The Satanic Energy of Malibu And The Chaos Energy of The Age of Aquarius

Here the vid series:





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This what I talk about:

– Diss the ole white broad whose property Mitrice Richardson’s body was found on.

She pertains to the satanic energy topic I touch on which percolates thru Malibu and diss here:

– Those are mad acc. nice pictures!

This some fight the powa ✊??? shyte:

Here are more pics of myself cause it is hard for my narcissistic ass to not take pics:

Here I am doing this shit wid a bottle of wine:

– My breasts done gotten bigger…

Anyways, let me stop talking about me abd let’s get on to the bigger picture….

You see the “homeless problem” that is REALLY happening EVERYWHERE!

– Someboday tryin’ to copy me lol…

– Damn they got whole homeless monument lol!

– We are going thru a state of change in the form of chaos that is designed to introduce change to unwitting and at this point – tho it is getting better – unprepared populace! It is the type of chaos folks are referring to when they talk about they talk about the illuminato saying, “Out of order comes chaos.”

I break it down! Watch the vids!

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