If We Had Electric Cars I Wouldn’t Need To Get A Smog Check

If We Had Electric Cars I Wouldn’t Need To Get A Smog Check

To the boring mofo, calling himself “singing” at this lil farmhouse here on Topanga Canyon Blvd:

I heard your bitch ass mentioning me, talking about “had an abortion”, “topless”, and “take your clothes off”, and I ‘woked ya!

I CAN’T STAND MEN and in particular mofos who get intimidated by and are PISSED by a strong alpha femail womyn like myself who don’t take ya’ll bullshit.

I heard lil snippets of conversation where mofos were low key pissed (cause they can’t stand that I am strong) cause I stood up to my rapist!

FUCK YA’LL and this is why I am ‘wokeing ANY MOTHERFUCKING MALE who calls himself liking me or tries to cross my path (except black men cause, like us, they been thru enough plus there’s kinship ties). Rest of ya’ll mofos (notice how that shit sound like “rest in peace [piss]), ESP. THE MOFOS THAT BE LEERING, CAT CALLING, YA’LL GONNA DIE like this man ma’ here ?

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Ya’ll gonna see whose boss (a latina said NO LIES ? when she commented on Elmera Bokor’s channel saying that witchcraft the Great Equalizer ??‍♀️?).

I can send your ass to hell with that shit:

And will do! ??

I hate ya’ll mofos cause ya’ll hate strong women – unless she strong for you! That’s why I’m devoted to tearing ya’ll mofos down, destroying ya (destroying the fucking patriarchy), ‘wokeing ya unless you get in line – and you fear my fucking power.

By this you know I don’t play….

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Now lemme get off my soapbox….

That being said, let me talk about what I came here to talk about: The other day, while getting my car checked for smog, a thought occurred to me:

Nikola Tesla – this poor man – created free fucking energy wisely and righteously using the resources of the Earth. IT’S A FUCKING SHAME that even as of now electric cars are not. the thing! Those should be the only cars we should have, or even better by fucking now:

As a girl, and my brother Kerry used to give me flack for this (nigga saw [what should not be] the future and he was right!), but I HONEST FUCKING THOUGHT – back in ’91, we would have fuckimg flying cars by now. We should given we are spending mo-nay ? to kill each other and putting our tech advancements into this which is a shame:

This is really a fucking shame. We putting money towards destroying each other, killing each other to protect fake “boundaries” and take over others. It’s a fucking shame what MAN (since ya’ll mofos make up the overwhelming majority of world national leaders) is doing to the planet – all for the sake of fucking ego and illusory ass “power” over fake ass boundaries, flags, etc. Really it’s the fucking New World Order and the demiurge and the reptilians – who are ALL misogynistic and patriarchal based – that got this shit happening!

We need a matriarchy and more feminine energy:

Reminds me of this Outer Limits episode named Lithia where a womyn, who had a son, KILLED HIS ASS cause she knew he would be bad for the planet!

That being said, Nikola Tesla, the poor man, had his shit taken by wealthy, greedy FREEMASON (NON)ILLUMNATI POS mofo Thomas Edison, who was envious of that poor man:

Lemme get on my soapbox again: DISS IS WHY I HATE when stupid ass (usually organic portal) mofos try to indoctrinate me by telling me that I need to make my gifts attenable to society. BITCH, WHAT YOU SEE THAT DONE HAPPENED TO NIKOLA TESLA IS EXACTLY THE TYPE OF SHIT PEOPLE LIKE ME WITH GREAT SPIRITUAL GIFTS AND TALENTS GO THRU CAUSE THE DEMIURGE AND THE REPTILIANS WHO RUN YA’LL DUMBASSES DON’T WANT THAT FOR HUMANITY, FOR US TO BETTER OURSELVES which is why I stay my black ass on the fringes and teach with freedom from here!

I can’t tell ya all the shit I went thru trying to make it in lamestream society.

That said, if we lived in a righteous world, we should be living like the Jetsons right about now: We should be AT LEAST an A1 Kardashev scale level fucking 1 society but we ain’t cause we got demonic reptilian, non human mofos, looking human, ruling shit, ruling our world and hording all the resources for themselves and that ain’t human:

It’s non human mofos at the fore doing all this messed up ass stuff!

That being, THAT is why so many people who could help humanity get humiliated or, worse yet, killed:

It’s a fucking shame but you used to be able to find ALOT MORE ONLINE about this shit but google/youtube got it HEAVILY censored so you have to know where to look….

This man, a modern day Tesla, was JAILED for finding free energy:

His name is Dennis Lee.

There used to be a ton of articles on him online but you can’t find SHIT on him, either….

That being said, Imma say this, this bullshit show reminds me of this episode of the Outer Limits here named “Birthright”:

In it, an alien masquerading as a man was hit in an accident and gained “human consciousness” and our propensities for empathy, compassion, love (things reps and other aliens direly lack). That being said, before the accident, he was launching a human campaign to stop global warming, which was REALLY designed to heat up the planet so as to kill humans and make it hospitable for the aliens and the alien takeover. Reminds me of that lil grey alien girl masquerading as a human (that’s why she so weird and “autism” is a coverup to conceal her alien origins) Greta Thunberg):

She supposed to be 16 but yet she look 12, don’t she? That’s alien traits. Look at her younger sister yet she look the right age, older a lil:

That’s an alien grey!

2circles breaks it down here:

That’s why I say humans who really care get destroyed, discredited, attacked VEHEMENTLY like I do. Even if you ain’t doing shit your spirit along can make you a target hence why I say gangstalking is spiritual:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

This ain’t a righteous society; it’s a fawked up ass mess that is sternly anti-human and anti human development.

That’s why people like me can’t thrive and get ridiculed! If you all knew the encumberances I am up against ESP. SPIRITUALLY (against the reps) ya’ll would understand….

But they keep ya’ll dumbed down, drinking flouride (that I know FROM EXPERIENCE closes your chakras), watching stupid shit like cat and dog videos on youtube (I rem. in the past you could find deep shit and youtube would RECOMMEND similar deep shit but it is like looking down a fucking needle in a haystack to find the right shit on there and even if you do find it, they will still recommend mindless ass dog and cat videos for your stupified entertainment)!

They got ya’ll working 9 to 5s which is a humiliation ritual (we shoulda been had fucking robots – Terminator 2 was a bullshit NWO scheme to keep ya’ll mofos thinking that such a society is bad):

9 to 5 Jobs Are A Humiliation Ritual

….like fucking human hamsters on a treadmill, looking to get that “food” aka money on a treadmill so you all can buy the latest things, keep up appearances, keep up with the Joneses aka Kardashians, and basically be a consumer and not an innovator.

If robots did all this menial shit, we’d be free to think and massively heal as a society since all that free time can lead to people meditating, opening up chakras so we all can be on the same page and have telepathy, telekinsis which will make it where crime doesn’t exist cause, if another mofo can know what you are thinking (telepathy) and can use the power of their mind (telekinesis) to stop = how can you commit a fucking crime?

Shit reminds me of the Black Mirror episode Fifteen Million Merits:

They had those people on treadmills, keeping the machine they were in (society), going and, to escape, they hoped to be at the TOP of the SYSTEM which required the loss of your soul for material comfort.

What is a person worth if they lose they soul in the process?

People like me live on the outskirt of society (Zion, while ya’ll live in The Matrix) for a reason: my purpose on this Earth, I am sure of it, is to wake up people! You don’t get law enforcement, government, people, the s(ch)itty of Malibu looking at your ass for no reason:

The Satanic Energy of Malibu And The Chaos Energy of The Age of Aquarius

Look, I’ve seen thru visions, etc. My ass is doing RIGHT what I am supposed to do which is waking ya’ll up ?

That shit ain’t easy and I been thru alot. My energy is strong – I am aware of this – and it can change an area. A policeman’s wife admitted this a looong time ago on a blog.

Then in the future they will take those who sincerly wanted to change the system like Yashuah Ben Pendira, cover up their story, and give em a new name just as they changed Yashuah Ben Pendira to Jesus Christ aka Cesare Borgia!

That being said, if you are somebody who knows your different – KNOW YOUR WORTH! Don’t change! This world is fucked up, not you, and you may not reach everybody (who are mostly organic portals) but you gonna reach the few who matter!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: paypal.me/RWilliams387 you like the content.

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