powerful as the womb, the Source of All Creation, a gift, an aspect of the Divine Feminine, the Aeon Sophia:

– Boy, looka them black ass eyes….. she got an alien πŸ‘½

Boy this a cold ass album cover πŸ‘πŸ»

Imma read this book. It is called “When God Was A Woman” by Merlin Stone.


When you think about it that is why them fuckers destroy instead of create. It is a rebellion act against they daddy, the demiurge. Them fuckers destroy, not create and when they push womben to create kids it is as an act, an extension for their ego to use a womban’s body to carry what they perceive to be “their legacy” into the world, their genetic marker for bragging rights:

Everything men do is for the ego, out of selfishness, pride – shit that don’t serve the higher good, especially spiritual higher good and do not help Mother Gaia as well!

This is the sickness, the hypocrisy of patriarchy which innately wroughts misogyny and thus “mental illness” and all sorts of sicknesses – both physical and mental and spiritual – which is why this shit in all it’s forms need to get shut the fuck down!

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