Myself As Proof of Aliens Amongst You

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I want you to look at my eyes:

Raven Alien Eyes
LOOK AT THE PUPILS and notice the sheen under the dark part that is just like the panther’s to the right hand side.

That is not normal. Notice they look alot like that panther’s eyes on the right side. They form a diamond like shape as if shapeshifting like the panther’s to the right.

Here are some more. Note the strangeness of the shape of the pupils and the sheen and that even in very little light they form pinpoints…


Looks like it is shapeshifting here.
Looks like it is shapeshifting here.



Notice they don't dilate in the drugs, alcohol involved!
Notice they don’t dilate in the dark…no drugs, alcohol involved!


 My ear are even pointy as you can see below:

Funny, from the side profile I even LOOK like a panther aka Lyran!
Funny, from the side profile I even LOOK like a panther aka Lyran!

Let me tell you some very weird things about my childhood before I start talking about the correlation between me vis a vis ufo’s/ aliens. My oldest brother Kerry my mother always said was kidnapped by aliens when he was 2 in his old room (which I was placed in when he was removed from it). Yes, we grew up in the backwoods – actually, suburban but still underdeveloped areas of New Orleans East where I had constant and recurring dreams of ufo’s in which one depicted was of what seemed to be a light skinned black man who looks like Tom Joyner – it wasn’t him btw (I didn’t grow up too far from the NASA plant and was ALWAYS fascinated by it and even got to visit it once on a school field trip) who would come down in a flying – what seemed to be a mothership – ufo – pick me up, take off, and then I didn’t know where I had went when I woke up in the morning (I felt malevolence from him and the whole thing) and then there was another recurring dream I had in which I would be wake up at 3am in the morning – right before getting dressed and getting ready to go off to school – and out of nowhere some ufo’s would dart straight towards me – two – coming from the direction of Sarah T. Reed. Then there was another that would fly mundanely in the sky it seemed around 6pm at night or sometimes even 7pm or 8pm (I know it was late in the evening) and would appear like mundane fighter jets or airplanes and then upon closer inspection (I was flying myself in the dream) it turned out they were ufo’s (they looked like airplanes from a distance) and then next thing I knew they were in a fight between themselves it seems, waging war with each other and I would float and see it. These were all recurring dreams all throughout my youth growing up in the house. I also think that the alien abduction – my mother said that my brother Kerry described the being as looking like “Ms. Piggy” – the best way a child can relate it – with NO hair – explains his behavior which you can read here as aliens have a tendency – the archon aliens ie grey and reptilian aliens as they are called – to steal souls, place them ie your soul matrix ie your consciousness into a black box and then transfer one of their own forms of consciousness – archon consciousness – the bad aliens into YOUR body! You can read more about the archons and how they affect humankind here:

That said, here are some interesting things besides those recurring dreams that seemed all too real and were quite vivid to note:

  • My mother said when I was very young, I think around 2, my hands were JET BLACK, like a panther’s would be. After a while, they mysteriously turned back to “normal” and there was NO EXPLANATION why they were like that.
  • Another note, when I was born – when I compared my baby pictures – the eyes from the baby in the intensive care unit DO NOT LOOK LIKE MINES when I got out. The baby pics of when “I” was in the intensive care unit looked for human and normal. That said, the pics showing me AFTER I got out (I was born with a hole in my heart – at least the other baby that is) look more “alien” in terms of the eyes and my family always noted this, especially my mother who told my dad not to submit “ET” to the baby beauty pageant when my father talked of placing me in a baby beauty pageant. I was nicknamed “ET” by my family for the APPEARANCE OF MY EYES and yes I saw those pics and I can’t help but notice the correlation.
  • My mother, when we would listen to the Hall and Oates song, “Maneater,” I always wondered why when it would play she would correlate me and say, “This is you,” to that song cause at the time I knew it as about a jaguar, cougar, panther – same thing really – but I didn’t understand why she would associate a small child with a song about a woman that went through – ferociously, sexually – multiple men. Now I know!
Screenshot taken from the Hall and Oates song, "Maneater."
Screenshot taken from the Hall and Oates song, “Maneater.”

On top of that, I HAVE A TENDENCY TO INADVERTENTLY PURR LIKE A PANTHER WHENEVER I MEDITATE (which seem to have started when I got in touch with my inner soul more and tried to invoke my panther/ Lyran “spirit”/ SOUL to come out). You can hear it right here:

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I had an unusual tendency (and still do to this very day) to look at the nighttime sky, always staring out the window at night and my parents used to jokingly say I was looking for home. Seriously, it was like I was and still am “looking for home” as I still do and it brings hurt pains when I look up and feel home sick while knowing I am stuck here for some time until I am done here. I had a strange predilection for astronomy as a child, reading this book about “The Heavens” by National Geographic VORACIOUSLY AND OBSESSIVELY in addition to reading the world book encyclopedia on different races, etc. and cultures on this planet and I recall reading and being obsessed with EVERY PLANET which I can still recite to this day in Earth’s solar system!

This is the book – I remember it SOOO WELL! One of my reading favs!

I want to mention – coming back from Louisiana during Christmas break and on my way to California – I had a dream about a panther – small one – protecting me FROM my family. I then awoke and saw a truck with a panther on the side. I knew it was my “spirit animal” but now I know it is much more.

See, there is a race which are rarely talked about. They call them the Lyrans (You can read more about them here: Here is a better description of them here taken from that site:

“There are tiger people, panther people, cheetah people, leopard people, lynx people, and exotic cat people which resemble nothing on Earth. An example of this is a strain of feline humanoids which have cat features but which possess triangular markings and are blue in colour.”

-They are a race of feline aliens who basically engaged in a galactic war in the distant past with the reptilians. That is why you don’t hear much about them, even in ufo circles. This is an archon controlled planet. Archons aka the Buttahs are what you call reptilians, aliens, the ones who snatch people up in the middle of the night, abduct and mutilate cattle and in addition human beings as well as this video purveys and this article here does as well. You can read more about the different alien races here:

Reptilian aka Dinasauroid from Alpha Draconis.
Grey typical alien which ranges in sizes from 3ft tall to even 7ft tall from Alpha Draconis and Orion.


The archons feed off the negative energy of humans by creating alot of the conflicts seen in the world, which was described (though it doesn’t mention them) in this supposed “satirical” 1980’s book supposedly created by a Wall Street Journal writer called “Report from Iron Mountain,” which is really an expose of the reptilian agenda. They feed from the fourth dimension and physical realms. That said, they steal your kind to underground bases, “homes” of theirs and eat your people, including babies and children, and feed off of them via taking the humans acquired from abductions according to the Dulce Papers and numerous others and put them in cages and use them in experiments in one area dubbed “Nightmare Hall” and those who are not used in the context are stored  for FOOD in the form of taking human body parts and throwing them in large vats of liquid which the aliens – the greys – soak themselves in and then secrete via their pores which smell like ammonia (that is why they want you on meth cause it smells like that from use and eventually can I believe turn your blood and whole body toxic, making you “perfect” food fodder for them). The reptilians, on the other hand, prefer their meat RAW and WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE and esp. prefer small children as their bodies are NOT tainted with the same chemicals adult humans are. They say it is used by reptilian shapeshifters to maintain their human form as well as for “nourishment” as well. Also note the story of some of the “experiments” such as a human with abnormally long, webbed fingers and toes turning up a beach in Suffolk county NY which was reported by a “credible” reptilian owned newspaper and in which the cops subsequently denied that the body which reportedly came from Plum Island – a research facility – was abnormal as they stated.


…the archons will try to tell you the “feline” aliens aka LYRANS are the bad ones (propaganda):










Still from Stephen King’s “Sleepwalkers”:

220px-Cat's_Eye_(poster)Still from Stephen King’s “Cat’s Eye” (he seems to have a running theme against cats – is he an archon?):

Pet-Sematary-church-catChurch one of the antagonists from “Pet Sematary”:

– Funny, we had a cat in our apartment building that ran around and belonged to NO ONE and no one knew where it came from but it followed me as well as another lady around and it looked just like him – a British shorthair!

And let’s not forget the legendary werewolf stories and the tales of “lycan”-throphy to scare you off – notice the Ly in lycanthrophy which is a “nod” to Lyra:

trying to make Lyrans look bad...
trying to make Lyrans look bad…

See, the Lyrans are the ones who “seeded” you all, the human race, in this universe. There was a huge intergalactic war in which the Lyrans – who settled Erra – fled Lyra in around 228,000 B.C. after invasion by the reptilians. There were two “races”, groups that came here via the “creators” when this universe was first created: The feline race and the Carian race. The Carians created the reptilians and the feline race created humankind. The reptilians are high spiritually DEVOLVED while the Lyrans are the opposite – emotional, friendly, mostly, warm and just “human” – your parent race. That said, feline aliens were revered in ancient Egypt, contrary to the reptilian propaganda produced by movies:

ancient-egyptian-cat_ce0e8b8cb4The “feline” race have a strong warrior instinct. That is why in spirit I can’t be defeated and most of my enemies are puzzled, left wondering WHY they can’t break me down. That said, many indigos are here to help you out and they come from this line. The feline race are like the cosmic cops of the universe – step in where there’s ESP. Draconian activity, like here on Earth and defeat them to protect you. Problem is, so many of us get so caught up in the malaise of society and life, living behind enemy lines that we forget who we are and why we are here and fall into contributing to the enemy problems that plagues us – you all! One of the places settled by the Lyrans was the Pleiades. I recall one night looking up while talking to a fellow indigo spirit and there was a white ball of light that appeared like a star coming down. I told my friend to look up and that is when it fled back up into the sky. That said, there are entities on this Earth who are LEADING the way to fight these reptilian entities, exposing them such as the Andromedeans and your parent race – the Lyrans – who are here to help. That is why I am so hated so much – much of this world is controlled by reptilians and you have forces working on their behalf and they sense I am “different,” who I am – hence why I got fired from every job I ever had – so as a result they try to shut me down cause they are threatened due to WHO, WHAT I AM! This is why you have all this stuff taking place on your planet. Now, remember that nightmare you had a couple of nights back – more than likely caused by an archon, manipulating your dreamscape to feed off your raw, energy of fear. See, they control everything and that is why they don’t WANT you knowing about the feline aliens. Now, someone will come up with some fancy term to dismiss what they are seeing. That said, that is part of the agenda: to DISMISS what you are seeing BEFORE YOUR EYES and call a perfectly healthy thing such as my eyes some scientific (psychological) term such as disorder, etc. to explain away a perfectly healthy thing cause it’s different, like the lady here:








They call it anisocoria or colombia eyes, some fancy shamncy term for THEY ARE FUCKING ALIENS!

Funny, where I live they have this symbol here – a sabre toothed tiger – as the rep. for the historic “La Brea Tar Pits” In L.A.:


That said, there are extraterrestrials amongst you. That is why they say, “Look into the eyes,” they are more than just mirrors of the soul but indicators as to who and what is on YOUR planet!

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