Becoming A Light Being And Ascending

I feel sooo ebullient (Here is my favourite meditation song):

That said, here is what happened:

I had this crazy dream this morning where I had excess extensions in my hair that didn’t make sense being there. Some of em were red and blue colored and weren’t even dreaded. The final straw were plastic and blue fake extensions. I got rid of those and came back to my natural hair and when I saw myself in the mirror my hair was blonde and my eyes were white – they were glowing. It was so weird… I looked like a child, biracial (white and black) – very young. It’s like I became a literal Light Spirit. All around me was light. I think this was an euphemism for getting rid of alot of spiritual attachments, bad things that were keeping me from spiritually evolving. I noticed my diet has shifted and I no longer get ANY urges. Foods that were holding me back from ascending I no longer desire. Carnal escapades honestly DO nothing for me. That said I SPOKE of how the Demiurge likes to throw wicked shit people’s way when they are spiritually evolving: That’s why many gifted and talented spiritualists, witches developing overpowering addictions – some of which, esp. for witches (no pun) is getting caught up on Ego; it’s to keep your soul from leaving this prison 3D matrix known as our bodies, this realm – and to keep you from knowing your Soul Self and thus your Soul Purpose!

Now I’m on the road to ascension and I am happy!

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