Why I Would Never Want To Be A Star In Hellyweird

…Or better yet a SELL-eb which is more accurate. Where do I begin? Okay, I had a vision early this morning that I was – as always – back at my old house. There was a storm from what I can recall severly hitting the dinning room table which I have seen IN ALOT of my 4D visions/astral travels what have you. That said, I recall and I think it was influenced by this VERY good story I read off of reddit:


In which there was a giant that was lurching around looking for me – I think it had a sexual obsession. It was ugly, about 20 feet tall, ghoulish looking in the face and wore clothes similar to what Shrek wore:

That said, my dad, my mom and ny brother Kristen – well, not really him – were trying to protect me from it. That said, at one point – I saw this “satan” which I’ve seen appear in my mind’s eye (where artist visions come to me) when I’ve been in jail, etc. causing me problems… That said, and this is my scientific take on it, like with xxx which you can read about here:


You have what is known as “astral entities” that will take on the appearance of something a myriad of people worship or shapeshifters since spirits are energy and can take on whatever form they like. You also have droves of “astral satans” etc which take form in the astral from our collective consciousness (and boy did it look like a stereotypical version of satan). The one I “worshipped” a while back cause I needed money (I only gave it energy) made the sound of a reptilian and was one so that’s why I say – it’s so complexed when you talk about how it works in the astral. Also, just like astral jesus in which the stereotypical mind concocted one lives over there, they gain energy (SINCE THEY ARE ALL INNATE ENERGY VAMPIRES SINCE, LIKE GHOSTS, THEY NEED ENERGY TO KEEP THEIR FORMS) by having alot of adherents over here. That’s why people in the illuminati do those sacrifices – so as to give the bs astral pos “god” they worship a soul to add to them so that “god” can have morr soul power. It is the reason behind why you hear moaning COMING FROM this Japanese Samurai DEMON which Bruce Lee was sacrificed to and defeated before he passed over from a curse placed upon him by from what I understand the Chinese branch of the Illuminati – the Li family:

That’s why Sheng Tsung in Mortal Kombat steals souls:

SPIRITUA-LITY (It’s my play on fatality)!

Anyways, back on the serious note – the entity I got the sense wanted to take my dad. That wasn’t happening and I’ll explain why… See, in the next phase of this (now something trying to make me draw a blank) I was on a staircase, waiting for a Martin Lawrence audition (it was him and this other black actor) and it was all about supporting blacks and being in black films. I was auditioning to be an actress. Now, the significance of this is that I SEE THIS EXACT SAME PLACE when I envision what woulda became me in the alternate timeline had I gone to De La Salle school. My middle school experience already set me (now my fingers are hurting) on the path to NOT wanting to become mediocre. So I can see myself making *deals* to avoid being a NORP and in my mind becoming much greater… This woulda been the trajectory I took. Anyways, I got picked or was close to getting picked for the role. I recall going to a vending machine. While there a vision flashed of me getting Gucci and I mean the REAL DEAL purse, getting it from Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, seeing Missy Misdemeanor Elliot and hanging with her. After going to the vending machine and spending the lil bit most people do – I GOT SO MUCH OUT OF IT – I recall 2 sandwiches, a couple of my favourite honey buns – MORE than the measily I recall .2 cents I put in. I saw girls I went to high school with including this girl named Kiara who was a big girl who popped in my head a coupld of days ago (I wonder why ?). I recall debating about getting a cold drink and something tried to press me to do it despite my new diet (I don’t even enjoy the shit and it’s fucking dangerous and like plenty of created soul stealing food I FOUND that cold drinks STEAL your energy). It was as alot more. It was excess and I felt the result of making a serious deal with the devil, which will never be… The astral vision continued where the giant was still outside, lurching for me. Me and my family had to be on high alert lest it snatches us via walls etc. (I never really saw how it looked – I only saw glimpses and visions letting me know I astral projected). That said, at one point my mom went outside wearing an outfit similar to what my baby brother wore here:

That said, she went outside the front door, was on the lawn. Then she was by the foot of the stairs via astral movement. Then she came back in, unharmed. I remember yelling to her to come back in lest that thing snatches her. She was protected. However this jewish looking dude who lived next door (it seemed to turn into a weird apartment building but that is the 4D for you) went out and the Giant snatched him up.

Then I woke up!

I shoulda called it thank GOODNESS I didn’t pick a particular timeline.

What’s my take? Here’s my take. Many seers, including myself saw that I woulda been wealthy in the arts in an alternate timeline. That’s cause I woulda made a blood pact with this astral version of satan. Knowing what I know about pizzagate, the illuminati:



I read somewhere that actor Jeremy Piven I think remarked of how Tom Cruise, a hellyweird bigshot, had an empty smile! YOU DO NOT BECOME WEALTHY AND INFLUENTIAL AND EVEN merely MAKE IT IN THAT WORLD WITHOUT DOING OCCULT SCHITT! These people don’t just become “successful” out of nowhere – they get there by doing fucked up things which would repulse us!

That said, I don’t see the point to such a lifestyle! It becomes a drudgery edifice to EGO: I mean, mansions, “fans” who don’t like you for you – that’s why I HATED doing those reality shows CAUSE I CAN’T BE ME AND SAY THE SHIT THAT I SAY HERE SUCH AS WHEN I TALK ABOUT SPIC WETBACKS: https://toplessinla.org/2018/06/26/south-americans-and-mexicans-are-organic-robotoids-created-by-the-draco-reptilians-to-be-worker-bees/). You gotta portray a false image (which reminds me of the “image of the beast” in the buy-bull). You gotta be something THAT YOU’RE NOT TO MAINTAIN YOUR MONEY (I value freedom) and – OVERALL – I NEVER REALLY GAVE A FUCK ABOUT THINGS, MATERIAL POSSESSIONS! It’s like being as WOKE as I am I can say whatever I want, do whatever – I can just do me and be me! I don’t have to apologize for shit (FUCK YOU! YOU AIN’T PAYING MY BILLS) and just live life on my own terms.

Yeah I live outta my car but I choose to and I AM HAPPY and that is ALL THAT MATTERS! Really. It’s like this dude here:

He happy being himself. That’s all that matters, living his life…

That said, I see past the bs! I see what you all call “money” for the federal reserve NOTES they are – emphasis on NOTE as note DENOTES YOU OWE SOMEONE SOMETHING!

You can read more on it here:


That said, I see past the hierarchies, titles of our society. It’s all bs! You read the pizzagate articles above and SEE how these people truly get “power” in our world and all the awful things they do to get it you will then see that it is bs, too: illusory bs designed to get your mind OFF OF true spiritual development (not the fake yoga trendy peace love bs!) and focused on just becoming a cog in the wheel of the matrix.

I. Just. Dont. See the point! There is no point. I’m totally emancipated from it!

That said, I heard the entity taking this form (of satan) which a while back said it was a “fallen angel” – I believe it’s holding my brother captive in the astral – and that I am the antichrist in the stereotypical Buy-bull sense. That said, that FOOL’s gonna have to look for another FOOL cause just like the BUY-BULL, I AIN’T BUYING!

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