Alien Federation’s Ascended Masters Video Change In Music Proof of Time Rift

Over the weekend, I heard a change in music on the Alien Federation’s “Ascended Masters” video which you can hear down below:

That said, the music I heard before was of chiming bells and a very sweet, melodic sound to it. It didn’t sound like that at all. The comments are still the same. The date it was uploaded is still the same so it can’t be a new upload or a sleight of hand by Google by reuploading an older version of the video on the sneak…

So I am left to wonder has anyone else had this experience? As of late I have been seeing, especially when we had the blue moon, some type of creature that is brown in color that has made a trajectory path straight headed into my kitchen (not to eat food) as well as raising it’s hands up (it seems to be all brown and around 6’5 tall but I only see glimpses of the entity) out of the corner of my eye and, let me not forget, this thing here:

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You can hear it go “shussshh” in the video. It has been doing this for a long time now, I checked for the source – no person was outside that day or night or ever was. It does it at certain times – it started at 3am in the morning, then moved to 5am, then 9pm at night, then at one point, ALL FUCKING DAY LONG! As of last night (8/09/2015) I overheard this thing go “shush”  last night by my window which it is ALWAYS posted and it kept on and even went toe to toe with me when I told it to be quiet until I invoked the name of god and that is when it stopped. I had even threatened to beat it’s ass in the astral realm and it didn’t stop. I also had a prophetic NIGHTMARE where I “dreamed” I was in bed with a client – we were sleeping – and the next thing I knew, when I spoke to him about psychic experiences, he says, “Yeah, like that creature that comes into your apartment through the window at 5am,” and that is when I woke up at 5am. I immediately hurried up and shut those blinds soon after. I have also been getting more in touch with my “spirit animal” – a panther – and I have noticed that when I envision myself being “her,” while attempting to astral project, I experience being able to see both in 2D (we are 3D but our vision is 2D) and 3D (as if I am operating in the 4D or maybe even 5D SIMULTANEOUSLY) and it feels violent – like it is a big beast quaking, rocking me to try to get out of me via the crown chakra (no joke). Once when doing this as of recent I saw what appeared to be a “portal” “land” on my trashcan – it was gold and appeared to be a circle of flames – and then I “saw” via my astral vision (while simultaneously being here) a “vent” that was fiery in which I heard a “clank, clank” then I heard what sounded like a lawnmower or someone revving up and then using a chainsaw. I pulled myself from that state. To note, I DIDN’T FEEL ANY FEAR but emotions can be manipulated by powerful beings in that world. I also want to note that unlike others who experience “sleep paralysis” which is REAL btw, I am able to fight and pull myself from those beings so I can’t help but think there is a “power” in me as most people CAN’T! I even heard an entity say, “Is she out yet?” letting me know it IS induced by often dark – sometimes “light” – beings who may or may not have your best interest at heart. NEVER GO WITH THE FLOW; FIGHT IT! You must leave via your crown chakra – the sacred spiritual centre of your soul and entrance to “heaven” as you call and know it to be in the astral. Make sure your vibrations are HEIGHTENED, contrary to what he says:

Higher vibrations means you go into the higher astral realms, not the lower ones filled with reptilians, etc. Anyways, has anyone else experienced this along with the “alien federation, ascended masters video change in music” phenomenon, which in many respects mirrors the Mandela Effect in which many of us remember the “BerenstEin Bears being called that, yet even our own books from our youth shows different as in a different spelling of the word in the form of, “BerenstAin!”

I recall seeing the procession of Billy Graham – who died this year – in 2002 while I was in college. I remember very well coming home from college at the time, turning on the TV and seeing this. We see many time rifts. Everytime a watch goes mysteriously missing and then turns up, whenever something seems “off,” deja vu, ALL OF THAT – when these things happen – if it is not a ghost then that is a time rift. That said, this is supposed to be the year CERN powers up their Large Hadron Collider again on Sept. 23, 2015 as well as ascension via the Lion’s Gate for the greater vibratory good (don’t let the fear shyte fool ya, which is meant to keep ya on the lower vibratory realm). Could that be the reason why Berenstein is now called Berenstain, or why the “Ascended Masters” vid changed music thought it was NOT reuploaded? I talk about it here:

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Tell me what you think? Oh yes, and here is a video where as a precursor to this here I talked about my eyes and what they could mean (they seem alien when you look at the pupils):

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