Spiritual Culture Vulture EA Koetting’s Channel Got Shut Down By Voodoo Curse

Spiritual Culture Vulture EA Koetting’s Channel Got Shut Down By Voodoo Curse

I saw through my third eye that even his own ancestors, spirits he called himself working with stood by and laughed and did nothing cause they did not like being turned into a marketing gimick…..

This is a prime example of white folks stealing what they don’t know and using it for personal gain and it coming back to bite em on that ass…..

– Sick misogynistic mofo. I been dealing with that – and racist – mofos all this week…..

Here is a progression of when he once looked halfway decent (he was always a methhead manufacturing meth to make money) to the ghoulish grim thing he resembles now after he got inflicted with the voodoo curse put folks on him awhile back…..



There was a whole debacle that went down in I believe it was 2015 regarding him trying to use voodoo – and then getting a lil gay kneegrow – to “initiate” him. It was a spectacle!

This brother, a Voodoo bokor, breaks it down!

That said, white folks – stop thinking you can just waltz up and take folks shit.

Jennifer Lawrence is only protected because she got the backing of the archons by being part of “G” aka the illuminati after desecrating a Hawaiian sacred site…..

That said EA Koetting was calling on the very ancestral spirits who were called upon by the indigenious black native Toussaint Louverture and his army to rise up against the very people he looks like:


With that being said, his life is a cautionary tale to dumbass whites – who as I said before are arrogant and stupid with a conquering spirit who will do shit like this again, unlike the hoe below – in taking shit and fucking with shit they don’t understand and don’t respect…..

White Bitch Gets Christopher Cased After Trying To Summon Papa Legba To Kill Black Lover

See, the thing with whites is…. they are like Yaldabaoth: ignorant, unnatural and arrogantly think the whole world revolves around them (with the wetbacks supporting it). This is why EA Koetting thinks he can become a “god” while working under gods and showing no respect for them.

His life is exactly what happens when your arrogant white ass approach these things – wanting their knowledge and abilities – like you are a god as white folks tend to do:

– Now he is living a living fucking nightmare due to his white arrogance and stupidity!

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