Photograph of Real Feline Alien Cat Lyran On Earth

I always said I wasn’t human…


I want you to look at the right eye (or from your perspective, the left) in the picture down below:

Lyran BrightenedNote the vertical shape, much like a cat’s pupil, which you can see below:

Cat_eyes_2007-2Also, note the image of a cross “glistening” in the eye down below:

Lyran Close Up Eyes Cross Feline CatWhen I first saw it, I couldn’t believe it, too. When I first took the picture, a feeling of “calmness” overcame me, like I was in “good hands.” I knew instinctively that the image would come out “weird,” and what you see up above is what came out.


As I always said, I am a Lyran, which are cat entities aka aliens. I always knew I was different from other human beings: I didn’t and never could belong, regardless of race lines, gender lines, creed lines, etc. I could never follow the way of or be like other human beings. This is proof positive of what I truly am, and I went through many different phases, including thinking I was “transracial,” ie “white” in a “black person’ body,” lol!


All of that was about being on the road, the path to self discovery. That said, many people tend to erroneously view eyes like that and assume that they are reptilian, like this young lady down below in this famous video:

Someone in the comment section even mentioned that those are cat eyes, NOT reptilian eyes, of which the difference you can see down below:

This is a depiction of a Lyran:


Note the similarity between her eyes and my eye pupil’s shape:

Raven Cat Eyes Vis a Vis Feline Lyran Woman Entity

Now, here are reptilian eyes:

Notice how they form a straight line as opposed to the cat's which form wide, vertical slits!
Notice how they form a straight line as opposed to the cat’s which form wide, vertical slits!

They are also erroneously thought to be “demon eyes” of which they are not. are they demon eyes. I will try to learn more about my star heritage – my true heritage – which I feel is key to my learning why I am here and what’s my main soul purpose and mission in life. That said, let me give you a little backdrop – from what I have read – about the Lyrans, the “cat” aliens, the “feline” aliens as they are so called but little talked about as opposed to the reptilians…

Lyrans were the original creators of the human species, in which they came here coming from a higher dimensional – vibrational realm when the “creator” – the “God” consciousness from the 7th dimension I postulate – came to build and “seed” this universe with life. The “Lyrans” – who were multidimensional light beings – came here with the “Carians” – who were also multidimensional being but carried the torch for “darkness.” They also created what we know to be today the reptilians. Darkness can not exist without light and visa versa. That said, the Lyrans seeded the human species on Erra first than, from what I understand, an intergalatic war ensued in which the Draconian – reptilians destroyed the homeworld of Lyra and Erra before that, forcing humans to move to the Pleiades ie “the seven sisters” then onwards to seeding Earth, where 21 different alien species from what I understand seeded all of YOU, hence why you all have 21 or I believe 27 different strands of dna, which you got from different alien races, and which you can read here. You all’s dna is also mutating, which you can read here. They were instrumental in ancient Egypt as The Goddesses, Sekhmet and Bastet , along with the Carians such as Ra and reptilians such as Apep and Sobek (aka “Sebek”). That said, returning back to myself, I always had an inkling that I was a Lyran, much of which you can read here. I notice I purr like a panther esp. when I meditate and that my breathing is heavy, as if I am big. I also noticed my growling at times:

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In addition, I recall after my first full fledged out of body experience, an entity which I caught on tape in this picture down below said, “Saaiya,” after I told it to get the fuck out (I was scared):

Cat Entity Astral Projection 3

…Now, looking at her, she was herself a cat like entity and she said, “Saaiya,” in a feminine voice, of which I guess is my real name. I recall trying to induce an out of body experience and imagining myself as a black panther which, based on my experiences, I can only hypothesize myself to be. I was at one point able to launch myself out of my body, but I recall being 8 feet tall, the height they say Lyrans are. I can not pull this off visualizing myself as any other creature. They say that Lyrans have very strong feminist tendencies because they are a society dominated by females. I have always been a strong womban with very “feminist” tendencies and a bent towards women’ rights issues. As I learn more about myself, I will share. But, in the meantime, here is the evidence of who I am. You can take it or leave it for what it’s worth.

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