XxxTentacion Played With The Big Occult Boys and Got Destroyed

Think about the name “xxx” as in X’d out!

Wow… where do I begin?

Before I start, I wanna say I keep having these visions of a big wave hitting Cali – had it last night! I also had a dream (I keep having these antichrist dreams) of a very wealthy family I sense directly tied to Hitler called “Hutler” and my ruling the world. It’s crazy and it was mad vivid.

Okay, as for xxxtentacion… He was a POS.

He caused his PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND to be blind in one eye. People still followed this sociopathic wayward, doped up on psychotropic medications (which is responsible for your Dylan Roofs, Dylan Klebolds – considering what I was going thru in high school that was My Hero #1999 – that other lil crazy white boy), ignant azz do what I wanna new generation skinny jean faggot wearing nukkka. I explain here WHY those droves of adoring DUMBASSES idolized his ass:

He fucked with the wrong thing tho.

See, the thing I learned with Satanism (before I started SUCCESSFULLY moving on to working ONLY with my chakra Divine Source Feminine energy and eradocating them low level ass entities from the astral masquerading as “satan”) is that you will get money, BUT you will also have low level entities posing ass “satan” and wanting to keep you anchored to low level addictive shit and behaviors. They will also cause you problems (I am still cleansing myself of that shit). See, it is low level entities from the astral that will come to you with that bs and pose as “satan” as part of one of the numerous programs launched by the Demiurge and archons to keep you in their energy harvesting system and to keep you from opening up your chakras and awakening to your own Divine Source energy (that is why the Buy-Bull HINTS at this by saying: “The Kingdom of God is within” while HYPOchrostianity – as per the Demiurge orders – says that opening your chakras is a sin to keep YOU from coming into your OWN POWER):

In my case it was reptilians or those pointy hat things posing as “satan” to me:

– That is EXACTLY how that “spirit guide” came to me…

Pointy hat entities…

– Still taken from American Horror Story Season 3 Coven

People I notice who are under satanism have had a hard life – including me – in which they are hated, reviled and their material needs aren’t met! They join satanism (not knowing any real spiritual system to render those entities subordinate to us which is what DRAKE, BEYONCE fuck with – they are known as the djinn according to Islam – alot of great stuff, not the moral shit but regarding the spiritual/astral – in the Quoran aka Koran). When I fucked with that dumb shit, I became more hateful. Material burdens got taken off my shoulders (I was forced into it after archons fucked with my money AND IT WAS AROUND THE TIME THAT I WAS COMING INTO MY OWN POWER BY OPENING UP MY CHAKRAS) yet people hated my ass, still and even more so – esp. when I did the topless thing. I witnessed this second hand at a 99 Cents Store where a dude with a satanic full blown tattoo like this:

…Was getting hated, pushed around, etc. PEOPLE WERE INSTANTLY TURNED OFF BY THE ENERGY OF THAT TATTOO and I noticed it. Unlike the others, I was kind, even going so far as to compliment him on the tattoo, offered to buy his stuff (people warmed to me for that but I wished for him more so) and said bye as he left. Gave good energy. But I know he had a hard life cause of what he choose to be under which you should never do (Worship YOU since the Divine Goddess is in YOU)! Teal Swan is another example.

– LOL! THIS SHIT CAME RIGHT ON TIME!!! And peep how in the title she says “or Not (sell your soul to satan).” THAT’S how she pay homage to her “god” – clandestinely, lol! She even says in the description to basically make peace with demons… hmmmm

I was told by a talented psychic that Teal Swan was REALLY into Ars Goetia demon worship and Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters is into Egyptian Worship. Guess who don’t have as many haterz? RALPH SMART! The negative energies of those ars goetia demons DRAWS those enemies to Teal Swan who like Ralph Smart is one of these “peace love” fake people – be careful of those mofos talking like that like this Goddess Kali scumbag named Sathya Sai Baba here who RAPED CHILDREN:

You can SEE the evil in his looks.

– Even the parents of the victims VOCIFEROUSLY REFUTE THE CLAIMS while negating their own kids’ claims CAUSE THEY ARE UNDER HIS SPELL!

They are as my mama would say the biggest Decepticons. I could go on. XXXtentacion, due to what is called the Saturnian influence for being under satan (it is said the archons, reptilians use Saturn to control us – now I am getting the sense it is also another alien species – black ones – the same ones who begot crakkkkas to keep melanated folks from reaching our Higher Potential), got alot of negativity. He was constantly being attacked, got into fights, HATED but also devoutly “loved” by spellbound fans influenced by what he worshipped. He predicted he would be a sacrifice. This is him talking of becoming a sacrifice for Drake.

I personally CAN’T STAND his autotune mumble mouth ass sounding rap(e), really ear RAP(E):


He shoulda got KILLED for that “music” alone…

Now, Drake was fucking with power – occult wise!

As I said before, before getting into the occult, YOU MUST KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING!!!

Drake comes from a long line of occultist, people who are highly, deeply entrenched in the occult so they know how to CONTROL the spirits they work with. Councilmember and Jew Simon Parkes talks about the true origin of Lord of the Rings and how it applies to the occult:

See, when you call yourself summoning shit, you can be summoning djinn (or genies) as spoken in Islam in which due to how they lost Earth – THEY HATE US (They now reside in a shadowy realm known as Kaf). That said, they will fuck your ass over unless you know what you are doing which is why in the 90s film “Wishmaster” folks would get fucked up shit after making deals with the djinn:

You can read more about the djinn here:

That said, as Simon Parkes breaks down, you gotta wear a specially designed ring (like King Solomon’s who turned them into slaves to build his temple) to make them bow down to you, worship you and give you what you want. Otherwise they won’t respect you hence “The Lord of the Rings”.

The jews know this shit which is why they are successful and crakkkaroaches can’t touch em! THAT is the shit the illuminati, people who are materialistically successful in the entertainment industry do – not do that low level “Sabrina the Teenage Crakkkawitch” shit – lol! They call them bitches kitchen witches! It’s kinda like they had some crakkkawitch, fake witch white bitch come at me with some bs awhile back. People just don’t know…

Who they fucking with. WHAT LINNEAGE YOU ARE OF which plays a big role in the occult. One thing I will say is that without doing much I have killed mofos, caused people to go crazy, etc. fucking with “black” magick but unlike these kitchen witches – you don’t hear me boast esp. about particulars cause as the old saying goes real spiritual G’s move in silence. I’ve also collected souls!

But continue to underestimate. That’s why you don’t see me put my spells on youtube, talk about what I will do and SHOW IT! That’s kitchen witch shit by the powerless. Folks who do that have no real power so they wanna sow fear into you so that you will use your fear which is energy to make their wish against you manifest! That’s how that work!

It’s all about energy!

At the low end of the totem pole you got or had xxxtentacion who was fucking with low level spirits and got burnt not knowing what the fuck he doing. As a matter of fact I notice the crowds for him are analogous for what that other mk ultra blood sacrifice hit – Christine Grimmie (sound like GRIM’S FAIRYTALE – SEE THE OCCULT ASSOCIATION as if to say DON’T BE LIKE HER since fairytales were really cautionary tales and the word “grim” speaks volumes) – got:

– Notice they both had large crowds involved with their deaths with xxx having a large crowd NOT in his home state of Florida but in L.A. RIGHT IN MIRACLE MILE which I know from experienced has ALOT OF SATANIC SATURNIAN REPTILIAN ENERGY THERE (Occult activity) which I have said numerous times has plenty of reptilians, aliens, alot of occult activity (esp. in Malibu as discussed here: ) and is represented by the root chakra on the astral map!

Peep the similarities…

Drake comes from bloodlines of nukkkas who know what they are doing and “how to do what it do.” That lil boy xxx couldn’t touch that shit. That’s how he got caught up. Btw you don’t wanna be a sacrifice. Look at the case of Christopher Case to see what I mean:

You end up being bound to an entity for all eternity not unlike what was shown in “Insidious”:

I don’t know if “Lord” satan is protecting him or not (I sense there are some “negotiations” going on between what xxx worshipped vis a vis what Drake fucked with – now I’m getting an image of a group of hooded, parched skinned humanoid creatures trying to get xxxtentacion since he was a sacrifice made to them by Drake) but I kinda get the feeling – especially after this article is posted, things will turn out for the best for that bastard on the other side (now I just got an image of him locked in chains, restless) but this is what happens when you fuck with the occult, not knowing what you are doing – WITHOUT PROPER SPIRITUAL PROTRECTION and get BURNT!

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