Men’s Womb Envy

I had to write this cause some CRAKKKAROACH (Like anybody want those feminine, no testosterone having PLAY bois – I mean they got the same bone density as BLACK WOMBEN PROVING their lack of testosterone against other REAL RACES OF REAL MEN: WHITE bois AIN’T GOOD FOR ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF TRICKING!):

Then got the AUDACITY to call me an ape when they the GREAT WHITE CAVE APES:

– And their genetic DEFECTIVE RECESSIVE bloodline intermixed with ours leading to a myriad of DISEASES into the HUE-msn gene pool!

That’s why I would NEVER pollute my genes with those GREAT WHITE CAVE APES!!!

That said, here my thoughts on that:

What KILLS me is all these mofos saying, “I’m ugly” – like I give a fuck! See the deal is MEN NEED WOMBEN MORE THAN WE WILL EVER NEED THEM (THAT is why I do NOT understand, innerstand why women wear makeup) BECAUSE PROSTITUTION PROVES IT! Fact I was still even able to pull in clients looking the way I do, natural and at one point having shorn my hair off PROVES how thirsty men are for the vagina (I’m supposed to be an “ugly woman”) and it goes back to biology/evolution since men are programmed (take notes) to wanna spread their seed around with as many women as possible. Alot of this hatred is womb envy for the fact that I control the pussy they NEED – they can’t stand that – and dudes can’t STAND WHEN WOMBEN GROW THE OVARIES TO ASSERT CONTROL OVER OUR OWN BODIES, A POWER WE BEEN GIVING AWAY SINCE WE GAVE WAY TO THE PATRIARCHY, THE RAPE SYSTEM THAT THE AGE OF PISCES, THE AGE OF MAN IMPOSED UPON US! Now that the Age of Aquarius is here we SHUTTING IT DOWN and that attitude getting shut down metaphysically, too (that patriarchal attitude that is).

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